Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff

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Submitted: Wed, 04/16/2008 - 1:58am
Updated: Wed, 06/10/2015 - 11:19am

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Ron Hewett is no longer Brunswick County’s sheriff. He resigned Tuesday. Hewett had been suspended but was still technically sheriff pending the outcome of a May removal hearing. Now he’s out, and still faces two criminal investigations. Some say this was expected — it was just a matter of when. Regardless, suspended Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett had his attorneys turn in a resignation letter late this morning. It’s effective immediately. The letter was quite short. Hewett wrote: “I hereby resign my position as the sheriff of Brunswick County effectively immediately.”

After receiving the letter District Attorney Rex Gore withdrew the petition to remove Hewett from office. According to County Attorney Huey Marshall, everything associated with the petition goes away. Coroner Greg White continues as interim sheriff. There are still four state criminal indictments against Ron Hewett. Despite Tuesday’s resignation letter those indictments remain. Hewett also remains the target of an ongoing federal grand jury investigation. A call to the US attorneys office yielded a “no comment” today.

What’s next for Hewett

Despite today’s resignation, Ron Hewett’s legal problems are far from over. White will continue as acting sheriff. The county commissioners sent a letter Tuesday to the local Democratic Party, requesting the group nominate a replacement. They have 30 days to do so. Then it’s back in the commissioners hands to approve the nominee.

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109 Comments on "Ron Hewett resigns as Brunswick County Sheriff"

2015 years 8 months ago

Dont get to happy. I bet he resigned so he could get his retirement at 55. If he was suspended he would have lost his retirement. maybe if he is found quilty he will loose his retirement. check it out

Southern Born
2015 years 8 months ago

Goodbye Ronald: your resignation will probably insight more abuse by many to dance in glory at your demise, a fallen sheriff who once carried 70% percent of the vote

For your comrades who pushed you into the arms of justice after having walked that path with you hopefully they will never be placed in a situation where they will be required to choose between the law and doing what is right if so hopefully they will be men enough to accept their responsibility and resign before burying their sudden morality into the next poor slobs back.

For those of us who believe in Santa Clause hopefully we will get at least 18 resignations Or Terminations by Christmas, true justice would place them directly across the cell block from you. hopefully the message sent here is follow the law: not set the situation up to cover ones A@@,

So I appeal to the citizens if we are to have true reform then lets start by purging any and all involved in this embarrassment to our county after all he did hire them, and if his judgment is that clouded then how can we have confidence in them.

So please do not honor these cowards of fate, but demand and praise their demise as we have Ronald Hewetts….

2015 years 8 months ago

Dear Guest 5000,

Looking at what you said, let’s clear up a few things. First and foremost, Ronald Hewett put himself in the position he is in, he has no one to blame but himself. However you are right about one thing, “this is what is wrong with society”, people like Hewett, Gause, Gore and a whole mess of others in this county who think they can do as they please.

You stated “this man has a wife and children”, what you forgot to write is they were on the take too. If Mr. Hewett had been, like so many other men in Brunswick county a stand up man, his wife and children would not be in this situation.

Yes, many of us to “know how stressful” being a police officer is, we have family and friends in law enforcement and no one in law enforcement needs the added stress of a drunk boss who makes sexual comments to them and degrades the black community. Please do not ever compare or use Ronald Hewett in the same sentence as the brave men and women who ran into the Twin Towers, he is a coward, they were hero’s.

If you are ashamed to live in this County, then move. Brunswick County is a good county who cares about their law enforcement and will not sit back and watch them be abused this man.

You are right about “the only one we have to worry about being judged by is God” and he is not a happy camper with Mr. Hewett’s behavior right now and I am sure that plays greatly only Hewett’s mind.

I truly wish for your sake any of us give a darn that “we are not scoring points with Hewett” finally it is safe to say that in our county.

The evidence has been posted on the net for weeks. I suggest that you start reading and listening to what is going on and wake the hell up. He is a criminal, he is going to jail (or at this point he has made a heck of a good deal) but the bottom line is his “power” is gone, thanks be to God (and the good folks who stepped forward to prompt an investigation)

2015 years 8 months ago

Dont think the feds will make him much of a deal. I think they will find him a nice cell to spend alot of time in. If he has any brains, he will flip like a burger on a hot grill. Other wise he is going down for the count.

2015 years 8 months ago

Dont think the feds will make him much of a deal. I think they will find him a nice cell to spend alot of time in. If he has any brains, he will flip like a burger on a hot grill. Other wise he is going down for the count.