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18 year old sentenced to 29 to 37 years behind bars

An 18 year-old Wilmington man will serve decades behind bars for a 2008 murder. Obrian Hester pleaded guilty Monday in the murder of Michelle Crutchfield. Tuesday, he was sentenced to 29 to 37 years in prison. Assistant District Attorney Jon David said this is a firm but fair sentence for Hester who fatally shot Crutchfield in the Creekwood neighborhood last September.          

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I personally knew Obrian. I guess it does not matter he has had a hard time most of his life. I was not there that night, but I am quite sure he had some choices to make in a small amount of time (never one of his best qualtities). I had the oppertunity to meet OB when I operated one of the group homes he was sent to after he left the detention center and was tossed from family memeber to family member. I took him on his first job interview and watched him cry when his mom never showed up for her visits, he always desired to have family time with the staff and the other guys in the house. He was just a youth striving to make to better decisions then. I pray for my long lost son. He desired for a family but was moved so much he just couldnt get a grasp. Please pray for our youth. There are more lost kids out there just as OB. Everyday I wonder what could he have become if he would have never left our facility. I believe that his negative deciaions will help others to make positive. After the incident, we made sure to educate the others that knew him in the facility of what was going on with his case. They saw the trial and the news clippings. All of the other clients left the facility and we have only heard positive. OB has made a difference in others lives. OB, if you ever read this in life. KNow that there were people that truly care for you and wish you the best. PRay brother! Allow God to handle things. Know that Im praying for you!! we all make mistakes.

The Truth

Look people, What every happen to GOD will handle it.I have never seen something GOD has let go that was wrong. Some of you people will eat your words before it is over. A guy rob my daughter at gun point when she was working. We went down there together and said we would like to see the kid helped. We knew his problem was big for him to do such things.Meaning it was a bigger problem at home for him to rob someone. GOD will handle him at his timing not mine. Give GOD the praises. To say that one should die is to play GOD and that is not accepted. LEAN AND DEPEND ON GOD.... HE is the only one that can judge this kid and yourself......

Drive thru

Unfortunately youths today don't care about a life. They're into the thug lifestyle. Race doesn't matter, kids want to be a "gangster". This gentleman had the same advantages as others if he chose to do so. School, scholarships, student loans. But it's easier to kill and doesn't take as much time. Who knows, he probably had friends with Caddy's and BMW's. The drug business seems to pay well. North Carolina needs a drive thru death penalty. If three people see you kill someone, and your found guilty at trial, there should be NO APPEALS. 1. A fair trial. 2. There's no reasonable doubt found. 3. Three people see and swear they did it. This would be a deterrent. This would alleviate overcrowding. This would save taxpayers Billions. This would be justice served. You would see the murder rate hit single digits. Lane one or two?

Is this the answer?????

Yes we all know he made a bad choice. Does prison time help? It will only make him worst. He needs help.The case in leland the guy got 15 yrs. for killing a man. Why so much time for this kid.Yes he should serve time for his actions.This is a little over the top for a kid at this age.He needs some mental help. When kids are being raised they do need love.When there is nobody to love them then they don't have respect for human life.I will pray that he finds GOD in prison.Thats the only way he will get peace.Only GOD can judge him.

i agree

only GOD can judge people stop judging. he will have to do his time, but eventually, the drugs would have killed this woman sooner or later, from the lifestyle she was living. but he was wrong for taking another human life. surprised he got so much time because now days you can kill someone and get less time than a drug dealer.

Society is obligated..

to take scum like this off the street. OK fine let God judge him in the end but for society to leave him out there to do other horrible deeds "for God to judge" is just ignorant. Also for you to "judge" that the woman would have died from her drug use makes you the worst kind of hypocrite imho. Remember... judge not lest you be judged. It took you all of one sentence to negate that theory huh? pfft.......

"only GOD can judge him"

"eventually, the drugs would have killed this woman sooner or later, from the lifestyle she was living". Amazing. In one breath, you say don't judge a killer, but you don't hesitate to judge a woman you didn't know at all. A "lifestyle she was living". I would humbly say that an admitted murderer should get the death penalty or life in prison. If he does 20 years I'll cut your grass with a salad shooter.

one question

How would you feel if it was your son, daughter, husband, mother, or father that was killed by this guy? Would you say then he made a bad choice and should be helped? Would you let him avoid prison and move into your house so that you can help him personally? I understand being a Christian as I am one, but there has to be consequences for your actions and a punishment that deters others from doing the same crimes.

Yes i would feel the same way........

Well a man killed my grandfather who we loved dearly and still miss him. I let GOD handle this crime because he will handle it the best. Why do people feel the need to play GOD? I know you have did things at 18 you would dare not do today. So with that said think if this were your son in court would you want the court to take his life? If you did not raise him to respect human life.

And we the taxpayers...

will pay more per year to keep this thug in prison than he would likely have earned during the same amount of time. What a waste of my and your tax money.

second that

second that

Another one

Another good kid is now behind bars. Unfortunately this is not shocking. Yet again, a thug takes someones life. It must have been everyones fault except for his family's. I dont care if he pleads guilty or not, DEATH PENALTY needs to be in place for all that kill someone. What a waste!!

Gosh, Spider Man....

Gosh, Spider Man, in your world I would be given the death penalty. See, 6 years ago, I was living in Alabama. I got off work late one night, and my husband was out of town. As I was stepping out of the shower, I heard glass shatter downstairs. I shot and killed the intruder with my 9 mm. So...seriously...ALL that kill someone deserve the death penalty??!? I'm hoping you'll consider revising your belief on that.

re gosh spiderman

come on lady, I would read that as someone that kills someone as an act of a crime, not self defense deserves the death penalty. If we had an eye for eye policy in this contry there would be a lot less crime or one handed people walking around. I commend you on you killing the intruder! Good job. And tot eh person that said nothing was accomplished by putting this guy in jail, one more ignorant, non contributing memeber of society is off the streets. Just too bad that I have to pay for his food, cable and roof for the next 4 decades.

Good for you

"I shot and killed the intruder with my 9 mm." >Good shooting Linda! Kudos to you for saving the taxpayers of Alabama a lot of money :)

If you do not know a child's

If you do not know a child's background, do not be too quick to judge. Ultimately, God is the decider of who lives and who dies. Unfortunately, this is another case of two lives being young man and one young lady. So no one really prospers.

I dont need to know anything

I dont need to know anything about his dang background. I know he killed someone by choice. What else exactly should we take into account? Seriously. I'd like to hear it.

Seriously I would like to hear people say it's a lost

Take in account you are not GOD!!!!!!!!!!! Take in account both are someone love ones. Take in account no one raised him to respect human life. Take in account your not perfect rather you believe it or not.Take in account i know there are things that you have made bad choices on.Take in account that we all have things we could have made better choices with. The only thing that is sad is that you read about him but he does not know the wrong you have done at his age. You might have not killed someone but you have did something that you are not proud of.BE Honest.


It's sad what this child dealt with growing up because I did know his circumstances. He was given a lot of help/options to better himself, but he did not accept it or it didn't work because of all the damage already done to him by his "family". But for all that is worth, he is now a danger to the community and no matter how bad I feel for his situation, he needs to be put away for the safety of the rest of us. Honestly, hearing that he did this was no suprise to me. For all who are upset about how much money we will all have to spend to keep him locked up would be suprised by how much you have already spent to get him where he is today.

Why Not

enlighten us then? Perhaps get WWAY to do a follow up on how much money was spent in a failed effort to set this young man straight? In this economy, perhaps that type of study is needed so the declining number of dollars can be more effectively used.