2008 Azalea Festival Queen crowned

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Submitted: Wed, 04/09/2008 - 11:37pm
Updated: Fri, 07/18/2014 - 12:12pm

WILMINGTON — Barbara Alyn Woods was crowned our 2008 Azalea Festival queen. The coronation drew a large crowd to Riverfront Park. Woods stars on the hit TV show "One Tree Hill," which is filmed here in Wilmington. Some of her co-stars, like Chad Michael Murray, Hillary Burton and Lee Norris are also guest celebrities for the festival. Norris said, "I am so glad to be here, it's my first time to be here at the Azalea Festival, and obviously I've been working on One Tree Hill for some years, and we've grown to love Wilmington so much. I'm proud to call it home and even prouder to have Barbara Alyn Woods as the queen this year." The queen has a busy schedule this week. Among other things she'll be attending the garden tour ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday and she's in the parade on Saturday.


  • guest128 says:

    Actually- If you must know, it was incredibly difficult to find a queen this year who wasn’t working due to the writers strike. Barbara was gracious enough to accept and the festival couldn’t have asked for a better queen. She was so honored to be apart of something so respected in this town and state and she respected it herself. So before any more comments are posted about her, her position as queen or the festival in general I think one might want to take a moment and realize that they might not know all that goes on inside the festival and how much hard work is put in by everyone. It is slightly immature to make rude comments about something you may know nothing about.

  • Abundant Sarcasm says:

    Who cares what race they are? It’s a big joke anyway! We seem to look for “celebrities” but always end up with a nobody. Why not have a local person be the queen? No one cares to begin with!

  • Hope101 says:

    If you truly want something, make it happen. The African-American community needs to see why are things not taking place that relate to them. Well let’s break this down and you will see where I am going…
    1. How many African-American Azalea Festival committee members are there???? Ever considered getting on the committee????
    2. Every year there is usually 2 concerts…a country show and an adult contemporary/top 40 show. How about a R&B/Top 40 African-American singer/performer? ie: Beyonce, Usher, etc. I believe Azalea committee would see a sold out concert.
    3. Whoever suggested Francis Wellar or her sister, excellent suggestion. I too think the Azalea Queen should be from the surrounding 3 counties, a woman of many achievements within the community. We have many in all races that would earn the chance to wear that crown.
    4. Noticed this year, many stages downtown with bands and groups performing. Have the African-Americans ever thought to sign up for this??? Show their talent.

    My whole point here is get yourself involved. Someone mentioned a softball game. Advertise and make it happen.

    In my eyes with the African-American community, you often want the officials to hand you the opportunity. Unfortunately this isn’t always going to happen. The Hispanics have made their way in having events, a large event. Music, food, and fun…ever heard of the Latio Festival????? It’s gives others a chance to see what their culture is all about.

    Be proud of who you are and your culture, get with City officials and find out how you can hold your day in the park.

  • lifelong wilmingtonian says:

    The comment on the fesival was not a comment on the racial exclusions it exemplifies but a plea for inclusion of all the people that make up our community. If you think that the festival has brought in “TONS of black entertainment” or consider the comment as the complaints of a disgruntled minority then you have to examine your own views of race relations in this city. I on the other hand feel that an event such as a neighborhood softball tournament or maybe a city wide talent show would be welcomed by all.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    There have been TONS of black entertainers in the past. The booths downtown are open to all people that want one. Man people complain too much. Why don’t you get on the planning board if your so worried about it?

  • Mr. Jervay says:

    That’s a big NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!No there have not been tons!!! Well if you count Francis Weller, Lou Rawls, Al Green, Lou Gossett, Pylicia Rashaad, Kevin (from Entertainment Tonight) and Lark.

  • Ron Morine says:

    Thank you so much for your comment. You hit the nail right on the head. People whine and complain so much. It’s Pathetic. This Event comes around once a year, so enjoy what’s going on now.

  • Guest461 says:

    The Azalea Festival is a long running tradition here in the Wilmington area that generates a lot of festivites and brings a lot of people in town. It is the spring of the year with everything blooming in absolutely beautiful colors, this year in particular. You people want to turn it into a “race” issue and focus on pure negativity.

