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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Brunswick County will remain without a permanent sheriff, at least for now. At Monday night's county commissioners meeting commissioners opted not to fill the sheriff's position until the petition to permanently remove Sheriff Hewett is either dismissed or granted. Hewett is under investigation for alleged embezzlement, sexual harassment and showing up at crime scenes intoxicated. County Coroner Greg White will continue to serve as interim sheriff.

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6 Comments on "Brunswick County remains without permanent sheriff"

2015 years 10 months ago

The fact is that Kevin Holden and Gene Allen Caison, as well as, David Crocker have been with the BSO as long or longer than Ron Hewett. If crime has not been cleaned up or past cases solved to your satisfaction, they should bear as much or more of the blame since they were responsible in their various capacities for investigation and law enforcement. Also, the D.A.’s office makes the decision whether or not to pursue an investigation based on the evidence. So I guess D.A. Gore should be mentioned here. In addition, these good old boys are all closely connected to the Sheriff through personal ties that were formed outside of work. They have used the others signers of the petition to get what they wanted…i.e. Ron Hewett out of power. They are far more disreputable than space and time can allow me to describe. If anyone should bear the cost of this investigation and or past crimes that must be reopened and retried, I certainly hope they will be bearing their share of the costs that you refer to. As for the Hewetts and Holdens, we have been in this county since 1760 or thereabout, followed closely in time by the Caisons and Clemmons. We have paid taxes, and upheld any civic obligations for these past 260 odd years. The fact is we can pay our share of this. The question is, can you?

2015 years 10 months ago

We all have heard the evedience about Mr Hewett
so do you think the people in Brunswick County truly want him as there sheriff. Even after everything does he still want to be sheriff, the problems are going to get worse if he stays.Mr Hewett take a look at yourself can you live with everything that has been brought out about you and what you have done? Its time you judge yourself.

2015 years 10 months ago

The citizens of Brunswick County are going to
get stuck with the cost of large monitary settlements from the courts after Sheriff
Hewett is investigated for mis-conduct
during investigations. The Jones family
for example (Policewoman murdered at Bald
Head Island. BSSD called it suicide and it
was the murder of a fellow policeman. Read
the new book and all the money from
the book is going to the foundation in
her honor.) The Hewetts and Holdens that
keep crying poor Ronnie should feel
obligated to pay these money awards
for the other citizens of Brunswick County
since their boy is responsible.

2015 years 10 months ago

Anything would be better than Hewett – even no one!

2015 years 10 months ago

I think the state is making sure that there is no loop hole for him to wiggle through. They are making sure that they dot thier i’s and cross their t’s. This is a slippery man, if there is a way through it, he will figure it out.

Hope the feds hurry…

Bye Bye Ronnie…who’s next on the “get to jail free list” Hope your smart enough to start talking.

Guest dolly
2015 years 10 months ago

You think they would want to get it right over there in BC but did you see who got hired to take the deputy chief job? Pot calling the kettle black anybody?


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