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BOLIVIA — Removed from office last week, Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett was indicted on four criminal charges today.

Hewett’s problems have grown dramatically since a federal investigation was launched in June. As that process was dragging on in Raleigh, many of Hewett’s own deputies were helping to amass a case against him here at home.

Ron Hewett entered the courtroom flanked by his lawyers — a courtroom with many of his supporters present.

But this time Hewett sat on the defendant’s side of the room, the prosecutor not his ally but his accuser.

Angie Robinson said she wasn’t there for the sheriff, she was there for her lifelong friend “Ronnie” and to hear if his suspension would be made permanent. That would become the lesser of his problems.

There was a stunning shift of directions in that courtroom. What started as a hearing on his suspension turned into a presentation of criminal charges against Ron Hewett: three counts of embezzlement and one count of obstruction of justice — all of which carry lengthy prison terms if convicted.

The three embezzlement counts by a public official involve using more than $1,300 in county money to paint campaign signs, guard his home and do work on his property.

The obstruction count accuses Hewett of ordering a detective not to arrest a relative of the sheriff in a child molestation case because it could be politically damaging.

Some were surprised by the timing.

District Attorney Rex Gore said, “The criminal process and the petition to remove were moving on parallel tracks. We got the petition to remove ready last week and filed that knowing we had scheduled the grand jury hearing for the true bills that were returned today.”

As deputies looked on, the man who had been their boss was ordered not to have contact with any of them who had sworn affidavits against him. All guns were ordered removed from his possession, and Judge Ola Lewis set a $25,000 secured bond.

Ron Hewett had nothing to say as he and his wife left the court-house, but those who watched the proceedings had some strong opinions.

Courtroom spectator Erica Ramsey said, “I’m glad that they got him on this, and I wish someone would look — it goes farther than this, I’m pretty sure.”

Courtroom spectator Joyce Elliott said, “I’m sick at heart. I’ve known Ronnie for a long time. I was a fifth grade teacher when he was a DARE officer. He did a lot of good things for Brunswick County. If he was guilty I’d have to hear him admit it to believe it.”

Unless there’s some kind of plea bargain deal looming, that will become the task of a jury.

Hewett could face more than 12 years in prison if convicted on all counts. No charges have yet been filed in the federal investigation.

The hearing on his suspension has been rescheduled for May 5. County Coroner Greg White will continue as acting sheriff in the interim.

Hewett suspended Thursday

Hewett was suspended Thursday night after Rex Gore filed a petition for his removal. The grounds: neglect or refusal to perform the duties of his office, willful misconduct or maladministration in office, extortion and intoxication.

Gore presented a binder full of evidence to back up the charges. It includes more than 20 affidavits, most of them from deputies and most of them containing some damning statements. There were also supporting photos and audio recordings of Hewett’s activities. Gore said some of Hewett’s own deputies were instrumental in building this case.

“They had begun the process before we joined forces with our investigation,” Gore said.

Several deputies arriving for work at the Sheriff’s Office in Bolivia Friday morning had no comment for NewsChannel 3 about their boss’s suspension.

Gore’s evidence includes several phone calls between Hewett and other members of the Sheriff’s Office. In a call with Capt. Kevin Holden on August 16, 2007, Hewett appears to speak of suicidal plans as he tells Holden that many of Hewett’s friends won’t take or return his calls in the midst of an investigation of the sheriff by a federal grand jury.

“I know you are down,” Holden tells the Sheriff. “I’m trying to bring you back up.”

Hewett responds: “There ain’t no bringing me back up. I’m looking for a bank robbery in (expletive deleted) progress. That’s what I want.”

Hewett won’t explain what he means by looking for a bank robbery. But several minutes later, he brings it up again, telling Holden that dying would be better than what he was going through.

“I’m telling you, something’s (expletive deleted) up. And they think I know it,” Hewett said. “I don’t know it. And go ahead and kill me. Take the .357 and kill my ass. Like I said, I’m looking for me a damn bank, man. Mitch Prince got a hell-of-a lot better end then I did.”

