Deputies arrest “well connected” drug dealer

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Submitted: Tue, 12/18/2007 - 4:31am
Updated: Mon, 04/21/2014 - 2:31pm

New Hanover County Sheriff's deputies seized guns, drugs and cash from a Wilmington man tonight. Sheriff Sid Causey says the man is a known dealer and had been operating for sometime in his downtown neighborhood. Sheriff Causey says detectives have been running surveillance on Ezau Yanez for some time. They made the seizure today during a traffic stop, and that lead to Monday night's arrest. Detectives seized five to six ounces of pure cocaine, with a street value of roughly seventy thousand dollars, weapons and between six to eight thousand dollars in cash. It was all seized all from Ezau Yanez's car Monday. At the time, Sheriff Causey says Yanez was armed with an automatic weapon. "Taking a guy off like this, we cut a large supply off," Sheriff Causey said, "We've gotten several seizures that have come from this house from this individual." The seizure allowed deputies to obtain a search warrant for Yanez's house. Inside they found bags, scales and cocaine residue. They also arrested Yanez, from his Chestnut Street home. "This seems like a safe neighborhood, unfortunately neighborhoods all across the county look nice and are nice. There's a criminal element in just about every neighborhood now," Sheriff Causey said. Sheriff Causey says the bust is a big one; calling Yanez a multi-kilo dealer selling in New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties. "We'll charge him with trafficking, possession, transportation and manufacturing. Obviously he was cutting and bagging in pound bags. That tells us he's selling in large quantities," Causey said. Sheriff Causey says Yanez is well connected and further arrests are expected. Yanez is in the New Hanover County jail under $875,000 bond.


  • karla says:

    If you say that the police had been watching YANEZ for such a long time, and yall say he was a well connected drug dealler, that why did yall wait and stopped him out in the streets than rather when he was actually duing something illegal??? I dont understand alot of things about his case and theres alot of very weird things about it too but no matter what yall do YANEZ will get out one day!!!!

  • juan says:

    how many years you think hes gonna be there for?

  • karla says:

    you know what the fact that i dont know hoe to spell syndrom is not my fault im not trying to defend my father im not saying that what he did is rite but you know what i do know is that you people need to mind yalls own business cause its not yalls problem whta people do i really dont understand why they call the U.S.A. a free country cause your never free everyone is always all up in your business. One more thing you dont know my family so shut your mouth and do my family a favor and stay out of it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ex Dawg says:

    To Wilm Man,
    I am a native. Was born and raised here. If you pay taxes then you should be informed that the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Department always has a drug bust up their sleeve. Of course they hold back to make Causey look good. I do know what I am talking about. You need to read between the lines the article again. If this Yanez had been known for sometime then why didn’t Sid and the boys do something before now? And of course we all know that Sid always inflates the bust totals to look and sound good as well. Look again. listen again. Take notes if you have too. Please keep up with the times. One other question to you Wilm Man if Sid knows about the criminal “element” in every neighborhood then why dosen’t he do something about that too? What a JOKE!!!!!!!!
    P.S. wait just a little while longer Sid is getting ready to cost the county and YOU a bunch of money due to his great leadership and policies!

  • karla says:

    Hi my name is Karla Martinez I’m Ezau Yanez’s Daughter i read your comment and I have something to say to you i dont want to be rude but have you ever taught about the children he has sure for you its all right that they caught him but for my 7 year old sister Sheyla who so happens to have Down Sindrom isn’t so good. I’m not defending him but he has worked all of his life as a baker with big companies like Wal Mart and HEB so plase i aske you dont talk about him because you dont even know the lease of it!!!!!!

  • karla says:

    I agree with you your rite I think that people like you should work with these kind of cases!!

  • Maybe if you stopped trying to defend your father and learned to be a law-abiding, informed, educated citizen, people would take you seriously. The fact that you can’t even spell the name of the syndrome that your sister has says a lot about your family.

    Drug dealers are scum. Learn from the mistakes of others, and live your life such that you don’t have your children read your name in a news segment on “insert your crime here”.

  • WilmMan says:

    People like you make me sick. Our local LEO do a great job and yet you still feel the need to come in here and try to put them down. I’m willing to bet that either you or someone close to you has been arrested and you are just mad because you got caught. Give it a rest. The Sheriff’s office did a great job and a great thing with this arrest.

  • WilmMan says:

    I guess LEO doesn’t need probable cause anymore; they don’t need to have proof anymore. Just because police know someone is doing something illegal doesn’t mean they have the proof to conduct a bust. This guy was being watched. LEO was trying to get enough info to bust him and have it stick. They wanted him in jail for more than a day or so. It makes sense to me.

