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Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr said the State should consider suing the federal government for reimbursement for state-funded services provided to illegal immigrants.

The former state Supreme Court justice says the federal government is obligated to help states with those costs.

Orr said the state could seek reimbursements for teaching illegal immigrants in public schools, providing them indigent medical care and incarcerating adults convicted of felonies.

He said the amount could range from 300 to 500-million dollars annually.

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  • Tom T

    I think if a state ask for help from the goverment for teaching Illegal Immigrants, the goverment should fine these states for breaking the law and that would be aide and inbedding a crimal becuase they are illegal. So therefore the state is commiting a crime in its self.

  • Sylvia and Jim Auten

    The Federal as well as States have ignored the
    criminals entering this country without a passport. We the people are the ones paying and in many cases suffering, i.e. Lorean who killed expectant mother and child at Jacksonville, N.C. M. Garza killed by illegals
    in N.C. and body found in Pender County. Vehicles wrecked and innocent people killed as the drivers of vehicles who do not know how to read signs, nor have had Drivers’ Ed. are issued license which is a crime. When you go to another country, you drive on the license issued to you in your jurisdiction and you can acquire and pay for an international license.
    That does not mean you can VOTE in their elections, it means you know how to drive and are responsible for you and your vehicle while VISITING. You are NOT there to have your babies for free or to pull down on funds that you have not paid into. Does anyone want someone else to draw down on their account? It is not being a MEENEY to anyone who has
    fallen down or who has been in an accident.
    These acts of thievery and criminal behavior
    are intentional. They can build up their own country and either apply for legal citizenship or shut-up.

  • If you think it is bad now, it is only going to get worse if Obama or Hillary gets elected as President. I read in a, (how should I put it without sounding like a racist) African American newspaper how the African Americans and Hispanics (legal Hispanic immigrants, Hispanic US citizens and Hispanic illegal immigrants), think Obama was sent here by God to solve all of their problems. They think their time has come to get what they want. How they think it is about time that the rich share what they have with the ones that don’t have what they have. Now this was spread out in several articles of the paper, but… come on is that not what communism is all about??? (Webster definition of communism ; a theory or system of the ownership of the means of production by the community, with all members sharing in the work and the products.) I also read Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton on the racial divide. I don’t believe I would want her representing the USA with her attitude. Funny how if you did not access her thesis before the campaign how you can’t access now. Read the full thesis here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. (Hopefully you will be able to open those links). It is quite an eye opener. Hillary is no better. If she is elected President Clinton will be back in office again and he is responsible for not doing anything for immigration while he was in office so you can pretty well bank that Hillary will be the same way. I mean it was during the Clinton’s watch that the ball was dropped with the terroist. Hillary and Obama both voted against having English as our national language. Obama is pushing the Global Tax for Poverty bill through. Which if it passes gives the UN control over our Treasury on the percentage that the US citizens will have to pay for Global Poverty. What about the poverty we have right here in this country? If we can afford to do this for other countries, why can’t we do it for our own citizens first? These are the issues people need to be thinking about before they vote, instead of voting for someone because they talk a good talk about change, which is being interpret as I can get something for nothing. Lesson #1 for every citizen is you don’t get something for nothing. You either pay for it by it being taking away from you monetarily or by losing more of your freedoms. I already know that I am going to get a lot feedback for my statements, providing they post my comments. But, hey I am telling you now, I served my country in the military, I have always worked and paid taxes, and I vote. Until it is taken away from me I still have freedom of speech. None of this was said to hurt anyones feelings or attack any one specific race of peoeple. I only repeated what I read in the newspapaer and yes it was not word for word but only the highlights of the articles that I have repeated.

  • We can owe a lot of the problems with illegal immigration to the liberals in politics. Their passive stance on everything from immigration to the justice system has allowed this to get out of hand. Being politically correct is just a cope out for not doing anything that might offend somebody. It matters not that the society in general is coming apart from the seams. Than you have the conservatives that walk on egg shells and won’t stand up for their convictions for fear of being labeled a racist, which is a death sentence for any one in politics.

  • chacoptaco

    the border fence should have been erected years and years ago. dont blame the current administration entirely. illegal immigration has been going on for years and now its out of control. we are screaming at the polititians to do something when they should have done something decades ago. the blame lies at the feet of both parties. now we hear due to a glitch that the fence will not be erected if at all until 2012. just watch the evening news and you will see lines of illegals crossing the desert and into this country under cover of darkness. when is this going to end? they are coming here to nc people, because our laws are lax and they even interviewed some that crossed over the border as to where they were headed-north carolina! they even had maps as to how to get here. there are over 500,000 illegals in this state alone. this is an election year-vote for the candidates who will finally do something about this mess.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Tell the federal government to go to blazes, and simply REFUSE to provide these services to illegal immigrants.

    If we did that, they’d stop coming here.

    If every state did that, perhaps this country might start thinking about what the intended structure of this federation was supposed to be.

  • Let’s move forward with this and get the federal government moving on actually doing something.

    The are way too many government resources (which are your’s the tax payer) that are being wasted on people that do not belong here.

    It costs us all when they take away from our medical center care, give our kid’s TB working in school lunchrooms, drive drunk and kill, evade the IRS system, drain workforce opportunities of legal citizens and any of a myriad of other ways. Cultivating culture in this country shouldn’t cost us what still makes America great.

  • PoliGuest

    Illegals are here to work–they want the better wages, while American business owners want willing manual laborers, which are near impossible to find in the American workforce.
    But there is a price to pay…undocumented persons in the country, additional “costs” to the taxpayer, and then a second generation unwilling to do the type work that their parents came here to do.
    My point: illegal immigrant workers, are a very short term solution to a worker shortage that carries a huge price tag.
    I think documented guest workers are a win/win solution.


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