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Azalea Festival announces musical acts


WILMINGTON -- A big announcement today about the 2008 North Carolina Azalea Festival: Two country acts will kick off the festivities.

The Grammy-nominated duo Sugerland will headline the performance on Thursday, April 10. Opening the show is Little Big Town. The group was nominated for the 2007 CMA Horizon Award.

Tickets cost $50 each.

How to Order Tickets:

  • Order forms can be downloaded from the Azalea Festival website at; or,
  • Mail check, money orders, Visa or MasterCard payments with completed order form to: North Carolina Azalea Festival Office P.O. Box 3275 Wilmington, NC 28406
  • Fax credit card payments with completed order form to: (910) 794-4651.
  • Please 1 – 2 weeks for ticket delivery.
  • Tickets also available at the Azalea Festival office Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. North Carolina Azalea Festival Office 5725 Oleander Drive, Suite B7 Wilmington, NC 28406

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We got 4...

We just purchased 4 tickets for the concert b/c there is no way we can got to a concert anywhere else for that price.

I agree $50 is not a bad

I agree $50 is not a bad price for 2 good acts We just bought 9 tickets today for our crew. If you guys think you can spend $40 90 miles up the road get ready to spend another $50-$75 to pay for the gas »

Yall Don't Get Out Much, Do Ya!

You can't get a "cheap" seat at Alabama Theater in MB for $50. I don't know where you all are "driving" to get tickets for $40. $40 will pay the parking fee at Walnut Creek. Yall need to get out more.

To Wilm Man

That is the problem.. You CAN go up the road and buy tickets for $40... But it will cost you a BUNCH more than $10 in gas....! Still the price is about $20 too much for the average Joe !

I like the picks, but

I like the picks, but $50...somebody is getting ripped off. Especially since you can drive about 90miles up the road and see them for around $40

Unlike the rest of your

Unlike the rest of your comments, I'm excited about them coming!! I listen to all types of music and am looking forward to going to this concert.

Azalea fest

I Love these two performers. I think it is finally a great pick. Although, the price is way too high! You can go to walnut creek and see them for $40.

not quite

you have to pay for gas to get there.

Get a group of 5 or 6 and it

Get a group of 5 or 6 and it really won't cost you much at all for the gas.

Azalea Festival

Bucky Covington would have been better.

Maybe we could.....

Maybe we could get Lil' Wayne to come back?????? SIKE!!!!!!

Could we try and get "Peter

Could we try and get "Peter Gabriel" or maybe "Deep Forest" here just once? Hardy Har Har Har! It's always Country Music, R&B, or some sort of Pop artist. Always!!

Azalea Festival Musical Acts

WHO???????? Why can't we have Charlie Daniels, Charlie Rich, or heck, how about Charlie Pride!!!

Expensive Elitist Events

Once again the elitist Azalea Festival people plan events that the average local family can't afford.

averagelocal/azalea fest ticket prices

The concert isn't until April, start saving your money. If you work it shouldn't be too hard to save $50.00 or even $100.00 for two tickets. fifty bucks isn't bad for two concerts, and besides Sugarland is awsome in concert so it is worth every dime.

Local Music

50 bucks a ticket- most of the people don't realize the talent right here under there noses- Because you do not hear it on the radio- Little Big Town does have a great sound but I'd just as soon go check out L Shape Lot, Daniel Parish or Carolina TrebleHook just to name a few....thats $45 bucks left to buy some grub.... An avid local music fan!