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Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

READ MORE: Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- Ron Hewett is no longer Brunswick County's sheriff. He resigned Tuesday. Hewett had been suspended but was still technically sheriff pending the outcome of a May removal hearing. Now he's out, and still faces two criminal investigations. Some say this was expected -- it was just a matter of when. Regardless, suspended Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett had his attorneys turn in a resignation letter late this morning. It's effective immediately. The letter was quite short. Hewett wrote: "I hereby resign my position as the sheriff of Brunswick County effectively immediately."

more on the hewett story here...

After receiving the letter District Attorney Rex Gore withdrew the petition to remove Hewett from office. According to County Attorney Huey Marshall, everything associated with the petition goes away. Coroner Greg White continues as interim sheriff. There are still four state criminal indictments against Ron Hewett. Despite Tuesday's resignation letter those indictments remain. Hewett also remains the target of an ongoing federal grand jury investigation. A call to the US attorneys office yielded a "no comment" today.

What's next for Hewett

Despite today's resignation, Ron Hewett's legal problems are far from over. White will continue as acting sheriff. The county commissioners sent a letter Tuesday to the local Democratic Party, requesting the group nominate a replacement. They have 30 days to do so. Then it's back in the commissioners hands to approve the nominee.

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List of names for Sheriff

The Brunswick County Democratic Party chairman has released the names of 12 people who have put their names in the running to replace former Sheriff Ronald Hewett. They are Jennifer Fisher, Franky Thomas, Willie Sloan, Walt Willis, Jerry Dove, John (Billy) Ingram, Sam Davis, Kyle Jones, Doug Todd, Elizabeth (Rendy) Lewis, James Contreas and Wiley Snow. The committee will meet at 10 a.m. May 10 to make its choice. Anyone who meets the qualifications to serve as sheriff may attend and be considered for the post, according to a news release.

Renado Prince for Brunswick Co. Sheriff

Education Mount Olive College, Bachelor of Criminal Justice Administration, Mount Olive College. Community College of the Air Force, Associates of Criminal Justice, June 1996 North Carolina State University, Administrative Officer Management Program (AOMP), October 2005 USAF Air University, USAF Senior NCO Academy, October 1999 USAF Air University, USAF NCO Leadership School, November 1989 Experience · Police Sergeant, Crime Scene Investigator Supervisor, Master Police Officer, Patrol Officer. Responsible for serving the public and supervision of assigned personnel, enforcing laws and protection of property and lives. (1993 – 2004) · Gastonia Police Department Vice Narcotics Agent. (1992 – 1993) · Master Sergeant (E-7) USAF Law Enforcement Specialist. Flight Chief, Superintendent of Investigations. Responsible for managing, supervising directing the activity of 125 Law Enforcement personnel. Provide Security to SJAF and its 92 thirty three million dollar each aircraft, along with its 20,000 residents. Insure proper investigation of all cases on the instillation that were in violation of state law and/or the UCMJ. (1981 – 1991)

Clean house..........

I think that if Ronald is removed ,the whole department needs to be replace ,one officer at a time.I am sure that all of the others have dirty little secrets that haven't been told yet.Oh and I don't see a difference in a parked gossip session among officers /donut break and the yard work that was done.It's all on company time ...face it .It's like moldy bread.... if part is moldy then the WHOLE LOAF is bad.



To Girl From Longwood

Dear Girl From Longwood, Sometimes I just wish people would stop and think before they write, yours is such a case. Why would you punish and entire department of loyal, hardworking men and women? Do you know that all of them are bad? Do you know that all of them steal? Lie? No, you do not. Have you been close enough to hear what two officers are talking about when they are parked? Do you know if it’s their break? Do you know if its their lunch? No, you do not. You know nothing of them and what they do or do not do, have done or have not done. So please, get informed before you shoot off your mouth.

so what you are saying is

so what you are saying is that you personaly know each idividual deputy and employee of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office and that you have proven facts that each person at that office needs to be replaced for all the hard work that he/she does? That the employee is not entitled to a lunch break or 15 min break? Like moldy bread the whole loaf goes bad? So its like if one person in Longwood is a crackhead, everyone one from Longwood is a crackhead and should be in jail?


Skulldrag, Blah blah words words, I'm not a crack. Are you? And do you know all the officers? The gossip session, that I'm talking about is longer than a lunch break. Sorry to bust your bubble! I have seen law-en-forcment, from the training side, and I saw enough that I didn't want any part of it. By the way I'm not a crack head just because I live in Longwood, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!

Fire too hot for ya?

If you can't stand the heat, don't play with the fire. You stated the "...whole department needs to be relaced, one officer at a time", "'s like modly part is bad..the whole loaf is bad". You are telling the WWAY viewing audience and the bash or support the law enforcement fans that the "WHOLE" (I assume you mean each and every individual employee of the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office), office needs to be replaced because of a few "moldy slices of bread". So you implication is that one is bad, they all are bad....same goes for everything in this world then. Example: one person is the quarter is a crack head = everyone in the quarters is a crack head...its an area in Longwood = everyone in Longwood is a creack head = everyone in Brunswick County is a crack head..and so on....It's probably a good thing that you failed out of BLET because law-enforcement doesn't need you anyhow....Thank YOU very much....

