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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Since Ronald Hewett’s suspension as the Brunswick County sheriff there has been a lot of debate and even confusion as to when and how to replace him. While county commissioners and the Brunswick County Democratic party try to work out the details is public safety being compromised without a permanent sheriff? Since it’s uncommon for a sheriff to be suspended the state laws addressing what to do about a replacement are vague and don’t give the decision makers much guidance.

Just two days ago, Brunswick County attorney Huey Marshall asked the commissioners to request that the Democratic party nominate a replacement sheriff within 30 days. Now he’s changed his mind. He feels that the state law’s definition of vacancy is too vague and that maybe there isn’t an opening for the sheriff’s position. He’s afraid if the petition to remove Hewett is not passed — and a new sheriff has been named — the county could end up with two sheriffs. Marshall said, “Given the vague definition of vacancy there has been no succession of responsibility. The sheriff’s office is functioning and our coroner is full capable of seeing that those duties are performed.” State law says the coroner will take on the duties of sheriff until the position is filled. And Marshall says so far the duties have been fulfilled and residents shouldn’t be concerned. Marshall says on Monday he will ask the commissioners to ignore his request to find a new sheriff quickly, and instead hold off on finding a replacement sheriff for now. There have not been any cases like this in recent history and the law regulating the succession was written in 1919. Everyone is researching and trying to figure things out as they go.

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  • I think it is education that is lacking in Brunswick County more than ANYTHING. Do any of you have spell check? Just curious.

    BCC has ‘Continuing Ed’ programs.
    Just go to http://www.brunswickcc.edu/ and enroll.

  • Justice

    Like you Angie I am from good ol Brunswick. I don’t know what part you come from but the part I live do not think well of him nor his family. I don’t know if anyone would do it for me, of course I am not a dirty crooked scum bag.

  • Guest333

    That’s your opinion. I think you should just stay where you are. That’s my opinion!

  • Angie

    “Mr Justice”
    The people that are signing that petition are people that are supporting a family that is well thought of in these parts. Moral support. That’s what we do here. Would anyone do that for you where ever it is you came from?

  • Shane

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people are still supporting this man and how many will still be stating he got “framed”, “someone wanted his job” even after he is sitting in prison with Rep. Wright as his cell mate. I agree, the only thing he has been proven guilty of so far is that this “I’m a nice church going citizen, someone you can trust” routine is a load of garbage and he proved that in his own words. For those who are still stating that he did not do it because they are “friends with him” or “know what kind of man he is or they grew up with him” let me ask you this, If he is guilty of what he is being accused of do you think his objective all these years was to let YOU know?

  • Nothing worse than a dirty cop unless you have a dirty sheriff. It’s sad… you put people in a position where they have authority and they take advantage of it. For some reason, Brunswick County law enforcement seems to be the strongest in our surrounding counties. But it’s also the most questionable. Me being a citizen, I’ve had more incidents and pull overs by a Brunswick County law officer than anyone else. And I live in Columbus County. I hope Hollywood Hewitt gets what is coming to him. How dare he ride around like he’s king..

  • Das Weibstück

    If Hewett is a christian then I must be a Saint already. I am an atheist and live my life more “christian” than him. His first love is power and he has proven that.

  • Friend28465

    The truth is the Hewett and Holden
    famlies spent lots and lots of their
    money and now their boy is out. The
    money would have been better spent
    at the Casino Boat for a family re-union.
    Let’s get a new sheriff from out of
    state like the Wilmington Police Department
    did. New blood not inbreeding.
    Let’s get this right!

  • get real

    Why on earth would his son or any of his family members be going to prison for??? Do you know something everyone else doesn’t?? Last I knew it was just Ronnie facing charges. His son or family wasn’t involved. Please let us in on any truthful information that you have. And as for Ronnie facing prison time he has not been convicted of anything yet, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Would you want someone to accuse you of something and disrespect you without having all the facts. People please let the system do its job and stop assuming what happened because you know what happens when you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. Get a life and keep your mouths shut until it is all over with for crying out loud.