    Can’t you just sit back and enjoy anything without your petty, unwarranted and incessant whining??? Try to appreciate a little of what this great city has to offer and just shut the hell up for once! We really just don’t want to hear it! There are lots of free activities offered to all of you that are without bias of any kind and if you possess the meek intelligence it takes to interpret a schedule, you may find something that will put a smile on your face.

    So, sit down and shut up!!! If you don’t like this town or the way we do things here, I-40 runs directly to Durham!!!

  • Mr. Jervay says:

    This post was intended to open the eyes of the blind. It was not meant to be a racial attack. To those who think race is not an issue when they select a queen…..why are you so upset if that’s not the case???

    In closing,I apologize because, referring to the young lady as Snow White was inappropriate.

  • Guesterheimer says:

    yeah because she works here. that doesn’t make her a local.

  • Ron Morine says:

    All of my years that I’ve attended this memorable event, I can recall some Festival Queens from the Carolinas. Phylicia Rashad from Chester, S.C. Lynda Goodfriend, from Western N.C. Francesca James, I believe was from this area. So, for those of you who are knocking Queens, STOP. They are Celebrities. Speaking of Celebrities; Bob Hope, Bill Cosby, Patti Labelle, Dionne Warwick, just to name a few. If it was for this event, Wilmington, N.C. would be just another city.

  • Guest111999 says:

    She does live here. Her children go to school here and she works here. What’s wrong with that.

  • slp says:

    Barbara Alyn Woods has lived in Wilmington for the last 5 years! She owns a home and loves it in Wilmington. Yes, her kids do go to school in Wilmington and Barbara has become very involved in the school’s activities and community activities. She considers Wilmington, home! I don’t care what anyone says — She is a perfect choice for the “Azalea Queen”

  • Guesterheimer says:

    With all of the beautiful young women in our area, how come the queen can’t be a local girl? All of these faux stars are just soooo cheesy. Have a pageant and pick a ‘LOCAL’ girl….sheesh!!

  • GuestinWhiteville says:

    It would be either Frances Wellers or her twin sister, Margaret Wellers Stargell. Both are gorgeous, intelligent women who has contributed greatly to our community.

  • Guestin wilm says:

    I’m from columbus county and yeah, native american girls from buckhead are HOT!

  • ohplease0101 says:

    yea why not a local queen maybe pick a girl from my town and make it like madi-gra but instead of throwing beads she can throw cans of skoal. Get someone from Buckhead maybe a “indian”. Really who cares the Azalea festival it has just gone downhill. The last one worth anything was when KEllY RIPA was queen….

  • sad, says:

    Searched real hard for this queen huh?

  • Guest978 says:

    Felica Rashad also but I think what they were trying to say was they would like to see more activites or queens that are of different races.Whether it is black,mexican or Indian.

  • Guest Commontater says:

    why is there no activity scheduled or even planned that will attract minorities?

    ok… I’ll play. What events would that be? Name some please so I will get a clue.

    Some folks can turn a glass of water into a racial issue. **sigh**

  • lifelong wilmingtonian says:

    Considering the festival is named the North Carolina Azalea Festival and is held in Wilmington why is there no activity scheduled or even planned that will attract minorities? It seems as though planners of this event constantly ignore anything that will appeal to this segment of our community. Maybe once the planners of this event would stop to think of ways to include everybody in their so called state wide event.

  • heel fan says:


  • Das Weibstück says:

    Tanisha Lynn, and there were others, look it up.

  • Mr. Jervay says:

    This thing has been going on for over fifty years and yet once again they select a white women to be queen. How about a little diversity????? Diversity doesn’t mean it has to be a black queen it just means offer the crown to someone other than Snow White!!!! People of other races have supported the Azalea Festival for decades even though there were few events geared towards anyone outside of the white community. There’s a strong Native American, African American and even a growing Hispanic American population in the area, at least make an attempt to include these people as well as others. No one seems to have a problem when it comes to making money off of these people. Consider inclusion in your Azalea Festival festivities!!!

  • hehehe says:

    don’t go..

  • lilly mae says:

    Why does it always have to be a racial thing. What you just refered as Snow white, If a White person had made that type of comment about another race it would have been on national news.

  • Mr. Jervay says:

    This post was intended to open the eyes of the blind. It was not meant to be a racial attack. To those who think race is not an issue when they select a queen…..why are you so upset if that’s not the case???

    In closing,I apologize because, referring to the young lady as Snow White was inappropriate.

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