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15 charged with DWI in Brunswick County over holiday weekend


BRUNSWICK COUUNTY, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team hosted three checking stations in the southern part of the county this past Labor Day weekend. The Check Point lasted from Friday night, September 3rdat 10:30 p.m. to Saturday, September 4that 3:00 a.m.
The first checking station was held on Highway 17 at the North Carolina-South Carolina state line. Traffic was checked on both north and south bound lanes. The second checking station was held at 179 (Beach Drive) and Country Club Road in Calabash and the third was located on Hickman Road at the intersection of Ash-Little River Road and Calabash Road.

The participating agencies were the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Wilmington Police Department, Burgaw Police Department, Leland Police Department, Oak Island Police Department, Northwest Police Department, Lumberton Police Department, Shallotte Police Department, Chadbourn Police Department, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Bald Head Island Public Safety, Fair Bluff Police Department, Ocean Isle Beach Police Department, Whiteville Police Department, Holden Beach Police Department and Brunswick County Emergency Services.

Listed below are the citations and arrests from the checking stations:

Driving While Impaired: 15
Aid and Abet Driving While Impaired: 1
Provisional Licensee: 2
Underage Possession of Alcohol: 4
Driving While License Revoked: 13
No Operator’s License: 11
Expired registration: 22
Expired inspection: 10
Open Container of Alcohol in Passenger area: 1
Underage consumption of Alcohol: 5
Fictitious Registration: 1
Possession of Marijuana: 9
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 9
No Insurance: 3
Revoked Registration: 2
Flee to Elude Arrest: 1
Resist Arest: 1
Fail to Stop for Blue Light and Siren: 1
Child Restraint: 2
Seatbelt Violation: 3
Equipment Violation: 8
Helmet Violation: 2
Possession of Schedule IV (Citalopram): 1
Total citations and arrests issued: 134

DWI and other Arrests
Mark D. Benton, Jr.
11609 Brockley Court
Charlotte, NC
DOB: 08-09-1981
Charges: DWI, DWLR, Simple Possession of Sch II (Citalopram)
Test Results: .13

Marlene Jo Stewart
1937 Harrison Street
Wilmington, NC
DOB: 06-02-1975
Charges: DWI
Test Results: .10

Karl Timothy Curtis
4127 Light Pink Road
Louisville, TN
DOB: 08-21-1958
Charges: DWI
Test Results: Refused

Andrew Cameron Rayborn
3789 Woodridge Circle
Little River, SC
DOB: 11-06-1989
Charge: DWI, Provisional Licensee (under 21 years of age)
Test Results: .12

James Michael Saunders
2110 David L. Street
Shallotte, NC
DOB: 04-06-1981
Charges: DWI, Helmet Law Violation
Test Results: Refused

James Emanuel Holden
148 Bell Swamp Road
Winnabow, NC
DOB: 06-21-1962
Charges: DWI, Open container of alcohol in passenger area of vehicle
Test Results: .10

Matthew Ryan Beach
1717 Deerwood Trail
Supply, NC
DOB: 10-15-1981
Charges: DWI, Open container of alcohol in passenger area of vehicle
Test Results: Refused

Jose Monalos
4369 FTA 301
Little River, SC
DOB: 01-07-1974
Charges: DWI, NOL, Open container of alcohol in passenger area of vehicle
Test Results: .19

Diane Jamie Hardin
5400 Little River Neck Road
North Myrtle Beach, SC
DOB: 02-14-1977
Charges: DWI, NOL
Test Results: .11

Patrick E. Silva
1473 Hwy 17 West Apt 12
Little River, SC
DOB: 04-30-1964
Charges: DWI
Test Results: .22

Wiley Wescott Verstappen
714 Giroid Street
New Orleans, LA
DOB: 09-24-1963
Charges: DWI
Test Results: .07

Jay Allen Edwards
1633 Soundwatch Drive
Wilmington, NC
DOB: 02-23-1957
Charges: DWI
Test Results: .15

Connie Lee Stanley
2027 Tallwood Road
Longs, SC
DOB: 01-11-1961
Charges: DWI, Seatbelt Violation
Test Results: Refused

Diane Rivera
250 Woodlands Way
Calabash, NC
DOB: 05-06-1963
Charges: Aid and Abet DWI

John Oscar Covington
4162-B Main Street
Gibson, NC
DOB: 11-17-1979
Charges: Flee to Elude Arrest, Resist and Delay an Officer, Fail to Stop for Blue Lights and Siren

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Ok 2 things: 1. Is catching

Ok 2 things:

1. Is catching 15 people a lot or a little? Every drunk driver we get off the road the better the rest of us will be, but I think there is a lot more out there. I wish the police and troopers would set up every Thurs - Saturday night on main areas leading away from bar locations. I know it will not happen but wish it would.

2. Anyone know what aid and abet DWI is? Did you get someone drunk then put them behind the wheel and force them to drive? Someone explain this one to me please.

Catching 1 is Good!!!

Any drunk driver off the road is a good night. All it takes is one to ruin several lives and families. As prior law enforcement and DUI Instructor in a different state, they probably would love to conduct more DUI and Safety Inspections/Checks. However, unfortunately manpower and a strained budget will not allow it. It is just not the Bruswick S.O, it is everywhere. A big Kudos to the Brunswick Sheriff's Office.

aid and abet DWI is when the

aid and abet DWI is when the driver and passenger of the motor vehicle is drunk. This charge is given to the passenger who is also the owner of the vehicle being driven. Because the owner (passenger) let a drunk driver drive his or her vehicle aiding and abed a dwi

the owner of the vehicle

does not have to be a passenger. If the owner allows someone who is evidently intoxicated, and should not drive, to operate his vehicle, he is guilty of aiding. In the law, he or she is as guilty, and potentially as subject to civil action for damages, as the vehicle operator.

So much for any defense extended to those who allow huffers and drinkers to drive vehicles they do not own.

They face both civil and criminal charges.

But when the case against

But when the case against the driver is thrown out, there is no case against the aider. See ya!

change the when

to if. And then guess again regaring the vehicle owner. You a lawyer?

I must confess I have never seen anyone with such a penchant for jack off posts.

How many people must die or be permanently maimed due to the stupidity of vehicle owners who allow impaired drivers to operate their vehicles?

Did you miss all those fatalities in Brunswick County over the past 12 months? Did you miss the cab driver's death when a drunk motorcycle operator impacted the cab and they both died? By the way, it appears the operator did not own the cycle.

What is it with jackasses like you? Is this your form of world population control? Or is this your effort to ease the pain for the drinking huffer?