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Suspect in murder of NC college students ordered held on $3M bond


DURHAM (AP) -- A judge in Durham has ordered authorities to hold a teenager charged with killing students at Duke University and the University of North Carolina on a $3 million bond.

Laurence Lovette made his first court appearance Friday morning in the fatal shooting of Abhijit Mahato. The 29-year-old computational mechanics student was found dead in January inside his apartment a few blocks south of Duke's campus.

The 17-year-old Lovette is scheduled to appear in nearby Hillsborough Friday afternoon to face charges in the death of Eve Carson. The 22-year-old Georgia native was found fatally shot March 5 in the middle of a residential street in Chapel Hill.

Police also have charged 21-year-old Demario James Atwater in Carson's death, and 19-year-old Stephen Lavance Oates in Mahato's death.

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Didn't a Judge let them off

Didn't a Judge let them off on a suspended sentence for a previous crime? If so,does anybody know what the previous crime was?


This guy is an animal. Who raises such animals? How are they raised? How can a human give birth to a child and not nurture it and love it and teach it compassion for others if nothing else how can they not teach it respect for anything or anyone including the law?? The lack of parenting in todays society is the problem and that is the scary part. It will go on from generation to generation. PLEASE do not have children if you will not put forth the effort into making it a productive member of society. If you do not teach the child you will produce animals like this. Having babies just because you can is NOT being a parent, having babies just to get a check is not what NORMAL loving people do. This kid killed TWO very decent humans like they were trash, one at point blank range in the head. Why successful college students? Jealousy perhaps for their own lack of human virtues ?

I agree

I agree 100%..the parents should be held accountable for there kids actions,take a look at these punks parents and you will see why they are the way they are...


The prosecution would have increased bail because of an overwhelming amount of evidence proving the suspect guilty AND believing he was a flight risk. If I was the prosecution I wouldn't have given the sob any privlidge of bail!

What is this about?

I have seen high bonds given out for other cases, but this is the highest I have seen. Why did the judge put it at such a high amount? Don't get me wrong, I am glad he did, because this "man" is dangerous, but there must be other information that the judge had that caused him to set such a high bail.

I can't believe he was given

I can't believe he was given a bond at all

High Bond

I think killing 2 innocent defenseless people is enough of a reason for the 3Million. The kid/guy is an insane criminal. He will shoot to kill for no reason. What to get few bucks ? Would you want to run into this person in a store or any place else ? I don't think so.


I would love to run in to this guy. In a small room with a lock on the door. Mano a mano!!


I have a question...WHY was he given bond in the first place...why the chance AT ALL to get out? Put him in a dog box somewhere