Mitch Prince was a Boiling Spring Lakes police officer killed in the line of duty in January 2005.

Hewett has been the target of a closely guarded federal investigation for several months. A host of people have been called to testify before a federal grand jury in Raleigh. Gore says this removal is unrelated to that investigation. Although some of the allegations may overlap, this was a separate action. Gore says per state law, county coroner Greg White is serving as acting sheriff.

The affidavits in the book of evidence tell repeated stories of misconduct. Capt. Gene Caison grew up with Hewett. He details numerous instances of deputies on county time being used to do manual labor on Hewett’s property or forced to work on Hewett’s campaign signs and fundraisers. Caison also details highly erratic conduct by the sheriff.

Other deputies and a SBI agent detail numerous incidents where Hewett showed up to crime scenes intoxicated and interfered with investigations. In once case, Hewett allegedly arrived at a home where a man had barricaded himself inside. With the SWAT team on the scene, witnesses say an apparently intoxicated Hewett kicked down the front door and went into the home with his teenage son Justin.

There are also several pages devoted to county money and resources spent on Hewett’s son Justin from the time Justin was a teenager, including Hewett assigning a vehicle belonging to the Sheriff’s Office to his son, even after Justin Hewett had been hired as a police officer in Holden Beach. Witnesses also say Hewett requested his son be certified to use firearms and that Justin was seen at times carrying a badge and other BCSO equipment, even though he was too young to be a deputy.

Other allegations include:

  • Hewett sexually harassed several female employees.
  • Hewett used racial epithets.
  • Hewett ordered deputies to buy and deliver alcohol to him.
  • Hewett denied a request by a deputy to search a neighborhood for Billy Wade Russ, a missing man, who was later found in a neighbor’s yard, just feet from Russ’s own property.
  • Hewett arrived drunk at the scene of a submerged car in October 2005 and that his son Justin removed the body of Kendrick Sparrow from the car against established investigative protocol. Investigators found that Sparrow had been shot before his car ran off the road.

A hearing on the removal petition is set for Monday at noon. At that point Hewett can argue to have it overturned. If his removal is upheld, it would fall upon the Brunswick County Democratic party to pick a new sheriff.

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  • GuestLauging!

    LOL!!!!! I agree! More money needs to go to the schools!

  • Guest1971

    You say that is NOT so about his niece?? and said it could hurt family members. Well What will I gain out of lying?? NOTHING and I will say this I do know the family myself and I can tell you RONALD E. HEWETT has a sister by the name of Cindy…So, this is proof in its self If I know him or not and know what I am talking about

  • Guest1970

    For someone who has “known him a long time” just exactly are you talking about? I don’t know what “niece” you are referring to about being in his jail. I am Ronald’s niece and proud of that fact and I assure you neither myself or his only other two nieces have ever been arrested. And by the way if he was so corrupt why would he let his niece be in his jail? People need to remember that this man in a human being with a family who cares deeply for him and if you think all these comments hurt only him you’re wrong. Stay strong Uncle Ronald we love you!!

  • Ronald supporter

    You are right I have not had to deal with Ronald other than being friends. You might want to ask God to help you to be a better person!!! AND DON’T YOU TELL ME WHEN TO AND WHEN NOT TO BRING GOD INTO ANYTHING!!!! He needs to forgive a lot of people who have been on here bad mouthing Ronald! After all he is human and yes he was the Sheriff and he did do a good job no matter what you think! God help all of of you who slander someone’s name!!!!!!!

  • Sylvia M.Auten

    WOW Lot of stuff in these comments.

