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WILMINGTON — The Annual Cape Fear Fair and Expo is just days away. Crews began setting up Tuesday morning to get the fairgrounds ready for the hundreds of attractions, and thousands of visitors expected to attend.

The Cape Fear Fair and Expo starts on Thursday. Fair organizers say they expect more than 45,000 people and it features more than 30 rides.

Fair manager Skip Watkins said, "The rides are going up to be expected Wednesday and Thursday, so we’re ahead of schedule."

The fair will have more than 100 vendors, and exhibitors from local organizations.Booths will be judged and the winner receives a cash prize. The 4H Club from Pender County has been working on their booth for weeks. Audrey Thompson with pender county 4H In addition to rides, there will be food, games and arts and crafts.

The fair has generated millions of dollars in past years, and organizers say it’s a shot in the arm for the local economy. Advance tickets are on sale for $10 at local Scotchman, S&E food stores and First Citizens Bank locations until Wednesday. They cost a bit more at the door. The fair runs until November 3 next to the Wilmington International Airport.

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  • Louann Cox

    Tonight my husband and I took our almost 3 month old son to the fair, along with my brother and a family friend. We arrived at about 10:30 and were forced to leave around 12 due to a riot going on between about 6 different black kids(when I say kids, I mean teenagers 15-19 if not older) They were running around screaming, not caring who or what was in their way, a staff member there grabbed our young son and took him behind a booth in fear for his safty. This didn’t only happen once, the first time it was broken up, about 2 minutes later started up again, and yet again it just got worse from there. These kids were not forced to leave even though innocent bistanders could have easily gotten got up in all the drama; When we approached a security guard, he just looked at us with nothing to say, I was in panic crying wanting to leave, unable to get out of the gates because this riot was to dangerous to try to pass, and to large to walk aroung. Finally someone escorted us to the gates. When we called the number for the fair and expo to get a refund for our money OR be able to get in free tomorrow(during the day) they told us “they didn’t know what to tell us” We spent 56 dollars for 4 people to get in, rode 3 rides and had to leave, in fear for our sons safty as well as our own. I just don’t understand why there wasn’t security around to help, or why when we approached them no one did anything? I strongly suggest posting this story on your morning news, parents SHOULD NOT take their children there, it’s not right, but it’s better then something happening to them. We shouldn’t be unable to take our children out to do something in fear of your life being endangered, that’s why we have law enforcement officers, which the fair is lacking this year.

  • I was in between tents and was in a situation where one person fighting another was falling on me. I pushed that guy off and he hit me, and the other kicked at me as well. Nobody gave me the time of day down at the Med center, they didn’t even answer that I had a complaint. They gave me a tissue and turned back to talking to themselves.

    I gave a statement to a Wilmington Police officer, a NHC Deputy, and then went to the Urgent-Care for nose bleeding and bruising and pain. Law-suit in service as we speak.

    I wish I would have jumped into the fray and started swinging, but I hope the lawyer will hurt them more than I ever could have. I even had a Local News Camera capture part of the scene, waiting to move forward with things.

  • Guestaroo

    Someone should have called 911 and let the WPD deal with this. It seems to me that times are getting worse and people act crazy right in front of you and don’t even care what you might think,say or do about it. Those teens should have been kicked out of the fair for good, with no refunds. We need to train our security officers, business owners, and the general public who encounter this type of activity to stand up for their rights and stop letting these ill-mannered children encroach upon their freedom.

  • Packer

    Yae, i love the fair!!!!

  • Guest



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