    By looking at your screen name I would say you used to work at the sheriff’s office and you got fired. Now you are just upset with them and will take any shot you can to make all of them, especially Causey, look bad. When you make comments based on feelings and not facts, your words hold little value

  • max says:


  • Guest56346354345 says:

    ok did they have a warrant for the car at the traffic stop???they BELIEVE the seizures came from the house and that indavidual

  • USA Proud says:

    Funny thing is that Causey would not go along with Sen. Dole and Sue Myrick on the identification and deportation of illegals. He is the ONLY NC Sheriff that did not sign on. Causey said a bigger concern for him was how any increased cooperation between his department and immigration officials would be perceived by the county’s growing immigrant community.

    Remember Scott Gardner and his family? Well Causey obviously doesn’t.

    Causey is only interested in the drug dealers money, WHICH, BY LAW, SHOULD GO TO THE SCHOOLS.

    My guess is that Senior Yanez owed some protection money.

    Wait how much money was it again?

    “Six to eight thousand dollars.”

    Six to eight????? Is it in pennies or something, why can’t someone count this money properly?

    Big time drug dealer my Aunt Fanny.

    Six to eight thousand…..

  • karla says:

    So you think i cant speak your language when ever you have time i would love to sit down and have a talk with you and then we will see who cant speak the language. I think your just mad cause us hispanics can speek 2 languages and u can only speak 1!!!!!

  • karla says:

    Aww!! Hoe nice is that the reason why your comment looks so perfect cause you had yo use spell check??? Poor thing you have to use spell check to write something!!

  • karla says:

    I cant believe how lame you people are insted of currecting my spelling why dont you correct yalls life. When yall are perfect come and tell me something but since we are all humen you NEVER will bee perfect!!!!

  • Guest1022 says:

    I’ll try to get informed if you will try to do a little better on your spelling.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    doing everyone a favor and learning to use spell check.

  • Guest7969 says:

    I bet you ANYTHING that you don’t speak English much….and we wonder why our state is doing SOO poorly in education. We are holding our kids back to teach people that cannot even speak or write our language…WAY TO GO LEFT!

  • I wish I had met up with this guy before the NHCSD did. I could have used some of that money to buy something for my kids for Christmas. Instead I have to fork up all the taxes that government (local, state, federal) needs to pay for criminals to come here into this country and take advantage of the system that I work so hard to support.

    Illegal or not, he shouldn’t have been here.

    Hmm, doesn’t Thomas Wright also live on Chestnut Street???

  • Jerry the Snitch says:

    I know you’re only kidding, but believe it or not, some people are actually dumb enough to try such a stunt.

    I knew three servicemen, one of them a staff sergeant (the other two sergeants)who tried to stick up a dealer in Los Angeles. It seems that one of the sergeants had grown up in “da hood” and knew of a dealer who always had tons of money on him. They reasoned to themselves that they would be doing society a favor and make some money to boot.

    So one weekend, the three of them drove down to LA, found the guy, and shoved a gun in his face….

    ….which was quite entertaining to the detectives who had the dealer under surveillance at the time.

    Armed robbery is armed robbery, regardless of the piece of trash you’re robbing. All three saw their careers ended and were introduced to the California penal system.

    If it was left up to me, I’d declare open season on all druggies and dealers…..but you never know who’s watching, dagnabbit!

  • Karla says:

    For your information Ezau Yanez is not illegall here he is a legal recident of these 50 united states and was about to bee a legal cidicen!!! So do me a favor and inform yourself currectly!!!

  • Guest998 says:

    What do you want to bet he’s here illegally?

  • citizen says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Grace St says:

    Does anyone know where on Chestnut, or even which block?

    thanks from Grace Street

  • guesty says:

    Great job NHSD! Clean out the trash.

  • WilmMan says:

    I hope this will be a chain reaction with more arrests forth coming. We need to do what we can to get rid of scum like this

  • Guest343 says:

    I wonder if he was properly documented?

  • Will says:

    congrats Thank you for getting one more druggie off the streets, and getting rid of that poison they sell…….kudo’s

  • Ex Dawg says:

    Way to go Sheriff (yeah right) If there is a criminal element in every neighborhood then why don’t your deputies get busy? Instead of taking four or five deputies getting out on traffic stops why aren’t they protecting the neighborhoods like they are supposed too? In fact let the State Patrol take care of the speeders and you guys get into the subdivisions and the businesses and get the bad elements out! Just do you job taking care of the subdivisions and the courts and the jail and quit wasting our tax money!

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