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1898 Race Riot monument nearing completion

READ MORE: 1898 Race Riot monument nearing completion
Members of the 1898 Race Riot Foundation met today at the site of the new monument commemorating the riots. After nearly 10 years of planning, foundation members and an artist from Georgia are just a few hours away from erecting this memorial. The monument memorializes what's known as the 'Dark Days' in Wilmington. It was a time when local black leaders were killed, or forced out of the city. The state just recently completed it's official investigation of the 1898 race riots. Now, Wilmington civic leaders want visitors and residents to see how far the city has come since then. 1898 foundation co-chair Lethia Hankins said, "To let all of our visitors know that we are an inclusive city, we are an open city, our motto is moving forward together. This monument is proof of what moving forward together can really do." The 16 foot bronze monument will be pieced together by the artist himself tomorrow morning on site at the intersections of North Front Street and North Third Street - across from the PPD building. The area surrounding the site will be blocked off, so keep that in mind if you are traveling through that part of town.

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So, to show visitors that

So, to show visitors that we're "moving forward", tax payers are going to pay to erect a monument to remind us about something that happened 110 years ago. Seems like a waste of money. About like that stupid "Welcome to Wilmington" sign at Hwy 132/MLK Blvd. This city loves to blow money on stuff that's supposed to make them look wonderful to visitors. How about putting that money to use, like caring for the homeless or improving the roads.

Hats off to you

Yes,,, one more way of Government waste. Who bought the lot this monument will stand on?? Was it private or public money?? I bet we all know that. I bet it will take a new department just so the county can spend more money on the upkeep. About the "Welcome sign",,,who in their right mind had it put there? Better yet,,, who designed it and how much did that cost us??? They should be fired.. It's ugly and in a terrible location. Come on Wilmington,,Let's get back to the humble way of life. We are not Palm Beach...