Wow...SkullDrag, I can

Wow...SkullDrag, I can promise you that you would not go to Longwood, in the Quarters and repeat your statement that everyone in Longwood is a crackhead. BCSD is not all bad but its not all good either. They are afraid to come to Longwood by themselves. We are just like every other community. Some of the hardest working Brunswick County citizens reside in Longwood. I know because I am one. The media only shows the negative side of Longwood, never the positive. Please do not stereotype us. Instead why don't you donate your time or money to help the children of Longwood to have a place to play or help us build a community center so that they can see that their are other outlets other than drugs.


I cannot believe Hewett is able to spend money from his campaign funds for legal defense. Well, he can spend all he can for all the lawyers he can but ... "You will pay them back what they deserve, Lord, according to the work of their hands." Lamentations 3:64


I am sick of seeing off duty deputies riding around with ilegally tinted windows and drinking beer in there cars. Ron Hewett is not the only one at fault here.Deputies driving 80 and 90 down U.S. 17 going to Wilmington while off duty with their friends and families. They need a leson taught to them that they are not above the law! Wilmington vice and narcotics has the same moral problems ( too much loose cash not making it to the evidence room! Thank God for the good cops!

time for a change

i agree im not a leo but i do work beside them and they do drive crazy.there windows are tinted way to dark and they do get away with just about anything. i do think it is time for a change.if normal people cant do it with out being taken to jail why should they

Where is your factual basis

Where is your factual basis for those comments guest 317? You say its a off duty deputies riding around in cars with illegal window tint and drinking beer. How do you know that its a deputy and drinking a beer when the windows are tinted so dark to be illegal? You must have super human vision to see through the tint and your super human tint-O-meter reader is telling you its illegal and your super human beer finder is telling you that the person in this car behind tinted window is drink a beer and not a cola or a bottled root beer. And you are telling us that while you are driving up hwy 17 obeying the speed limit of 55 like all good citizens do, you can tell that the drive of the vehicle passing you at 20mph faster is a off duty deputy? And you also say "thank god for good cops"? According to your comments, a good cop does not exist.

Deputies with Tinted Windows

Remember that adage "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." LOL Sounds like "no one's been watching the store." Ron couldn't clean up all the crime in BC by himself you know. At least when he had those deputies painting signs, laying stones, watching his driveway be poured, etc. they were doing something. I've called 911 to report suspicious activity at an intersection known for drug traffic. A deputy was sent, and guess what? She never got out of her car. She just sat there and watched until the vehicle in question pulled off. I was on the phone with a neighbor, while another one watched from the her front yard. We all saw it. I've called for law enforcement before 911 came in existence and had one of the deputies who signed the famous manifesto respond, not once, but several times with similar results, except he'd get out, shoot the breeze a little, pat the offenders on the back (not pat them down) and drive off. The same community took matters in their own hands and put a stop to it. Does any of this sound familiar BC. Sounds to me like at least a few of them did something to earn their paycheck when Hewett put them to work on his campaign signs and his driveway. You know there's more than one way to steal from the county. What they've done is not called embezzelment. It's called SLOTH. And it is one of the seven DEADLY SINS. So you know what I think? I think the deputies have a higher judge to answer to than Ron Hewett, the county commissioners, or Rex Gore.

What someone does when they

What someone does when they are off duty is none of your business.....How do you know if they are Deputies? Unless you are ONE or just tring to start something. In all honesty your comment makes "NO SENSE" what so ever...SO please stick with FACTS instead of tring to spread "RUMORES"

i'll be back

I'll be back. I get you and your little dog to.First you get the money then you get the power. When you get the power then you get the .....crap beat out of you( or fall out of a tree stand.) Just remember to pay your child support...ooops did I say that.

Extra Children

I think there will be some mothers filing for child support since the under the table money will stop. Need to change the last name to Hewett.



The Other Family

Is there not an issue of out-of-wedlock children here?

child support

Not ALL his kids are grown!

Campaign Funds for Defense

I see that there have been two checks written each for $46,500 from Hewett's campaign finances to lawyers in January, I believe. My family would like to have such monies available to go after him and the county in a lawsuit. Anybody want to donate money for us and the other people wrongly served during his tenure? Mr. Hewett and all the others who were involved in Davina's death on Bald Head Island can spend all the money for all the lawyers they want, and they will never be able to escape the one judge that matters. "You will pay them back what they deserve, Lord, according to the work of their hands." Lamentations 3:64.

