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GASTONIA (AP) — A judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by a teacher who said she was demoted because she was pregnant and unmarried can proceed.

Judge Robert Conrad ruled last week that Heather Zampogna's federal lawsuit against the Gaston County school board can go forward on two of its three claims. He dismissed the third claim.

Zampogna sued in March, and the school board filed a motion to dismiss her lawsuit in September.

Court records show the school board has denied the allegations.

In her lawuit, Zampogna claims that former Assistant Superintendent Reeves McGlohon accused Zampogna of "immorality." She also claims that McGlohon asked her and the baby's father, who taught at the same school, when they were going to get married. McGlohon is now the district superintendent.

The lawsuit seeks damages in excess of $20,000. A trial date has not been set.

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1 Comment on "Judge: NC teacher’s pregnancy lawsuit can proceed"

2015 years 9 months ago

Can I smoke pot and still do my job? Seems this paves a wide road for me to start the lifestyle of my youth all over again.

I do certainly know of others that teach, having only been tested on hiring. And they continue and even have had drunk driving charges against them. They still teach.

Leading by example and being held to a higher standard is not in the terms of employment in the NC Educational System period.


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