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2007 Black Expo highlights African-American businesses

WILMINGTON -- African-American businesses in the community will be highlighted Saturday in Wilmington. The 11th annual Black Expo will be held at Cape Fear Community College. The event gives minorities an opportunity to learn how to open their own businesses and to see what businesses there are in our area. There will also be a health pavilion offering free screenings. Black Expo spokesperson Gerry McCants said, "New Hanover Regional will sponsor, will provide people with info about diabetes, all health-related issues." The 11th annual Black Expo starts at 11 Saturday morning and continues until six p.m. at the Cape Fear Community College Schwartz Center on Front Street in downtown Wilmington, Victoria Rowell, best known for her work on "The Young and the Restless" is the keynote speaker.

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wonder if i can go to the expo and find an inexpensive stolen .25 and some cheap rock.

Black Business Expo

I believe that Business Expo's provide a valuable resource to the community. What I can not understand is why there would be Black Expo and a Non-Black Expo. Did I miss something? I thought that we all did business in the same manner - one person at a time. When are we are going to stop trying to be separte? with each "group" trying to step back into time by not having to deal with each other? When will everyone realize that we are all Americans and all citzens of the United States? And that together we are a unstoppable force in the world economy, but divided we can not help but fail.

whom ever wrote this

whom ever wrote this commentary are you appealing to Euro-Americans or descendent of slaves. Hello!There is a memo that nordic Americans doesn't want equal businesses they want consumers. In Wilmington N.C 92% of businesses are controlled by white americans. They don't have expoes they have job fairs. I think you missed something. Most of my people are tired of equality. Every other ethnicity beside white folks have a sovereign relationship. WHile we as hue-man always want to be apart of whitefolks. I hear the cries of our ancestors. lets build our own nation inside ourselves.Then we wouldn"t need a black expo.

Who are you kidding.

When you say that 92% of all businesses in Wilmington are controlled by the white man where exactly did that stat come from. The 92% one. And, what exactly do you mean when you say "controlled"? Are you saying that they still have slaves around here or that they took some initiative, had an idea, took out a business loan, you get my drift here. Please explain. Live in the past and you will go nowhere in life.

reply slaves in wilmington

If you don't know you better ask someone. If you want a job or a career you have to go through a European american. A matter of fact pick up the yellow pages and examine. Call a few of those numbers. Suprise! You'll answer the question yourself. Plus the wages do not equal up to the economy. low wages. Its all a economic illusion. presto. A plutocracy.

Amen. Well said

Amen. Well said

White Expo

I think a white expo would be a good thing to have around here. Let us all celebrate our cultural heritage and such. Let's show some of the things we have brought to the New Wolrd. New foods, forks and manners. Some common decency thrown in and religious tolerance. How about a little freedom and pride in who we are as a country and not how we can make ourselves dependent on others. The guest speaker should be Bill Crosby (how ironic) and the food for the event would be pudding. If one man ever had both feet on the earth it is him.