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The Brunswick County Democratic Party released the names of 13 people who have expressed interest in becoming the new sheriff of Brunswick County.
On May 10 at 10 a.m. the Executive Committee of the party will meet to choose the successor to ex-sheriff Ron Hewett, who was removed from office on at the end of March. There are 62 people eligible to be a part of the Executive Committee, and each member will have one vote during the meeting, which will take place at the Democratic Party headquarters.
Individuals interested in the position include James Contreas, Tim Daniels, Sam Davis, Jerry Dove, Jennifer Fisher, John (Billy) Ingram, Kyle Jones, Elizabeth (Rendy) Lewis, Willie Sloan, Wiley Snow, Franky Thomas, Doug Todd and Walt Willis.
Any person who wishes to be considered for the position can show up at the meeting on May 10, as long as they meet the criterion, which include being at least 21, a US citizen, a North Carolina resident for at least a year, a resident of Brunswick County, of sound mind, and literate. Candidates cannot be a convicted felon unless his or her rights have been restored, and they cannot be a practicing attorney.

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  • Guestxyz

    I recently read an article in the State Port Pilot about the candidates for sheriff. I was shocked to see that that Willie Sloan had unpaid taxes.What suprised me even more was that Mr Sloan said he wasn’t aware that the taxes had not been paid. So lets take a look at Mr Sloans resume.He says he has the administrative skills to run the sheriffs office with a 9million dollar budget but he has a problem paying his property taxes since 2001. Come on Willie who are you trying to fool?You put the blame on Mr Brown who is a co-owner of the property for not paying the taxes as if you didn’t know about them.If you look at the mailing address of where the tax bill goes isn’t that your address Mr Sloan? Seems like your resume is no better than Ronald Hewetts. We don’t need another man in the sheriffs office who claims he doesn’t know whats going on.


    I am just curious to know why I tried to check out Ronald Hewett’s MySpace page for which ever supporter posted this page for on his behalf and it’s set to private. You must be a friend to see this page….WHY? If there is nothing to hide why is it not for the PUBLIC and whomever allowed to see it? Just curious….maybe one of you idiot supporters will answer that question back……

  • Guestxyz

    I believe that if you look at the Brunswick County Tax records, you will find that Willie Sloan and Bobbie Brown have not paid taxes on the property that they jointly own on Chappell Loop Rd. The taxes have been unpaid since 2001. I am sure that if you look further, it may even go further than that, however, the tax records are only on the web site till 2001. I wonder why the county has not started foreclosure proceedings to get their money. Wasn’t it only a few years ago that the county foreclosed on a elderly lady on a fixed income? Is this the kind of person that the county wants for their Sheriff? One who can’t even be bothered to pay their taxes to the county.

  • Brunswickresident!

    Willie Sloan is a horrible choice for Sheriff… That man is no better than Ronald Hewett. He has no law enforcement history but I bet he has a history of crime. Kind of like being charged with similar stuff Ronald is charged with now. If Brunswick County replaces Willie Sloan the former President of the long shore man association which every drug dealer in Brunswick is a member of…. will regret it! We might as well drop everything and put Ronald back in office! Please have some sense and at least put a man or woman in office that has experience in fighting crime not crime itself….

  • Southern Born

    I believe this indivitual has been under indictment several times.. whether he was convicted or not is unclear…

    It would be really nice to have background information on all candidates, could prove very interesting.

  • Southern Born

    Sorry, looks like I got the facts wrong: I apologise just read some of your other comments, should have done that before posting my comment…

  • Justice

    Yep you missed something…I was not the one who said they were afraid of loosing their jobs so they just kept breaking the law..I believe as you do, most if not all of them are just as crooked. However I have worked with many of them and know that some of them (very few) are in fact decent people.