    Since the scriptures are being brought into this, it is for sure, there are more than one
    that could apply, and we should not use scriptures to hit someone over the head, but –
    Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.
    Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand
    Proove all things
    Don’t judge

    All of these instructions are for our spiritual benefit first and foremost, so that when our spirit body leaves this earthly one
    it will be cleansed, however, earthly actions do bring consequences. Anytime, folks go together with their property taxes and hire a fireman, policeman, sheriff, humane society officer, or judge, they are responsible to the people because the people are respectfully their boss. No one should become an entity unto themselves. For sure, no one hired by the people should use ANY kind of habit forming substance, and should be of good morals, factual, honest, and above board in all of their dealings in public and private life. When it comes to murder, it is surely the mother who bears the child, and no one has a right to take its life, whether 80, 48, 18, 8 mo or just getting started. Because we have become very loose in the regard for life, it is reflected in everyday living. We loose more in deaths on the highway (3500 a MONTH) and in violence (18,000 a year) than we do on the battlefield, (4,000 over five years) and that is their job, but going from point A to point B should NOT be cause for death nor should one take another’s life over anything else. We should be about the business of saving lives so that we may all have our turn on earth for as long as God determines, not man or woman. Wake up America.

  • Guestxyz

    You know the real deal with him. After all, you have been “friends” with him for years. The audio tapes don’t lie. Sounds like to me, he has told on himself. All his friends did was record what he has telling them for years. No wonder they did what they did. If I had to listen to him in a drunken stupor rant and rave, I would have gotten tired of it too. I believe that there needs to be a mental evaluation done on him. Maybe, Judge Warren needs to sign a commitment paper on him and send him to Dorothea Dix. He definitely don’t need to be walking around carrying a gun. They also need to go to his house and confiscate all of his guns and ammo (which the hard working citizens have paid for) that he has layed out in his huge gun room. If I was his wife, I would be scared he would try to take me out with him. It is clear in the audio tapes, that she is right there with him while he is having these crazy conversations with Gene Allen Caison and Kevin Holden.


    If the bcsd had anything to do with this than more the Ron need to be looked at , – YOU MIGHT STRART WITH THE D.A- and some one the others that are in on Ronalds being put out of office I DONT THINK WE HAVE ANY HEROS JUST PEOPLE TRYING TO SAVE THEIR ON BUTTS-IT IS FUNNY HOW THIS HAPPENED RIGHT AFTER THE BOOK ON BALD HEAD CAME OUT- IF WE ARE GONNA CLEAN HOUSE THAN SWEEO THE WHOLE FLOOR NOT JUST ONE ROOM!

  • Guest2131

    Leave it to his loyal “cronies” to continue to stick up for poor ole ronald no matter what the heck he has done. That man has caused so much pain to so many people because of his stupid power hungry ego and I don’t feel a darned bit sorry for him. Maybe now he understands just a little bit the hurt he has inflicted on a lot of good people. If the public really knew what went on behind closed doors at that department over the last decade ronald wouldn’t be the only one shown the door, I only hope he isn’t the last. Goodbye, Good riddance.

  • Countrygirl

    I don’t think the Miller’s had anything to do with this. If you had paid attention the news the affidavit’s were filled out by members of Hewett’s on department.

  • Well, Hewett and Gore may not have jurisdiction as you claim, but they sure as shooting DID handle that investigation! They passed the buck as long as possible as to which department was in control, telling the media that Bald Head was in control when they were not. In actuality, Hewett made the decision, Gore supported him and continues to do so, disregarding local, state, and federal rulings to the contrary.

  • Guestxyz

    The only sister Ronald had was Renee and she died many years ago. She was unmarried and had no children. So obviously, you don’t know as much as you think that you do. Unless of course, this “Cindy” is another deep dark secret of the Hewett family.

  • vlewis

    The county sheriff doesn’t have jurisdiction on Bald Head, but DA Pleabargain Gore does represent Bald Head as well as the rest of the county.Think about it. Put the blame where the blame goes. Bald Head authorities(government) not police and DA Gore.

  • Martha Kane

    After reading this post, all I can think is shame on the Brunswick County School System….

