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RALEIGH (AP) — State Rep. Thomas Wright has turned himself in to authorities.

Wright appeared before a Wake County magistrate judge Friday following his indictment earlier this week on five felony charges. He was released on $50,000 unsecured bond.

Wright is charged with fraudulently obtaining a $160,000 loan for a foundation he led in Wilmington, and for converting $194,000 in foundation and campaign funds to his personal use.

Wright is an eight-term lawmaker and former political ally of former state House Speaker Jim Black. Black is serving a five-year prison sentence for political corruption.

A legislative ethics panel investigating Wright is scheduled to hold a public hearing in February to determine whether Wright misused his political office.

Wright looked at a cluster of clicking cameras and reporters and said, “You’d have thought I’d murdered somebody.”

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  • rowp

    we’re not talking lean cuisine here….as in a yeast roll. when you are referring to this thug you have to spell words that he and everyone else with his mentality can comprehend. when “roll model” was introduced it was spelled exactly like i wanted it spelled. as in a rolled up blunt. you need to get on the same page of music as these criminals are playing off of!

  • rowp

    boy are you setting a good example for your peers. living off of the tax payers dollar is one thing but doing it out of prison is another. mr. wright is one heck of a roll model. probably encouraged the kids in the community to go see lil wayne too! his political ways make about as much sense at that thugs lyrics. happy holidays and maybe next year you won’t be home for christmas, but i do hope you have a nice trip to raleigh!

  • Guest434er

    Um, actually it’s ROLE model. Not roll, as in what you eat.

  • Scally Wagg

    actually it’s role model

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