  • Patiently Waiting

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye – When you want to get an idea of what the final words will be about this unsavory situation with our prior Sheriff, you need look no further than Robeson County. Keep in mind that the Feds, unlike the State, don’t make deals once their investigation is set into motion. Ronald won’t be the only one going down. Plenty of those that so willingly shadowed their leader may find themselves having a nearby cell. It’s called Karma and many people in this County have waited long enough.

  • I would highly recommend Willie E. Sloan….He is a great man and the perfect candidate for the position…

  • Southern Born

    Ronalds gone… keep beating that dead horse… and I believe that the stinky deputies were afraid of that lion and cowarded when it came to up holding the law, arent you the one who said they were afraid of loosing their jobs so they just kept breaking the law… or have I missed something… by the way I posted that site, but I was not the first to post it on the net…. I did not start the site… and I have never said he was innocent…

  • Contingency14

    I see that you are utilizing that spell check function, very good. Your writings are becoming more legible every day. Stick to the short sentences.

  • Contingency14

    Dear Sheriff Who,

    I apologize for referring to you as sir; I did not mean in anyway to offend you. I’m not really sure about your post; I simply stated that as far as the criminal thing goes that comparing anyone to Ronald Hewett is not a compliment, because he is up on criminal charges.

    I do not know Wiley Snow, so why do you not give us some background that will educate us on what his qualification to be Sheriff. My mind is open as to who should be in that office and at this time I am truly not to sure about most of those that I see vying for the job.

    So, if you have something to say regarding Mr. Snow, I would surely appreciate being educated as to his background.

    Please re-read my post, I said nothing against Mr. Snow.

  • Contingency14

    I think you should run. You have the right attitude.

    Your 100% on the mark about what we need in office.

    Thanks for the information on the state of Southports equipment, I was unaware that those officers are working with out of date equipment. I wonder how many of us did not know that? I hope that someone will take over that department and get those men and women the things that they need to do their job.

    You have my vote.

  • Justice

    I have read most if not all of your comments, it would seem to me that your not even coming close to doing the best that you can with what you have. Go back to your drunken Ronald Hewett petition. Or have you given that up? Yeah you did. Wise choice. Southern Born my a@@, your southern inbred. Grow a set and get over it. The crook is gone. He resigned. Do you know why yet? Can you figure it out on your own? He is guilty. The righteous stand bold like a lion. The wicked flee and cower in the corners. Why is it that all of the sudden after all these years he has nothing to say to the press?? All of the sudden the mighty ronnie has nothing to say. His head is hung down in shame. He is a drunken, good for nothing coward.

  • Southern Born

    This super heroes attracts lead why in the world would he want to be sheriff…

  • QTP1

    Wasn’t he involved in some kinda shoot em up bang bang love triangle several years ago where this man shot his wife……………yeah right………..sounds like an excellant choice to me…..NOT!

  • A Real Southport Native

    This comment must have come from the most ignorant individual around. First of all your statements are false,but Dove is not the kind of man that would exchange obvious jealous and envyous comments. If you were a real officer or a true lawman you would not stoop so low to tell these lies. You must have been fired several times and Southport was your last stop. Jerry Dove is the last of the real lawment and exemplifies what loyalty,honor, and self automony of police officer is. No he is not a good old country brunswick county boy, and that is why he would make a good Sheriff. I think you are jealous because you lack the education and experience to be what Dove is. Citizens of Brunswick County need to replace country dumbness with experience, education, honor, and loyalty.

  • Sourthern Born

    Have you read the comments below, dont make me defend you Contingency14. stand by your opinion.. I actually agree with you here…

  • Guest777

    Tell it like it is brother. You “hit the nail on head”. I don’t think I’ve heard any more truth then that in a long time.

  • Southern Born

    Dont be to hard on Coptingency14.. this person is doing the best they can with what she has to work with!!!! she may be a guy its hard to tell but she is sensitive when it come to her opinions…



  • Southport Native – 105

    Jerry Van Dove needs to be Sheriff like I need a hole in the head.

