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Azalea Festival concert postponed


WILMINGTON -- Thursday's Azalea festival concert featuring Sugarland and Little Big Town has been cancelled. A spokesperson promoting the concert says one of the band members is sick. The sold out concert would have taken place at UNCW's Trask Coliseum. Ticket holders are advised to keep their tickets. The concert will be rescheduled for Sunday, September 14. Fans who are unable to attend the rescheduled date can obtain a refund at their point of purchase before May 1. After May 1 there will be no refund.

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Well, I think just because they are famous does not mean they are not people too and if they are sick, they have the right to rest and get well. I have my tickets and will save them and be happy to go in September, and anyone with seats closer to the front, let me know and I will trade you or buy yours. They are a great group and I will continue to listen to their CD everyday!!!

Now maybe local yocals here

Now maybe local yocals here will thoroughly understand that Wilmington's "once a year" events aren't as important to the rest of the world as they are to people here. Just wait until the New Convention Center starts having cancellations from entertainers...then the truth will hit home. Sugarland and Little Big Town are probably going to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days and check out the entertainment facilities down there...where they have real ones. As mentioned...Lil Wayne did this...others will follow. It took months for people to get over Lil Wayne canceling...and some people had to go on meds to deal with it when it happened! Arghhhhhhhh!

Tonights Concert at Trask Coliseum

I'm sure that there are a lot of disappointed people. But what can you do? There is the Cole Bros. Circus and quite possibly the Street Fair going on downtown.

that's lame!

that's lame!


I'm glad I didn't waste $50.00! I'm *sure* they will be back.

Calling in sick...

I bet they'll be at the CMT awards on Monday.

I second that Comment

You are sooo right!They will also be in Ashville tomorrow night too and Nashville on Saturday! They could have performed!

September 14 is a sunday?

September 14 is a sunday?

they might have cancelled but we didn't CAROLINA TREBLEHOOK!

Playing Saturday April 12th- WORMWOODS ON WALNUT STREET 2 blocks from the river. Playing all your favorites ROCKIN AND ROLLIN! COME GET YA SUM!

Don't you guys quit your day

Don't you guys quit your day jobs.


This is something TYPICAL that would happen at the Azalea Festival! I went to see Kenny Chesney last year in Raleigh and he was sick...but you know what, he still performed! He just rested all day and was put on fluids. I think that the Azalea Festival has stunk this year and it hasnt evnt begun. They cut corners with getting Celeberties to Wilmington by askiing the "One Tree Hill" cast. They live in Wilmington already and they are nothing big...Maybe 5 years ago when the show first started but EVERYONE has seen them in Wilmington by now. And the Queen come on...they definatly saved money this year! Hopefuly next year will be much better. I still plan on keeping my ticket and going to see Sugarland on the 14th but I still think its a little odd!

One Tree Hill

The One Tree Hill production has contributed a lot to this community. Why shouldn't they be considered to be a part of the festival?

sugarland concert

I am very unhappy to be told on the 11:00 news the night before that there is no concert!!!!!!! I WILL NOT GO IN SEPTEMBER!!!!!!!

Sugarland cancellation

I just now found out that the concert was postponed... sounds a lot odd to me. I was all for going to see them here in Wilmington... but I will definitely NOT be traveling to Raleigh to see them... extra expense and frankly, just not worth it to me -- and I am sure others!!

Lil Wayne said he'd play in

Lil Wayne said he'd play in their place :-) You must pay up first though :-(

on Lil Wayne