  • Guest4

    So the facts are on the table, I wonder why he has not been arrested yet, if they have proof of extortion, thats is enough right there to put him in a little room all by himself. Who is hiding what?

  • Guest990

    I think of her all the time and I too am angry this was allowed to be covered up.I know she was murdered. I want to know why and who was protected . Maybe Ronnie will roll over and tell all. I fear he will not live long enough to tell, I pray he does not make a fatal decision .But I do know Danina was murdered.

  • Sick and Tired

    For crying out loud, give it a rest now. You and your kind have been trying to find any way you can to have our Sheriff removed so that your own personal intrest may be served. Unless there is proof, valid, undisputed, reliable proof that our Sheriff should not be in office, “SHUT YOUR YAPPER”. I am sick and tired of all the hate talk against our Sheriff and it is obvious to me that there is not enough drama in our lives already. I find that I am more interested in who is going to be running the Country and less concerned about who had the support of the Sheriff’s Office during a commisioners meeting. Please, get over it.

  • Longtimeofknowinghim

    I have known Ron Hewett all my life. My mom and his sister was close friends when we were all younger. Ron Hewett has ALWAYS been the type to sneak around and do things he shouldnt be doing in the first place. ABOUT DANG TIME, someone catches up with his sneaky ways and catch him in his acts. I also have spoke to one of his nieces that was serving time in his jail. She sure was NOT giving out good words for her uncle. Just maybe if the press news and investigators could maybe pull these records of his niece being in his county jail and question her about him and what he has done to the community of Brunswick County. The niece was serving time in the year of 2000. If i am NOT mistaken. I DO KNOW, it was in between the year of 1999 and 2001. But, in my opinion, I am glad to see the BIG HEAD CROCK OUT. We tryied to warn him when he was younger. sooner than later, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT..It is about time someone caught him at his worst.

  • Judy

    I am a resident of New Hanover County.
    when I first heard the news of Officer Jones, I KNEW beyond the shadow of a doubt that she DID NOT commit suicide.
    I think it is a travesty that they would want
    to push everything under the rug, and label it “suicide”.
    I didn’t not know her personally, but I knew this woman had too much good going on with her life, with her personal and professional life.
    And I knew there was no way she killed herself.
    I can only hope now, someone will re-open the case, and try and find her killer or killers.
    She deserved so much better than to be forgotten!
    In a way, I am glad Sheriff Hewett is on the way out.
    Now maybe cases with be solved with some truth, and not bulls*it!

  • Anne

    I have read many derogatory comments concerning this situation, and though some of the thoughts probably have a valid concern, I think it is sad for things to end up this way. I voted for Ronald, and through the years that I have been here, I thought he was doing a great job. I did consider him a publicity hound though, but I still felt he did a good job. We never know what is going on behind the scenes and I am sure that alot of thought and preparation went into these charges. If he is guilty, then he definitely should be out as sheriff. I salute those who were willing to stand up and collect the evidence needed to prove their case. I really feel for his family at this time. This will not be easy for them, and I think that the Christians of this community should pray for the situation, the family, and for Ronald.

  • Guest2

    For those of you that think he has been framed and he has done nothing wrong are stupid!! Open your eyes, he has been state and federally investigated. So evidently they have supporting evidence towards the unlawful acts he has committed. I do not believe any of this would be made up especially when they have tapes and records backing up everything. Brunswick County citizens should be glad it is over and look forward to the improvements our law enforcement has ahead!

  • Robert

    They need to see how many cousins, and family members have been taken to Small Claims Court over the years and have been protected by by the Court

  • Carly

    Do we have a confirmed report about how Sheriff Hewett received the damage done to his face when he supposely fell out of a tree stand? Would like to hear from someone.
    Also when dupties would ride by certain houses as look-outs for spouses being home or not? That would make a interst read.

  • samnews

    There will be a march at the courthouse in support of the Sheriff Monday morning at 9am.

