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Records: probation officer never met with teen charged in Carson's death


RALEIGH (AP) -- Records show the probation officer ordered to monitor Laurence Alvin Lovette never met with the teen, now charged with killing two college students.

The News & Observer of Raleigh reported Wednesday that records show officer Chalita Thomas went by Lovette's mother's home in Durham once in late February, but he wasn't there.

Lovette is charged with killing University of North Carolina student body president Eve Carson earlier this month and Duke University graduate student Abhijit Mahato in January.

Lovette had been placed on probation in January after he pleaded guilty to larceny and breaking and entering.

Correction Department spokesman Keith Acree says the handling of Lovette's case is under review.

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Probation Officers

The whole probation system and the way it operates is outrages. They way they handle drug offenders is an insult to citezens who believe in fair and equal justice. Ofenders report in with dirty urine and walk home. Ofenders have reporting times and show up late and walk home. Ofenders who have drug related charges think and laugh at their PO's. The american public is not properly served by the probation officer or the system. Why have laws if no one can service them? The probation system is too soft and every one knows it. I think of the probation office as just another pork barrell position that is a waste and insults the public beleive that everything is taken care of with in the system.

Probation Officers

The problem is not the "whole" probation system, it's the way North Carolina runs it's Probation/Parole system. You have so many hoops you have to jump through to get an offenders probation revoked that it has become a joke. Some parts of the system are good but the returning to court for every adjustment to the judgement waste so much time. NC needs to have only the sentence on the Judgement. It needs to work so the offender is given only one chance and if he/she fails , then when they are taken back to court their Probation is Revoked!


First off it is spelled is not us who determines whose probation does and does not get revoked it is the JUDGES. All we can do is to report the violations to the courts and the courts determine whether or not to revoke probation/parole....not the officer. You don't know the countless times I have written violation reports, arrested offenders and took them back before a judge all for the judge to say, hey give them another chance. It is not probation officers who are making probation a is the court system. I guess you blame the police officers to. They kept arresting these guys and somehow they ended up back on the streets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break!

Spelling and Grammar on Probation blog

Dear Guest89, It is not in my nature to be a rude person, but reading your blog struck me wrong, especially with the way it started out. Since you admonished "looking at you" for the March 28th blog in which "offender" was misspelled, I thought I'd point out a couple of errors you made. Spelling and punctuation errors: Third sentence from the bottom should say, "...police officers, too" instead of "...police officers to." Grammatical error: First sentence should say, " is not we who determine", not "it is not us who determines." You know what they say, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Probation officer DWI

The kids probaiton officer had not one but TWO DWIs. AND a carry concealed weapon charge. Look at this mess we are all in because there aint enough room in prisons. I say build more prisons NOT more helicopters!

Dept. of Corrections/Probation is a joke!!!

First of all the courts tend to give "probation" even to violent criminal offenders rather than prison time. While this lightens the load on the prison population, it puts criminals back on the street with no more than a slap on the wrist, lets just call it a "tap". The DOC/Probation does not even have close to enough people to serve as probation officers. The offenders know this and take advantage of it, just like this punk-assed thug did. Guys like this are all around us everyday, everywhere we go. If one of us is in the wrong place at the wrong time, this could be the result! I have first hand experience with the DOC/Probation. I had (operative word, "had") a stepson that became a double felon by the ripe age of 20 for 1st Degree Burglary and Armed Robbery. This is in addition to his other 8 misdemeanor convictions ranging from drug trafficking to assaults on females. He was on "Intensive Probation" for 6 months. It was a joke and he never ever saw his PO, much less abided by the so called "intensive" conditions. He would laugh, make jokes about it and continued on with his unmonitored drug use. I was consistently threated that he would bash my head in during my sleep, poison my food and he would either steal or destroy any possession of mine he wanted to. There was nothing I could do about it but get away. This person continues to roam the streets just like ol' Larry here did... They walk among us, unmonitored, scheming, planning and willing to make YOU their next victim at their choice of place and time. Will your daughter or wife be the next one to, "be at the wrong place at the wrong time"???

I agree

Thank you for your comments. Only someone who has been there can know what goes on behind the scenes. The sad thing about this story is that they actually had a convict looking out for another convict. Someone fell down badly on this situation. Whomever gave her a license to be a parole officer needs to be fired, and she needs to be punished in some way for failing to do her duty. That young man was an accident waiting to happen, and probably nothing could have stopped him from committing another crime, unless he was locked up. A young lady lost her life, her family and friends will never be the same, and life for all of them has changed tragically. I am waiting to see what kind of defense he puts up. My guess the race card will be pulled out. And that brings me to another question: why is it that when a white kills a black, it is a race crime, but when a black kills a white, it is not? Makes you think doesn't it?