  • Motherof2

    One comment below states that the sheriff should be replaced by one of the men that came forward. Why? At this point I think the county needs someone with no ties to anyone. Let us vote and let us hope for canidates that have nothing to do with the current mess. It stinks on ALL sides invloved. I think too many players in this drama have agendas other than upholding and enforcing the law. Let’s bring in some fresh meat!

  • Guest333

    Your name “Not Southern Born” says it all!!

  • Justice

    Listen goober, Ronnie is a wash out. He’s done. It’s over. Those deputies were ordered to be there and so they were there. Get off the train the tracks are coming to an end. Open your eyes. What good do you think will come of you and your stupid petition? None. Maybe you can take him some smokes on sundays at the big house. But whatever you do you can stop kissing his a@@ he can do nothing for you now.

  • Guest4408

    I’m sure the Institute of Government can guide the County through this procedure but Ron should just resign and do the right thing and save us all time and money. That’s what he had me do when he set me up to lose my job.

  • just sayin’

    I would like to know in what state, town/county that there are NO DRUGS??? Face it drugs are not going anywhere just the people that sell/use. But they always get out of jail. Drugs have always been around and will continue to be, no matter who the sheriff is. And as for how you use slang like powder/snow. …sounds like you know quite a bit about drugs, you must have been one of those teenagers in DC using.

  • columbus county resident

    Yes, maybe that is what you need!! Columbus County officials stink!!!!! I can say that because I know first hand. Brunnswick County should appreicate Ron Hewett for all of the trash he has taken off of the street. It seems that all elected officals are not straight up but one thing about it, Hewett was cleaning up the street and protecting the people unlike COL. County.

  • Cali-Gore

    Something disturbs me a great deal about this whole indictment process coming out of Brunswick county itself. Now, I’m neither pro or anti Hewitt but I find it VERY disturbing that the Rex Gore, the D.A. who charged him and the judge who he appeared before, Ola Bray, are mentioned by him as being “helped”.

    Hewitt even goes into it deeper by implicating Davis and Caison himself as “helping” Rex. Hewitt’s attorneys need to really investigate the matter. I see a huge conflict of interest here. While it certainly appears there was some wrongdoing going on, Hewitt is beginning to look like a fish on the bottom. That’s just my opinion.

  • Brunswick County Girl

    Ronald Hewett back in office? I dont think so. These deputies took a stand and stood up for their fellow officers and for the citizens of BC what do you think will happen to them if Ronald is given his position back? If he is allowed to do this then we have no justice in our county. Ronald Hewett had it made and the power went to his head. Now that it is out everyone wants to defend him well instead of defending him, we need to back the officers who had the decency to stand up to this monster. Yes I feel bad for his family, but one has to wonder how much they really knew?

  • smartness



    I can`t believe people think drugs are out of Brunswick county because of Ronald.LOL
    People drugs and crime are still here and will always be here.It`s a part of life until Jesus comes back.That`s the only time things will get perfect,not because of Ronald.Ronald is not Perfect sometimes people in higher office let things go to their heads.I don`t think that all these people have it in for him.These are people that worked for years with him.GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND BRUNSWICK COUNTY!!!!!

  • theguest

    Your county is doomed. dirty people everywhere. move out.

  • CB

    The people in columbus county sure can’t help

    you fine a new sheriff because we need a new sheriff our self.Columbus county sure isn’t run like it should be.

  • A BC Citizen

    Have you ever heard of resource officers? That is the deputies that are assigned to a certain school to stay all day and watch the children and make sure nothing happens. They also are assigned to direct school traffic. Those deputies are not on road patrol that is their assigned job. Do your homework before you go and bad mouth the deputies who are just doing their assigned job. And you must not be from the South because here we respect the dead and we always have deputies direct traffic for funerals that just shows respect and helps with traffic. I have been to many funerals where people won’t stop and respect the funeral and Sheriff Ronald Hewett made sure they got off the road that’s just respect! They do have deputies who could make it to the scene of the crime if one came up so don’t talk about not having any deputies who can respond to the scene of the crime because of directing school traffic or funerals.