I pray for some closure for you and your family

Ms Buff, My heart aches for the pain and loss you have suffered. Will all the truth over this sad event ever be known? Painfully, you know the answer to that is no. I am sure you will never be at complete peace unless the perpetrator(s) decide to get right with God, and come clean with a confession. The Brunswick County Sheriff's Department made sure of that when they allowed the Bald Head Island Fire department clean away any chance at finding any forensic evidence at all. Why was this done? Was it because Hewett was on the take? We don't and will never know. Was it because BHI has such an influence from tax base that they could request and get this from Hewett? We will never know. I am sure the never knowing will haunt you the rest of your live. But know this. One that was culpable in the destroying of possible evidence is now on the other side of the law and charged! The next step would be for the D.A. that has stood behind Hewett and his own reckless ignoring of the facts will be next. I hope you and yours can receive a small amount of closure with the knowledge that at least one in the band of thieves has been taken down. I believe the time is ripe for the culling of weeds. And I think that recent events may cause this to come about. God bless you and your family. Gene


Thank you very much! THAT was perfectly stated. People like you have helped our family get through this ordeal along with Divine Intervention.I am now beginning to believe that JUSTICE DOES PREVAIL! May GOD bless you and your family forever. Tanya


Thank you for your comments. They are thoughtful and very kind. And they are right on the mark. I wrote the book about my sister to do just what you suggest should take place. My sister was human, she had her faults just like everybody else. But she tried to do her job to the best of her ability as fairly as she could - which was not wanted where she was. Money and power are supposed to bring privilege in some places. It was bad enough that my sister was murdered, but this was done to a police officer, one of their own. That is despicable. Very few people have walked in this family's shoes. Your words are welcome and much appreciated. There will never be much closure, but there is coming a day when, as the song says, "What goes on in the dark, comes to the light." I know Dee is safe and can't be hurt any more. I want the people responsible for hiding the truth held accountable if we never find the killer. The 'hiders' are more guilty to me than the one who pulled the trigger. And the fight to see that happen will never stop as long as people like you and others care about right and wrong. The culling is necessary to protect the very fabric of this country and its safety for anybody.

WOW! We paid him how much?

This man was on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The $108,000.00 salary that everyone is having such a fit about only averages to about $12.00 an hour. And for all you "haters" out there with all your glee of seeing someone else suffer, I feel sorry for you. You know the only perfect person I've ever known of died on the cross. Maybe you should take a look at your own families before concerning yourself with hurting someone elses. Thank God I've never wished harm on anyone. Not even a enemy of mine. Get over yourselves already.

Guest 1970

I seriously doubt that Hewett even came close to working 24 hours a day. Oh, one more thing? Your statement "Maybe you should take a look at your own familes before concerning yourself with hurting other" Would'nt it have been nice if Hewett would have considered his family before hurting others? Hewett brought this all on himself...he wanted it, he got it. It's his cross to bear. We trusted him, payed him a good salery and he cheated us and treated the very people we trust to protect us and our families like dirt. So you get over yourself.

drunk and sober?

Was that an even $12 when sober and an even $12 while drunk? Or, did he get more per hour sober, say, $18 sober and only $6 drunk?


well let me get my two cents in there with the rest".. Small men do small things and regret", large men do large things and have no regret".. Unless they are caught"... Ron was almost a national figure in his works to start with, too fall so far from the pulpit of the office is a sorrow he will never get over"..and a shame he canot out live. I am glad that I don't have to walk in his shoes one step"..If he ever had any pride, I am sure he has hit the bottom of the barrel now".. He will live in the hell of his own mind forever".. I pitty him..

Just a Thought.....A Wonder!

Okay People; I just got the Brunswick Beacon (Brunswick County Gossip Book) this morning! It says that OUR money was paying him $108K a year!!!!!!!! OUR MONEY! I am a taxpayer, pay my taxes on time and own 2 homes in Brunswick County. I am 30 and have known Ronald since I was 12 through the Dare Program at Shallotte Middle. What I wonder is if he is an alcholic and it listed it somewhere in the paper when all this came out that he was having his deputies buying Burnett's Vodka....why wasn't he going for the gusto and buying the good stuff like Grey Goose????? Making $108K a year living large and gonna be a cheap drunk???? LOL:) I am sorry I don't make anywhere near that and sometimes I even have to splurge to have the Goose! He should have it every day and night if he wanted! I guess he was trying to conserve money!!! By the way what happened to the Ronald Hewett website was up? Now when you try to go to it it goes to a different site; did you idiot supporters finally believe all these allegations are true????? It's about time; have you all seen the light????? Good for you!

Some of you...

I guess I can see why some of you are trying to support him still.. after all, you live on his end of the county, you went to school with him, you go to his bbqs... the rest of us are looking at fact not the illusion of what he has presented himself to be. Officers are under so much stress already, why should they be subjected to abuse too? How can they effectively protect and serve if they are constantly fighting for their jobs. They DESERVE better. Bullying is a problem. It has to be stopped! This is one step closer for our officers. If they are not harrassed and bullied they will be a better asset to our community.