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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — We're learning more about what kind of information the US Attorney is looking for against the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. Monday the county attorney's office released a copy of the subpoena. Thirty-six people and organizations associated with Sheriff Ron Hewett and the department are being investigated. The US Attorney has requested time cards, personnel records and vacation time of some government employees. Some listed as relevant parties in the subpoena include District Attorney Rex Gore, the Lower Cape Fear Hospice and Life Care Center, members of Sheriff Hewett's family and deputies in the department. The subpoena also requests all documents relating to the Committee to Re-elect Ronald Hewett and possible contributions to any political parties. Brunswick County attorney Huey Marshall said, "This is just an investigation, no one has been charged, all we've been subpoenaed to do is provide legal documentation which we will do that." The US Attorney's office is not required to explain what they are looking for or why. The attorney for Brunswick County has until next week to turn over the information requested. The financial crimes unit of the SBI is looking into the case. According to District Attorney Rex Gore Hewett, along with a number of other deputies, are required to appear before a grand jury in Raleigh June 20 and 21. Sheriff Hewett says he plans to cooperate fully.

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  • Brunswick County Resident

    Has anyone heard what is going on with Sheriff Hewett? Just wondering, everything has gotten so quiet. Lull before the storm?

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