  • marshajane

    Your poor sole. Are you truely being serious when you say the things you said in your post or are you like Mr. Hewett under the influence of an illegal substance. Brunswick County has and still is invested with drugs. My concern however is not so much regarding drugs, but the embarassment that the citizens of Brunswick County must be facing regarding what they have allowed the all mighty Sheriff to “get away with”. It’s your money though, if you choose to spend it on a looser. This is a man, like every other man, except for he took an oath to not only uphold and respect his position and enforce the law, and choose himself to do anything he damn well pleased, including being under the influence of alcolhol and drugs (as evidence clearly shows in the inditement) and take the lives of not only his fellow deputies, family and the good citizens of Brunswick Counties lives in his hands. Thank God someone has put a stop to this criminal. Hopefully, there won’t be any more innocent people tortured, randomly by Mr. Hewett and his good ole’ boys or God forbid die from being pepper sprayed so severely. I was absolutely astonished that a man who was jailed due to a Christmas altracation with his mother (God Bless her) which I’m sure she thought she was doing the right thing trusting the Sheriff’s department to help her son who had a history of mental problems. Unfortunately she had to find out in the hardest way, that her son, who for fact was in an observation cell which a cell which is equipped the a locked door made especially to protect the deputies, so there is absolutely no way for him to harm them in any way whatsoever, awaiting a psychiatric evaluation by the department evaluators. The facts given directly from the sheriff himself were that the only thing that the man was doing was making excessive noise, and could in no way whatsoever cause any harm to the deputies. The only thing they had to do was to tolerate eratic behavior, which this behavior would be completely understandable because he probably wasn’t getting the attention that he deserved to be getting, like food, water, etc. The deputies were so ego pumped up that they knew that they could mess with this man, even though it was completely unnecessary. They choose to show there AUTHORITY and big the bad a**es that they think they are by randomly shooting this man in the face and all over his body through the locked cell with pepper spray until he reached his death. I would like to see the financial records of the BC sheriff’s department on the amount of money spent just on pepper spray alone, because they are publically known for using it for absolutely no necessary reason, they must go through it like water. How can anyone explain such a tragedy. I consider that murder and committed right there in the jail in front of anyone who was there. He was in a cell that had video, incase there was a serious problem, I only pray that the video will show how he was killed. Being an kindergarten school teacher, I know that I was also an employee of the count of Brunswick and I have in my years had many children with behavior problems in which they may be noisey or cause disturbance. But we are educated in how to handle these maders and could you imagine even putting my hands on an innocent child, which of course is against the law, but what if I had an unruely student and just pulled a bottle of pepper spray out of my desk and sprayed it into his face until he dropped dead. I would be in prison myself. The point that I am trying to make is, why do the members of the sheriff’s department under the watchful eye of the ex-sheriff Hewett feel that they are above the law, himself included and no repercussion whatsoever, for their illegal conduct? Trust me, it is in everyones best interest that they support the removal of Mr. Hewett and his corrrupt “good ole’ boys club” and thank God that none of your family has ever had to endure such a dispicable tragedy. Sincerely, ME “Let there be peace on earth”.

  • wanda

    you have your opintion and i have mine so open your eyes you dont have the right to judge him your not god

  • I agree you must not be from the south where respect was born! When I see an officer directing traffic for a funeral it makes me proud to live in North Carolina. Resource Officers are a great asset to the school system. I wish we had more – thanks guys for a job well done!

  • Southern Born

    If you are tired of the Ronald Bashing, go to this site and sign the petition,

    http://www.ronaldehewett.com … copy and paste it into your top address bar and hit go.

    There is no worst justice than dirty justice,
    Rex I could have sworn I saw you at the last fund raiser you and Ronald had and if my memory serves wasn’t those deputies guarding the entrance of the driveway, I guess that was ok…… and to the stinky three please don’t do us any more favors…..

