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20 killed statewide in vehicle wrecks over holiday

The North Carolina Highway Patrol says at least 20 people died in vehicle accidents during the busy Thanksgiving travel period. More than a million people traveled North Carolina's highways during Thanksgiving. The number of deaths is higher than in 2006, when 11 died during the long holiday weekend. Locally, officers handed out 700 citations to drivers in Brunswick and new Hanover Counties November 19-25. 48 people were arrested for drunk driving. For the entire month of November, there have been 67 accidents. That's down 33 percent from last November.

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Traffic Fatalities

I guess all those empty patrol cars on I-40 and I-95 didn't seem to work. Go figure...they merely cause speeders to slam on brakes and the tailgaters behind them rear end them...Maybe, just maybe we should ONLY ALLOW PASSING IN THE LEFT LANE, and NEVER ALLOW DRIVING IN THE LEFT LANE....just a thought, seems to work on the Audubon, with no speed limit, which also so happens to be the SAFEST road in the world.

I agree with you 100%. The

I agree with you 100%. The empty patrol cars are a hazard...but more importantly motorist need to learn to stay out of the left lane. All they are doing is causing bottlenecks and with that comes impatience which leads to more carelessness. The worst ones of all seem to be between Wilmington and Leland. They use that left lane as the primary and only compound the problem with the people who don't know how to merge and yield coming off 421 in the afternoon or from Belville in the mornings. It is apalling that a major US highway is a parking lot twice a day because of the idiots that live around us.