  • Guest1972

    You say in your post that his niece that was in his jail inbetween the years 1999-2001 talked unkindly about him. You should really make sure you know what you are talking about. Ronald only has 3 nieces none of which have ever been arrested for anything. Making comments like this could really cause hurt feelings among family members. I say this because I am his niece. Please, make sure you know what you speak of before making anymore post about him and his family.

  • My sister was killed on Bald Head Island. I know how he handled her case. I know how he handled my family. So I’ll judge him if I please. Until you have dealt with him in a similar situation, don’t you dare tell me or anyone else who has been there how to respond to this man. And don’t bring God into this to defend him.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the millers, and why would you think that they would have so much power in brunswick county. If they have this much power maybe we should get them into an office

  • Ron Hewett spporter

    Only 2 people know the truth Ronald and God!! People need to look at their own lives before they go sticking their nose in other peoples lives. If he wasn’t the Sheriff or a county employee nothing would be said! Don’t be quick to judge because the last time I checked there was only one judge and that is GOD!! Trust me the truth will come out in the end whatever it is Ronald is human and everyone makes mistakes no ones perfect!!!! I still like Ronald no matter what the case. I find it hard to believe he would be drunk on the job. Why did it take 7 years for them to tell about his son being on SWAT scene’s? I think he has just ticked someone off!!!! Like I said the truth will come out!

  • Thou shalt not commit nincompoopery! Those who believe Hewett is innocent have a lot to accept about this man. The truth is there, people. When the writing is on the wall, believe it. My sister’s death on Bald Head Island was covered up by this same ‘innocent’ man – and others. I hope she is dancing on a cloud along with all the others who have been so shamefully ‘suicided’ from this life and forgotten by this regime. Bless those policement who do not wish to serve under these conditions any longer.

  • Guest1972

    And just exactly what will you gain by going on the internet and telling everyone that his own niece slammed him? Was it your intention to cause conflict in the family or you just wanted to join in on all the fun? There really was no need to air that publicly except for wanting people to think you were in the loop. Any other family business you want everyone to know? Gossip….exciting isn’t it?


    It’s about time is all I can say!!!!!! I am a witness to his tampering with evidence; it was done to me!!! I am glad to FINALLY see this day come! God is so good! Karma what goes around come around; HE has gotten what he deserves and I hope it’s not over yet!

  • Zippy Doo

    Maybe we can find out the truth about this murder.

  • tarheel born

    A march on the courthouse? Reminds me of how 100 deputies showed up in support of Causey at the county commissioners meeting when someone was to show up and call for Causey’s resignation.

    What is it about you camp followers that will cause you to march right off the cliff along with your disgraced leader?

  • Out With Three: The Murder and Betrayal of Bald Head Police Officer Davina Buff Jones is just published and available at the Bookworm at Holden Beach, The Pelican in Sunset Beach, Midway Grocery near Southport or from Amazon.com. Two and a half years of research tells her story based on actual police records (including logs, investigative notes, photographs from the crime scene, SBI reports), benefit hearing proceedings, testimonies, Jones’ own work logs, emails, letters, etc. from the people involved at the time. It plainly shows that there were some dedicated police officers who responded that night trying to do as they had been trained and help find who had killed a comrade. It also shows who had other motives and where the investigation was thwarted at every turn. Except in cases to protect forthcoming witnesses real names of the participants are used. Everything is documented and provable. Visit her web site. And thank you for remembering her.

  • Guest22

    Excuse me. But when the person is the sheriff, the citizens HAVE the right to ‘stick their nose’ in the person’s business. In cases like this, we’d all better be quick to judge and react. This county has gone to pot (ahem) under this man’s rule. This was not just someone’s neighbor. When one takes an oath to uphold and protect the citizens they work for, they SHOULD and are EXPECTED to be held accountable. Go read “Out With Three” and get some more reasons to judge your hero.

  • Guest1970

    I happen to be Ronald’s niece and he doesn’t have a sister named Cindy. What are you smoking? His only sister Renee died years ago. Please let us know just exactly who Cindy is — just what family are you referring to because you’re certainly not talking about Ronald E. Hewett’s.