  • Didn’t hear him Confess

    Sorry but you and I must be listening to different tapes of Ronald talking because in all of the tapes I have not heard him confess to anything. The only thing I have heard is him calling someone’s wife bad names. Please tell me where you heard the tapes of him confessing. I have heard him say he has done nothing wrong but never did I hear him confess to anything. Post where you heard them from thanks

  • Not southern born

    Is there a website for those of us who do not want this criminal back in office?

    I cannot believe that anyone who read the indicitment and listen to those tapes would want this man in uniform.

    Get real…he’s going to prison along with gore, wright, his son and maybe a few others of his family.

    Good bye ronnie, enjoy prison.

  • GuestCARL


  • Guest1234

    We, the people of Brunswick County have the right to vote for the next Sheriff!!!!!!!

  • dog

    I love it your to much LOL

  • dog

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ron just might be steeling your money He has his guys work on your time spending your money to fix his own things

  • notwearingblinders

    “hes a good man hes done alot of good for our countykeeping the drugs out of our county”

    What part of the county do you live in…I grew up in the DC area where crime and drugs are an everyday reality. And when I moved here a few years back at 20 years old I could not believe the percentage of teenagers and adults using drugs, and I am not talking about the “tweeds”. They say it doesn’t snow in Brunswick County often, well that’s a lie there is plenty of powder.

    Also, if possible please repeat grades 2nd through 12th or have someone proofread your comments before you post.

  • Das Weibstück

    “people are against him cause does a good job”

    WHAT?? Why would people NOT want him to do a good job in their own community ? The only people that would are CRIMINALS (like Hewett).

  • wanda clemmons

    ronald hewett should be put back in office hes a good man hes done alot of good for our countykeeping the drugs out of our county he takes care of the people in brunswick county people are against him cause does a good job he needs to be back in office its not fair to treat him that way wanda clemmons

  • J

    No disrespect intended to you, but please explain how the drugs have been kept out of our county. I have seen that statement a few times since this all began but I fail to see how this is so.

    If you open your eyes and take off the rose colored glasses you will actually see the dealers on the streets. The drugs that the users get caught with have to come from somewhere….

  • J White

    My focus is not on the Sheriff but on the Christian. Ronald,remember your First Love. He will never let you down. Love and prayers.

  • Unca Tom

    Hey, isn’t Thomas Wright looking for a job?

  • Guest28450

    Maybe someone from Columbus County can help!! Their SO is run the right way!

  • Herbert Barnes

    I watched your story about Sheriff Hewett on the 6:00 news, and was shocked that a so called professional news organization would question if the safety of the citizens of Brunswick County would be compomised because the sheriff had been suspended. When did the loss of one person affect the law enforcement efforts of a large force. Have you ever heard of the Chain of Command? Well you should find out what it is about, and then maybe you won’t be so quick to come out with such outrageous statements like you did. We will watch the news without all of the scare tactics that you use to get us to watch. Thank you

  • GuestJim

    I used to live in Wilmington but have lived several places since. I also had alot of friends etc out in Brunswick county and yes i used to smoke weed and other things but one thing i can tell you is that people that sold, used, delivered drugs in Brunswick county were scared to death of hewett. You people from a small town surely need to get out and see other places. I have personally known police from several large cities etc.. and the exact same thing he does and it is looked upon as procedure basically. I dont care who you put in office you wont keep the drugs out of brunswick county. Because of the ports and the fact it sits outside of a larger town with a high demand market like Wilmington there will always be drugs there. Also because of all of the closings of the projects in Wilmington there was a HUGE influx of drugs dealers etc that moved out to Brunswick county. I dont know Ron Hewett and have no idea what type of person he is, but from everything i have read he is being charged with, i see nothing wrong with it as it happens all over the US in much larger cities and IT IS KNOWN AND OUT IN THE OPEN and there is nothing conidered wrong with it.



  • Guest333

    Why was the bond a joke? By the way, were you on a computer at the complex when you posted your comment?

  • gottabkiddin

    The hearing is just a formality, surely the Judge will give Hewett the boot. So it is in the best interest of the citizens to have a new sheriff. A coroner is an undertaker not a qualitfied law enforcement officer capible of making life and death decisions. If you think about it his position as undertaker is a conflict of interest.

    get a new sheriff as soon as possible.

