Abandoned clinic leaves behind potentially dangerous mess

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Submitted: Fri, 07/06/2007 - 3:32am
Updated: Fri, 10/28/2011 - 1:18pm

Atlantic Health Clinic had a satellite office in Delco, that also closed abruptly a little over a month ago. The clinic left patients without access to their medical records, and left the landlord with a dangerous mess to clean up. When the doctors moved out, they didn’t pack up. They left biohazardous material, including used syringes and medicines just feet from where children play. Gerald Linzey plays with his kids in his front yard. In front of them, two trash barrels, holding medical waste and what appear to be burned medical records. "They burnt pretty much everything in that barrel right there," Gerald Linzey said. All that trash left behind when the staff from Delco Health Clinic moved out. "It was so abrupt when they closed, people were sitting out front when it was going to open and why they weren’t open," Linzey said. Linzey has two kids ages five and four. He says the clinic staff littered his backyard with syringes and bottles of pills, not to mention office equipment. Linzey says what’s left of the clinic, a place that was supposed to provide health care, has put his children’s lives in jeopardy. "What would have happened if one of my kids would have pricked their finger on that syringe, or ingested some of that medicine?" Linzey said. Inside the clinic it only gets worse. A jug of used biohazardous syringes, piles of unopened medicine and old reference books. Landlord Martin Lewis says the clinic’s owner, Dr. Roy Creasy, left him with a dangerous mess to clean. Creasy also left without paying three months rent. Lewis says that’s about three thousand dollars. "I feel like they used me for what they could get out of it and left me holding the bag. I thought for sure they would have hauled this stuff up and they didn’t. They just didn’t seem to care," Lewis said. Landlord Martin Lewis now has to call a company and pay for the medical waste to be disposed of. As for the Linzey family, they say not only was it dangerous for their children, but irresponsible toward the community. Anyone could have picked up what the clinic left behind.

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