  • mary

    judge lewis will put u in jail to she does not put up with bullsh–

  • supporter

    You are wrong, wrong, wrong. You don’t know your head from a hole in the ground.

  • brunswick co native(NON-IMPLANT)

    So what do you suppose we do? Kick out all contemporary, qualified people(MEN OR WOMEN) for that particular office based on address or better yet hometown? Sounds like more Yankee politics to me. I’m sick and tired of the “How WE did it up NORTH way, is the right way and we’re just a bunch of backwoods country bumpkins. Yes change is evident, (obvious) whether you dislike, like, support, or don’t support Ronald. We as a county need to look forward towards the future interests of the Sheriff’s Deptartment and its administrations ability to maintain a level of law enforcement for everyone in the county. Whom ever the Dem. board decides to select and we the people vote on, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, ADDRESS/HOMETOWN, marital status.

  • I surely will pass that info along. Bless you.

  • Hero??

    I never said he was my hero. You must not be a Christian because I do believe in the Bible it says “Thall shalt not Judge”!!! I guess you have all the answers don’t you. I guess you were there when he was drunk on the job and messing with crime scene’s well like I said only 2 peolple know the whole truth and that’s Ronald and God!!! Thank you my hero is God no man could ever compare to him. I am praying for Ronald and his family if he really did do all that is said he did he is human and he will be punished for his actions. This should not be a fighting match but a community coming together and letting the courts handle this situation!!! I do believe Ronald has protected Brunswick County and last time I checked he has deputies that patrol the roads!!



  • melody

    Something smells funny , Why now? Why after all this time are the people that work for Ronald turning on him?I have never seen anything but good in the man,I think maybe its the people that work for Ron that are crooked!!! Time will tell.

  • guest 13

    While my prayers go out to Ron and his family, I am glad to see that some of his wrongdoings have finally come to light. Maybe now we can get a sheriff who remembers the north end of the county and not just where his family and friends are….NO ONE is above the law, not even the Hewett family.

  • Chief

    You know I sit and read all these comments people are leaving and it suprises me that all you god praising and lord thanking people would praise and thank someone whom you evidently don’t know for the misfortunes of someone you do. I actually believe the bible speaks against rejoicing in our brothers misfortunes,and yes if you know this lord and god you’re thanking then Ronald is your brother!! So that being said i ask you all to pray for Ronald,his family and the govrnment leaders in our county that this misfortunate situation will be justly handled and Gods Will,will be served.God Bless You All!!!!

  • time will tell

    i ueusd to think he was ok till i talked to some of his kin. i dont know why he does the things he does. his job nobody really wants becouse it suck i mean he has to much power. they bust people for drugs and all the drugs and money never make it to the department.i was told this by a top ranking sheriff one day he said do you know there is a fine line between a good cop and a bad cop and i said nope he said a good cop has no friends while hes working. and he takes his job to heart. a bad cop is the whole leland police dept and the sheriff of brunswick co.maybe thats why leland has no chief of police and now brunswick has no sheriff really need to clean up the leland police dept and the brunswick sheriff dept too.now mthe time for the truth to come out about the cop that got murdered bold head i really beleave that ronald knows something. they already said she could not have shot herself.now for the real deal they should his butt out there on the side of the road in a orange jump suit picking up trash seven days a week for about five months hahahaha t

  • GKirk88

    ex-Davidson County Sheriff Gerald Hege. With his own TV show on Court TV, painting the cells pink with blue crying teddy bears, and making the inmates wear striped outfits, the world looked great. But oh, how the mighty fall. Just another case of corruption in government. Is there not any honest people left in the world? God HELP us all.

  • Ånne Russell

    Elaine, I sure hope that Hewett’s “outing” leads to the truth about your sister’s alleged “suicide” on Baldhead, which obviously was a murder because she stumbled onto the drug dealing on that island, and a “cover up” was put in place. You Buffs stay on this, Elaine; say hello to your folks for me. Anne

  • Guest 63336

    Ain’t that the truth!