    Pick one of the guys that came forward. They seem to be brave enough to handle the job!

  • Guest333

    If a coroner does not know about life or death I don’t know who does. All it is, is the fact that the coroner is a good o’le boy! Oh, and those brave fellows you were talking about being Sheriff haven’t even picked up a pencil this week. (wonder how much overtime they are being forced to write on their time sheets!)

  • fozbot98

    They way I understand the statute, the polictial party the “removed” sheriff is affiliated with is responsible for nominating a replacement within 30 days. The sheriff has not been removed from office permanently. He has been suspended. The hearing that was postponed until May 5 will decide if he is removed permanently. The democratic party will 30 days from that day to nominate a replacement. Not 30 days from the suspension. It has be a permanent removal. Until then, Greg White is acting as sheriff as stated in NCGS.

    *disclaimer* I am not a Hewett supporter but the statute is what it is.

  • Guest1234

    How can we replace Sheriff Hewett without replacing the other corrupt officers in his department? Sheriff Hewett cannot be the only bad one in his department. The continued corruption for injustice in the department is not fair to the citizens of Brunswick County. Sure, we need a permanent Sheriff, but we also need new officers to protect the citizens of Brunswick County. We need officers that work for the citizens of the county and not for there own benefits. How could these officers have protected the citizens when they were so unhappy with their superior officer? The code of silence is strong between law enforcement, but the safety of citizens of this county should come first.

  • sheriff deputy

    I am an officer myself and I don’t care who you are I will do whatever in my powers to make you feel safe however when it comes to safety, my life is number one. I’m there to help when we are called by people but first thing that should go through every officers mind is officer safety. but if half the county didn’t call 911 for the stupid things such as “there was a car about an hour ago that cut me off at such and such location can you see if they are still there?” call *HP for god sake, like we have nothing better to do.

  • Guest123

    Go ahead and replace mr hewett he needs a rest from all the stress he has put him self in

  • laidypady

    Good thinking, Huey

  • With so many accusations flying, how can Sheriff Hewett get a fair hearing? Can it possibly be in Bolivia? There is a lynch mob mentality amongst his opponents and those trying to cover their own backsides. He has already been tried in the media and public opinion has been swayed.

    Were you guys just not here in the 80’s? It felt like most families were headed by women because so many of the county’s “fathers” were in prison for one drug charge or another.

    We’ve had a Sheriff or two fall before. There is no protocol for replacement? Sure there is, however, Ronald hasn’t been fired. That is the problem with a rush to judgment and swift actions to replace. At this point, there is only accusation and allegation.

    Just out of curiosity, how many “accusers”, “witnesses” or whatever you want to call them, have thrown their own names in the hat to replace Ronald? How many of them have ever spent more than a lunch “hour” at local restaurants on “company time”? How many have zoomed past us on the highways well exceeding the speed limit in deputy cars without lights flashing or sirens blaring? Ever seen a deputy car at a local school in the morning dropping off a kid? I have and it wasn’t Ronald Hewett.

    Have you ever found yourself in a jam and asked a friend in a position of authority, who really “knows” you, to help you out when you’ve acted “out of character” and made a mistake? We all have. Was it obstruction or a second chance to self correct and be who you really are without having your good name sullied? Good people make bad choices all the time. ALL THE TIME!

    Have you ever worked at a company where you turned in your time card directly to the CEO? Or, better yet, did the CEO ever fill out your time card for you? I haven’t.

    How many of you/us have ever been under such tremendous stress that our mouths engaged before our brain and we said something offensive? Thank God we were among friends. Oops! Not all of us.

    Friend, I’ve noticed, has become a very liberal term. As I know it, a friend tries to help. A friend tries to put you back on the right track when you stray. There was no consoling, there was no, “Listen man, this is wrong and you need to try….” There was just more coaxing toward someone obviously under tremendous stress already. Enough pressure to make anyone take an extra drink, smoke an extra cigarette or whatever it is they do to attempt to relieve their minds.

