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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Since Ronald Hewett’s suspension as the Brunswick County sheriff there has been a lot of debate and even confusion as to when and how to replace him. While county commissioners and the Brunswick County Democratic party try to work out the details is public safety being compromised without a permanent sheriff? Since it’s uncommon for a sheriff to be suspended the state laws addressing what to do about a replacement are vague and don’t give the decision makers much guidance.

Just two days ago, Brunswick County attorney Huey Marshall asked the commissioners to request that the Democratic party nominate a replacement sheriff within 30 days. Now he’s changed his mind. He feels that the state law’s definition of vacancy is too vague and that maybe there isn’t an opening for the sheriff’s position. He’s afraid if the petition to remove Hewett is not passed — and a new sheriff has been named — the county could end up with two sheriffs. Marshall said, “Given the vague definition of vacancy there has been no succession of responsibility. The sheriff’s office is functioning and our coroner is full capable of seeing that those duties are performed.” State law says the coroner will take on the duties of sheriff until the position is filled. And Marshall says so far the duties have been fulfilled and residents shouldn’t be concerned. Marshall says on Monday he will ask the commissioners to ignore his request to find a new sheriff quickly, and instead hold off on finding a replacement sheriff for now. There have not been any cases like this in recent history and the law regulating the succession was written in 1919. Everyone is researching and trying to figure things out as they go.

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66 Comments on "Brunswick County debating how, when to replace Sheriff Hewett"

I think it is education that is lacking in Brunswick County more than ANYTHING. Do any of you have spell check? Just curious.

BCC has ‘Continuing Ed’ programs.
Just go to http://www.brunswickcc.edu/ and enroll.

2015 years 10 months ago

Listen goober, Ronnie is a wash out. He’s done. It’s over. Those deputies were ordered to be there and so they were there. Get off the train the tracks are coming to an end. Open your eyes. What good do you think will come of you and your stupid petition? None. Maybe you can take him some smokes on sundays at the big house. But whatever you do you can stop kissing his a@@ he can do nothing for you now.

2015 years 10 months ago

It never ceases to amaze me how many people are still supporting this man and how many will still be stating he got “framed”, “someone wanted his job” even after he is sitting in prison with Rep. Wright as his cell mate. I agree, the only thing he has been proven guilty of so far is that this “I’m a nice church going citizen, someone you can trust” routine is a load of garbage and he proved that in his own words. For those who are still stating that he did not do it because they are “friends with him” or “know what kind of man he is or they grew up with him” let me ask you this, If he is guilty of what he is being accused of do you think his objective all these years was to let YOU know?

2015 years 10 months ago

Your name “Not Southern Born” says it all!!

2015 years 10 months ago

“Mr Justice”
The people that are signing that petition are people that are supporting a family that is well thought of in these parts. Moral support. That’s what we do here. Would anyone do that for you where ever it is you came from?


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