  • Guestabcdefgh

    Right ON! I think that everyone has forgotten that there are more people involed in this than just “Poor Ron Hewett” . The Sheriff’s Dept. is very large, and this man has been running it! These poor people have had to deal with him and his behavior! As far as everyone putting down those poor women for not reporting him earlier for sexual harrasment, they probably didn’t want to lose their jobs! He is like that! They would have “resigned” eventually. He is an awful man who has ruined lives to benefit his own. I do not feel sorry for him. May God have mercy on him.

  • Guest #1

    LMFAO!! Love that word, nincompoopery!!!

  • You sound like you need to slow down and take a big stiff drink to calm you down some.

  • gene

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I fear greatly that the full truth will never come out unless the perp(s) someday step forward. The pristine cleansing of the crime scene washed away any forensics that may have give you and the community satisfactory closure on this. Further, to this day Rex Gore not facing and admitting the truth of this matter makes him fully an accomplice in this most shady action.

    God bless you and your family. We can only pray that one day one or more involved will seek redemption and confess their crime.

  • mary

    if miller was the sheriff we would not be going thur this.and stop throwing stones

  • local

    Well, once again, trouble in Brunswick county. This brings back memories of the “ColCore” days. Another sheriff breaking the trust of the citizens. Maybe this time they’ll look somewhere outside of the box and not elect a hometown boy.

  • transplant to BC

    Well, Well, Well, The truth has come out. I have know for 10 yrs he was as crooked as they come. To much covering up in Brunswick County, was going on. I knew it!

  • Doris Strickland

    I am shocked and saddened that Ronald Hewett has been removed from office. In doing his job, I am sure he has angered people. I don’t believe he is guilty of any of these charges. Politics is dirty. A person’s reputation and years of good work can easily be damaged with a group of corrupt people. In my opinion, Ron Hewett has worked hard for Brunswick County and he has gotten a lot of drug dealers and users behind bars. I know this has ruffled a lot of feathers. People always want to believe the worst in a person and not see the good that has been done. I am truly sorry for Sheriff Ron Hewett and his family. They are in my prayers. I hope the truth will be revealed and whoever is behind having him removed from office will be prosecuted. I am not surprised that DA Rex Gore has gotten onto the band wagon to oust Sheriff Hewett. Mr. Gore has certainly looked the other way in other instances which certainly needed to be investigated. Sheriff Hewett has probably made some higher officials angry and this is their way of retalilating against him.

  • Ron out

    Causey should have been fired after costing NH County over 2 million dollars (I know the insurance will take up most but the premium will go up). Now he is spending over 700 thousand on a chopper that is somewhat questioned for being dangerous (the same one the hero firefighter lost his life in).

    By the way, why was there not anyone removed from the county office when they cost us, the tax payers, around 10 million dollars.

    Our county/city offcials throw away and spends money like it has a money making mint.

    What the flock! Enough is enough for me. I’m voting against all of these backward arse people in the coming elections.

    PS: I wish Ben David would run for the NC Gov Position. He seems to be the a more honest person than most of the other elected offials.



  • Brunswick Resident

    I am a long time resident of Brunswick County.
    Sheriff Hewett has disgraced our county, the people that trusted him and put him in office.
    I am happy to see that his deputies did there job and exposed Hewett. They also send a strong message that no one is above the law in Brunswick County.

  • Guestpbsgirl01

    Here we go now, strap your boots on, boys, for this is fixing to be thick.

  • Guestpbsgirl

    before anyone sees this, proofread it one more time. Yucky, yeah? And look at the Starnews for some down and dirty facts you can cut and paste. This is NOT for the forums. This is for WWAY>

  • brunswick born

    Well the MILLER’s have kept on unitl they got Ron run out of his office. They better sweep out there own closets, before trying to step up to this office.

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