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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — In August 2006, 28 year-old Billy Wade Russ went missing. A seven-week search ended when Russ' neighbor found Russ' decomposed body in his backyard. Now, evidence released in the suspension of Sheriff Ron Hewett suggests he could have done more in the search. In his affidavit, former Lieutenant David Crocker stated, "The Sheriff on several occassions became irate with me for suggesting that the search pattern should return to the victim's house to continue looking and develop possible leads to the area. The Sheriff questioned the suggestion as to how we can explain to the family if we find him there and denied the request." Russ' remains were found about 15 feet from his property line. Captain Gene Caison stated he witnessed Hewett's refusal at three consecutive staff meetings. Caison was also a part of multiple recorded phone conversations with Hewett. The following is part of a January 24th, 2008 conversation between the two: Hewett: "I'm telling you. If you believe, like I believe, in our God, and me and you ain't perfect. God knows we sin every day. You and I are inherently good people I believe. I look at you…when I walk up to you and punch you in the arm and walk off, what does that mean to you?" Caison: "Means you care about me." Hewett: "Damn right." In the affidavits, there are multiple references to Hewett being intoxicated on the job. Former Chief Deputy Anthony Cummings stated Hewett asked him and other others, on numerous occassions, to purchase liquor for him and deliever it to him. A hearing is scheduled for Monday at noon when Hewett will be able to refute the allegations against him.

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4 Comments on "Questions raised about Hewett’s handling of missing persons case"

2015 years 8 months ago

Sounds to me like you have been in jail for not paying your child support.

2015 years 8 months ago

It seems to me that in all of the years I have lived here that SO many cases are handled incorrectly. Bad judgment? I don’t think so. I really believe that unless it is a case that will make Ron look good in the public eye he lets a lot of info go. He is very self- serving. I am sure that the people close to him will keep defending him because to them he is a nice guy who looks out for them. I am sorry that it has come to this but we need someone to stand up for our county. Crime is on the rise everywhere, i know, but I am worried about the crime where I live.I want to feel safe, I want my children to be safe and I want to know that if they were missing EVERY stone would be turned over to find them!!

Marsha Evans
2015 years 8 months ago

Thank you for your comment. I am an ex-resident of Brunswick County and living in another state. I was so encouraged to hear that Ron Hewett will finally have to answer for his far worse than inappropriate behavior. I had become ashamed of the so called law enforcement of Brunswick County. To add I must reveal this information that so many of the residents of BC I know don’t actually know about their so called sheriff. Mr. Hewett (these are facts) took the hard earned tax money of BC citizens and built “his” very own state of the art Jail. This being the only Jail of this kind in the entire United States and created it for those who were not able to pay child support. I am not advocating non payment of child support. However, what most of the public is not aware of is that Mr. Hewett housed these citizens with their money, no matter what the amount of CS owed and “slaved” them out on work crews to the benefit of his pocket book. If these inmates had no family or friends, etc. to help them to pay the amount owed, they would/could be sentenced up to 99.9 years of incarciration working for him. This is the most pathetic, idiotic thing, because some of these people did have paying jobs. How ignorant, so of course as they are incarcirated they have no way of making money to go to the children. They are contracted out to local companies, as non threatening inmates and work all day but no money goes towards child support. It goes in Ronald Hewetts pocket. I can’t imagine a more pathetic thing. Just think, all the money he spent of this new jail, and running basically for lack of a better description had his very own personal slaves. There are some people that are incarrcirated for owing less than 100.00, but have no way of earning the money to pay it. How sad for the children and citizens of Brunswick County, and for those people who truely want to support their children but can’t. When I first heard of this I was stunned, and investigated it thouroughly. Mr. Hewett should have to pay the child support for each and every person incarcirated under his genious plan out of his pocket and pay back the county for their subsidies. I look forward to the day when Mr. Hewett is behind bars himself. He should have to be incarrcirated in BC Jail, which is know world wide for being the biggest “ol boys club” worst system. But he’ll get to be in the country club high class prison. What a misjustice to everyone.

dont worry about it
2015 years 8 months ago

you know that just shows how sorry he is but i bet if it was someone in his inner circle all of the taxpayers money would have gone into the serach


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