    Although it is legal to record a conversation provided at least one party knows they are being recorded, it sure does smell like entrapment. I’m no attorney but, I’m pretty sure that is below board. I grew up with most of these guys and I am not proud of them. Rather I am ashamed that they couldn’t make their point in a more professional manner. Receipts and witnesses should have been enough. Sworn affidavits should have been more than enough.

    And could someone please explain the time line to me? Why did the investigation by the DA’s office happen only after the first investigation started? The time lines of the affadavits show that some of these “alledged incidents” occurred QUITE some time ago. Long before the first investigation started. Seems a bit odd. God granted, people do what works, but they usually do what works for THEM. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe not.

    Whatever happens should be fair TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED. All this public display of hatred should stop. Let the wheels of justice turn.

  • Guest2552

    Are you sure you aren’t Ron Hewett himself? You do a LOT of defending. I’m not saying he wasn’t a good person when he was first elected, but things change. Money and power corrupts people and Mr. Hewett has apparently been going down hill for a number of years.

    Ron Hewett knew that he was going to get caught sooner or later. He deserves to be punished. I’m not saying that there isn’t abuse of power on ALL levels at BCSO, but he is the one that has been caught…boy has he EVER been caught.

    Maybe he is a good person deep down inside. He could be sorry for all that he has done, but I think it’s probably more along the lines of SORRY that he GOT caught doing the things he has done.

  • WOW

    How could you really think that way? You are disappointed that the officers finally stood up and did the right thing…why? Because they should have been better friends? Wow…I can see here that quite a few people are morally challenged.

  • Gene

    I found it interesting that you were concerned could Mr Hewett get a fair trial at Bolivia. I have a similar concern. Can the people of Brunswick county be assured the trial would be fair. With the number of people turning a blind eye to the actions of the former sheriff I am concerned with him being able to get at least one (and that is all it takes) person on the jury that would be a “ringer” for him.

    I’ll agree with you on the concern of a fair trial here. Although for the opposite reason. So, if Hewett’s lawyers ask for a change in venue I hope Gore goes along with it, without any objection. In fact, if Hewett’s lawyers don’t ask for that, I hope Gore does.

    As the accused, Hewett deserves to stand before a jury of his peers. As citizens, we deserve the assurance that those 12 are truly impartial.

    So, lets get it out of Brunswick County and then let the chips fall where they may (should).

  • I totally agree with ‘Disappointed Citizen’s’ assessment of Ronald. It’s apparent that society has gotten to the point where negative news about someone out weighs any good they have done. No one is perfect, but we, as a people tend to place a person on that kind of pedestal. When they fall, then we are right there to kick them, not help raise them back up. I grew up with Ronald and he has always treated me with honor, respect and someone to whom, if I needed anything, just call him. He has been that way with alot of people. Law enforcement has been his dream and his life since he was teenager. He has cleaned up alot of areas in this county that the previous 2 sheriffs could have cared less about. During his time as Dare Officer, the children just adored him because he genuinly cared for them and their well being. It disturbs me that there are only 20 employees of 150 or so who felt compelled to “take him down.” They said it was because of his derelection of his duties among other things. Have these employees forgot that they took the training and went to him for a job, he didn’t go searching for them. Who are they to tell him how to handle his duties? Most of them were running around in diapers when he was putting years of experience under his belt. This kind of action for employers is dangerous to our working systems. Yes, employers need to treat their employees with the utmost respect and dignity. But, if an employee feels mistreated, then they need to try and discuss this with their employer, not stage some kind of seige in the media. If that doesn’t work, you can always find another job or position eslewhere. Who’s to say they won’t do it to the next Sheriff? Who’s to say other people might get this idea and then there is a presidence of employees dictating how they think their employer, the one who signs their paycheck, should behave? It is not guaranteed or promised that you have to work in that job. Also, those who think that they were wrongly dismissed, NC is a Right To Hire State. That simply means that the way you were hired, an employer can fire you without any cause. Now they are hiding in the shadows watching how all this plays out. What’s in it for them? Why haven’t the other hundred or so come forward?
    Ronald Hewett will never be able to please everybody to satifaction at the same time. In the white community, he is not doing enough to stop black criminals, in the black community, he is not doing enough to stop white criminals. He can’t win. What you all better look at is the officers behind this garbage. Most of whom he grew up with and called “friend.” I know alot of them and can personally say that the things they are saying about Ronald are some of the very things I have seen them do on numerous occassions. What would the public think if they were riding down the hiway and see a county unmarked car on the shoulder of the road, a deputy(s), stradling the ditch throwing up because of too much alchohl at a party? Be careful at who you point fingers, besmurch and pe-judge? It is my hope that Ronald will be able to rise above this travesty. Whatever the outcome, I will still call him my friend. That is what our creator would want from me and I could care less what man thinks.

