Suspect in UNC slaying student charged with killing Duke student

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Submitted: Thu, 03/13/2008 - 1:53pm
Updated: Mon, 07/14/2014 - 12:46pm

DURHAM (AP) — Authorities today charged one of the suspects in the slaying of the University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson with the January killing of a Duke University graduate student.

Seventeen-year-old Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 29-year-old Abhijit Mahato. Lovette was arrested this morning in Durham. He also is charged with robbing Mahato, originally of Tatangar, India.

Mahato was a doctoral student in computational mechanics. He was found shot to death in January in his apartment near the Duke campus.

Lovette and 21-year-old Demario James Atwater of Durham are charged with the shooting death of Carson, whose body was found last week near campus in Chapel Hill. Atwater was arrested yesterday morning in Durham.

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  • Abi says:

    Did you forget why this guy is going to jail!!! He killed a innocent girl for no reason what so ever. This situation needs to be put into BIGGER matters and… someone that kills needs to be killed !

  • andrena davies says:

    WaS it only a innocent girl?? Have you forgotten that two equal lives were lost?? Or was the Duke student from India not as important???

  • An angry Durham, NC resident says:

    Had the judges in Durham not suspended sentences for the two killers of Eve Carson when they were tried and convicted of previous criminal activity, a doctoral student at Duke University and Eve Carson would still be alive. It’s time to say “enough’s enough” with young criminals who would as soon kill you as not in order to steal your car or money. We need reform of our courts and judicial system so that the penalty for having or use of a weapon when commiting a crime results in automatic and swift punishment much worse than it would have been without a weapon. We also need to replace judges who are more interested in protecting criminals than they are in protecting innocent victims. I support capital punishment and have no desire to pay for the support of these two criminals for the rest of their natural lives (although “life in prison without possibility of parole” doesn’t mean life in prison, only 20 or 25 years before their case can be reviewed by officials.) Criminals like this who would intentionally hurt someone in order to rob them do not deserve to be tolerated in society. I would gladly volunteer to serve on the juries of these two criminals and would have no problem whatsoever in voting for the death penalty. I am deeply saddened by the deaths of the Auburn University freshman, Eve Carson and the Duke U. doctoral student–I can’t begin to imagine what their families must be going through–senseless and random violence without regard for human life–judges in Durham and Orange County start being part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

  • CL from cb says:

    Are you kidding me? Yeah, let’s blame everybody else for their behavior. If you bleeding heart liberals would stop you BS then these type thugs would not be walking the streets and blaming the world for their acts. When will we demand that people actually take responsibility for their actions? When did these two ask for help? The last time they were in court? Ha! I, for one, am fed up with the current system. They will have a smart attorney, paid for by the taxpayer. Let’s plea insanity – good one because you are out of your mind to think your behavior is acceptable.
    All this makes me feel really comfortable going about my daily activities. The two they are charges with killing were doing just what we do everyday – going on with their lives, never gave a thought to something like this happening. Be sure you are looking over your shoulder from now on because these two thugs may be behind you. And, please be understanding and kind when they pull the gun and shot you.

  • Guest the man says:

    everybody needs stop and think about what they are saying thay dont know what was going on when this guy did what he did. if things were not the way they were we would not be doing the things we do etc… times are getting bad everyday people change unless we change the world not going too. god said we should love each other not kell one another. people ask for help they cant get it. people who dont need help get it whats wrong with this. the people should come together stop all this bull shi-.

  • rowp says:

    to start with you could help yourself by getting an education. civilized people don’t just go around shooting innocent victims because of hardtimes. these thugs are nothing but ruthless animals that need to be eliminated from society.

  • Guestpbsgirl says:

    Please love, in all due respect. Get it together in grammar and the way to show the type written word. It will make your thought more respected. There is a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence. Please don’t make us “suthners” more “hill jack” looking than we are, come on now.

  • guesty says:

    These two punks took away the future of two very bright people. Why in the world do we need to keep them on the planet? Crank up sparky at Central Prison and use it!

  • WilmMan says:

    Say it how you want, these two individuals deserve to die. There is a huge difference in these two dieing and the killings they did

  • Ocean Isle Beach says:

    Couldn’t help noticing and SNICKERING at the abrasion on his cheek last night on the news.
    I hope like HELL the cops took him down not so gently and that occurred.
    I know I will be bashed by the people who think thugs/criminals have rights too … so be it!

  • Guestmon says:

    May i be the first to say i hope they beat him with a rubber hose as they were taking him down not so gently.

    He looks like he’ll be pretty in prison, better check your soap homey.

  • letme says:

    please people lets stop this crap. people like these two are a problem. the system is a problem. if we were tougher on crime and crimials these things would stop. not completely but at least we might be able to save this great nation. all you damn liberals need to wake up. we need to start holding people accountable for there actions. not make excuses for what they do.

  • Guestpbsgirl01 says:

    Please stop writing as if you are talking. The system that raises our children are trying to keep them in tune to writing appropriately. Please do stop this run on sentence writing, as you are definitely contributing to the “look of ignorance” in the face of today’s society,
    Thanks, in advance.

  • CB Guest says:

    I am hoping that these two get what they deserve. A life long prison term or the chamber. (I volunteer to pull the lever).
    They should never be let out to harm and kill again. Shame on the Judges who gave these two thugs the chance to kill those two promising kids.

    wake up people it is time to get tough on crime and send these punks away for good.

    can we say chain gang labor, at least that would be giving something back to society.

  • Tamara Fournier says:

    Please help me understand, Is this not the country were we are innocent until proven guilty. Are there not laws in this land. How does voilence justify voilence.

  • guest 44 says:

    Imagine that, yet another thug. Wake up people, this will continue to happen unless something is done to quell this problem.

  • Common Sense says:

    I see no need in wasting the taxpayers money housing these pieces of garbage when they are found guilty. I think they should get one ooprtunity to appeal, and then straigt to execution afterwards, not 20 years or more from now.

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