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1898 Race Riot Walk

READ MORE: 1898 Race Riot Walk
November 10 marks the 109th anniversary of Wilmington's Race Riots. Members of the community took to the streets to retrace those historic steps. The city of Wilmington has changed a lot since 1898. Back then, according to the African American Foundation, the city was a predominately black community with high-ranking officials in the city government. For that same reason people believe the 1898 Race Riot was sparked in retaliation of blacks being able to hold office. The African American Foundation organized a history walk to educate future generations about Wilmington's history. Walkers spent the day stopping at various historical sites that played a huge role in the conflict. Many say this was an opportunity to strengthen future race relations by shedding light on the past. African American Heritage Foundation President John Battle said, "We see this day as an educational process, also as opportunity for us to heal. You know, when you have traumatic experience the best way to heal is to talk about it." Many say healing is exactly what the city of Wilmington is doing, even 109 years later. African American Heritage Foundation member John Hailey said, "If you look at the participants the walkers they are all ages, sexes and races, and I think it's a true opportunity to heal, and reconcile our differences over time." Times have changed but many participants say they will keep walking every anniversary to keep the spirits of the victims of the Race Riot alive.

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1898 Wilmington Race Riots

One thing is sure, it happened,it is known and understood. Also it is understood that,in America, things like this happen and no one talks about returning what was stolen from the black people. The Japanese people that were interned after Pearl Harbor got paid for there troubles. Forget some statue, go in there and fix the Political theft that happened. Hey, it's a joke. We saw a man buy the office of president just before this one. And what does it matter, what goes around comes around. Hate begets Hate and Love begets Love. No one is going to change this Joke of a country but God.

missing grandmom

my dad is from this town he never knew his mom he was born in 1919 and he arrive in baltimore with his dad only never knew his mom now i know she was lanch sad

land o' cotten

were there any stars and bars flying over this parade? if not maybe there should of been!


Who cares?

I care. Wilmington is a very

I care. Wilmington is a very racist city. Now that I have learned the history behind this riot I understand why. A white person can't stand to see a black person get ahead. They still have the slave masters mentality. I witness this with my own eyes. So yes, I care.

dear dw

who cares if you care. 109 years ago? with all the handout programs aimed at "minorities" how can the black person not get ahead. sleep all day and make illegal money and transactions at night. looks like a win win situation for a bunch of freeloaders!

1898 Race Riot Walk

It is amazing that in the 21st century, we still can't talk about history without the race card being thrown in. The race riot was and still is an unfortunate event. Why must we continue to say "Just get over it"? When we can co-exist as just being a part of the human race, maybe we can honor the victims by being nice to each other and living as one. Someday, maybe everyone can live in peace.

1898 Walk with History

Thank you, Channel 3, for your thoughtful coverage of the 1898 Walk. It's important that this painful, dark time in Wilmington's history be brought to light. Denial and apathy only make old wounds deeper. Walking together through downtown Wilmington and hearing the stories is certainly one step in the right direction.

How can you "heal" when the

How can you "heal" when the same wounds are opened time and time again? They just won't let it go away. As said, move on, get a job and maybe it will keep you busy enough to forget. I guess some feel that keeping this thing alive is a way of keeping the handouts coming.


The hate and dragging up the past continues. I especially like this part, "We see this day as an educational process, also as opportunity for us to heal, you know when you have traumatic experience the best way to heal is to talk about it." For "US" to heal...and WHO at that event was around in 1898 exactly? I don't remember ever having to "HEAL" from anything my great grandfather went through. I figure he went through what he did for me so why should I dwell on the past. RACE CARD, RACE CARD, RACE CARD....UNO!

Yawn..get over it already

This kinda junk has been worn out....reparations my about getting a job....get over it


Is this not a bit worn out.This happened so long ago and most of it is only hear say.Get a life.Get a job and move on. Thank you


1898: LET'S SEE IF THIS ONE SHOW UP! To the ones who say get over it, LEARN FROM YOUR PAST!! So what you wasn't there in 1898, it still needs to be known, you wasn't there during the CIVIL WAR, but we're all taught about it in History Class, CORRECT? It's not about jobs, there's plenty of people, black, white, asian, hispanic who are without jobs. BASICALLY, truth be told, if a hispanic, white, or black person are applying for the same job, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL GET THE POSITION? TRUTH BE TOLD!!!!

to liz

truth be told the white man would probably get the position. in todays business world dependability means alot to an employer. so you just stay home, read about the 1898 race riots, and wait for your next welfare check and food card to come in the mail. guess its all part of the reparations program. got to go to work, theres so many freeloaders counting on me! p.s. your right, there are so many people without jobs, and 90% could care less whether they ever get one.

Maybe this will get posted....

Hopefully WWAY lost my last response to this post and it wasn't censored. Let's hope that was the case but iv'e had a few not come through lately when it involved this piece of "history" from the late 1800's. Anyway, Liz is a moron. She wrote "BASICALLY, truth be told, if a hispanic, white, or black person are applying for the same job, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL GET THE POSITION?" Yeah, iv'e been there. If a minority who is just as qualified or even slightly less than a white canidate he/she will get the job , benifits, etc... in this politicaly correct world. Ever heard of affirmitave action Liz? "Truth be told" and all. I'm so sick of hearing about how whitey keeps you down. You keep using that crutch of the 1898 Race Riot ( which was a real event, in Wilmington, over 100 years ago, I concur). Get over it already. I have definately been subjected to the pains of holding the "PAST" over my head. I wasn't there, wasn't born, my family that I know wasn't born yet. Get over it. You got your memorial. Pretty soon when you feel all depressed you will be able to drive downtown and stare at it and maybe find some solice.

History Class

Let the riots be talked about in history class. The fact that this is made a public event shows that it has nothing to do with learning from the past. It's a way to throw out the race card. It's a way to get a bunch of people together to remind everyone what happened years ago and to say you still owe me. The riots are a part of NC history, and it should be taught in the proper place...a school history class

If the decision is mine....

...the most qualified will get the job, regardless of color or gender. Preferential treatment of certain groups is just as wicked as racism or bigotry against those groups. Whether we're talking about entry to a university, a desk in the office, or a seat on the board of directors, the most qualified person should get the position. ALWAYS!

If the decision is mine

Commonsense, your principle is good, but not supported by the facts. "Special" ground rules were established years ago to give black's an "equal" opportunity in job's and education. They are still in place, and are applied daily.

Reverse Racism

And those same rules have also hindered white people. A white person may not get a job because a business "needs" to hire a different ethnic person to make the business within the legal "equal opporunity" numbers. At one point in time, there was a need for such things. We do not need those laws now. And talking about being equal. Why are there no all white colleges? Why not scholarships for whites only? How about awards for white people only? How about white TV awards? Could you imagine the trouble that would be caused if these things were done for whites only, as they are done for black people? There is reverse racism going on everywhere, but how much do you hear about it?