  • Knows the truth


  • gene

    This would be the best end to all of this. By facing his own shortcomings and coming clean he could begin the road back to good citizenship. By giving all information he has on his own crimes as well as all others and their crimes Hewett would be doing a great service for this community. I agree, this should have a positive impact on his punishment(s).

    This would be an honorable thing. With the cloud over his head right now, he can take control and start the path back to the day light. I for one do not expect it, but would be very supportive of him turning from his current ways and denials and honorably fess up, and face the music. If at the same time he can bring to light other crimes and the perpetrators of such, that is all the better.

  • From everything that I’m reading here, it appears that the lot of you wouldn’t know a good sheriff if he fell on top of you. And I really believe you believe what you write. Too bad. If you are residents of Brunswick County and you are wrong (and I believe you are,) if Ron Hewett were to be replaced you would be the ones to suffer and probably the first ones to whine about the new guy. Sheriff Hewett is tough and he doesn’t take any garbage off of anyone. You should live in one of the surrounding counties….then you’d REALLY have the right to whine. Why don’t you get facts before you railroad someone, huh?

  • kb

    We wouldn’t know a good Sheriff if it landed on top of us? HAHA! That may be true because we have had a bad one for so long! I don’t think that the fingers should be pointed at the deputies who did their job, or the citizens of Brunswick County for feeling disappointed and let down. Hewett was wrong. It doesn’t matter how much stress he was under, or how hard he deemed his job to be. He took the oath to do that job and he failed miserably. The officers did what was right as Law Enforcement officials…which is their job and the oath they took! Their job is not being Sheriff Hewetts friend!!!

  • Al Capone was pretty tough too.

  • Guest333

    No their job was being his friend while they were “climbing” the ladder themselves.

  • Southern Born

    Yeah lets get it out of brunswick county with a new DA and Judge and let the chips fall where they may…… lets start with the bogus removal hearing…better yet lets put it off until we do a full investigation into the stinky three…..

  • Guest2

    Having worked in a service industry that once catered to Hewett and his family…all I can say is THANK GOODNESS he is out of office. Not only did he treat everyone on our staff with disdain, but so did his family. I have also been threatened by an officer from his county for NOT allowing the drunken officer in to an area he did not belong off duty. THOSE are the types of officers the courts are dealing with. My dealings with them were small compared to what is going on now, but it shows a pattern and that IS a symptom of a greater disease. YES, I hold COPS, LAWYERS, Judges, and ALL Elected Officials to a HIGHER standard. Want to run the law, then live by it or get out. I am not in law partly because I don’t know that I could live up to those standards. Plain and simple…can’t live by the rules you enforce then you are as bad as a Priest who says “don’t sin” while he diddles boys behind the alter.

  • Guest720

    Im glad you will call him a friend because the rest of the world will call him Inmate#___.

    It’s nice that he is your friend, because let me tell you some of these men where his long time friends and the position that he put them in was just wrong. Dont worry, your turn with Hewett will come.

  • welderpat

    You are such a great friend you didnt want to put your name on the top of your post guest #719?
    Why is that?

  • How about fair? There is your challenge! Be fair.


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