    He was forced to retire from the NC Highway Patrol due to issues.

    He has been the Police Chief for x amount of years in a one horse town.

    He cant wear a uniform right, with his belly hanging over the top of his belt and his pouch hanging even further than that.

    He cant even shoot above a 75%.

    But yeah okay lets elect him – – – I would rather put Hewett back in. At least he can shoot.

    I have faith that a good person will get the position but the last thing we need in there is another freaking politican. We need a good person that will get down and dirty and clean this god foresaken county back up and place the criminals back in the jail or on the nuse.

    We have enough back stabbing good ole boys in the county.

    LOL I was in the court house the other day turning in my citiation book and I over heard someone complaing that he recieved a ticket for speeding while stating I guess he doesnt know who I am. That is pure bull crap.

    We need a REAL SHERIFF that will uphold the law and that will stand behind it and that sure aint Jerry Van Dove.

    And on another note, Southport used to buy new patrol cars and new equipment for its officers and now the newest car they have is a 2005 with 130,000 miles yeah thats what I want coming to me when I call 911. He spends money wrong and he doesnt back his officers, trust me because I am a officer.

    Thanks for your ear and go enjoy your evening with your family.

  • Guest999

    You sound like a disgruntled officer. Find you another job being a Chief. Sounds like you know so much more than everyone else. You are an example of the problems Law Enforcement has. You dont have respect for leadership and have your own agenda because you cant get your way running the show. Wait, this is why you arent the Chief anywhere. Grow up or find you another job.

  • sheriff who?

    I am not a Sir thank you! Wiley Snow has nothing to do with Ronald Hewett so you need to know someone before you go around stating facts about someone you don’t even know!! Birds of a feather flock together huh? Well look at your friends have they done wrong things and you didn’t? Would you want someone to judge you before they knew who you were? I don’t think any of Ronald’s close friends would run for Sheriff anyway so please don’t judge someone for what someone else has done…. just because I said I wish Ronald was still Sheriff does not mean Wiley has the same feelings for him. Wiley used to be a State Trooper GREAT MAN!!! He would straighten this county out! As far as the others on the list I would not vote for any of them even if it meant I never got to vote again! So don’t judge someone without knowing anything about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What I saw in the Beacon this week or the Star News; can’t remember which one but the pay is $75K that’s not too bad of pay for around here in Brunswick County; I say go for it! Are one of your supporters of Ronald gonna offer him a job???? Just curious.

  • Guest111


  • Justin America

    Heeeeeeee, Haaaaaaaw! I almost wish I lived in BC, I’d love to drink, lie, cheat, steal, blame other people make rascist, sexist comments and speed. OMG gimmee a gun and a free car. I’m ready. Maybe I’ll sign up anyway. Who’ll know where I really live? Pure chaos. Look, here’s my motto… “I don’t have to obey the law, I’m in charge here.” Yeah, I’m liking the sound of it… Sheriff America.
    What’s the pay?

  • Contingency14

    Just curious, you stated “Well the only name on the list that is fit enough to be Sheriff is Wiley Snow!! He is a good man and he would make a GREAT Sheriff. Although I wish our Sheriff was still Ronald Hewett. Some of the names that are listed on this list are law breakers themselves!” Sir, I believe that Mr. Hewett is also up for grabs on the whole criminal thing also, so perhaps comparing Wiley Snow to him is not such a great idea.

    Just a thought

  • guest12345

    If you want an HONEST SHERIFF then you need to choose one man JERRY DOVE!!!! Jerry will restore the HONOR in the BCSD and clean out the garbage that is there. Brunswick county citizens need to call the members of the democratic executive committee and let your voices be heard!! Remember JERRY DOVE FOR SHERIFF

  • klbbigshow

    wow!! i never thought he would want it.willie you better keeep laying bricks ,there is no room for you in thre sheriffs dept ha! ha! ha! ha!

  • Gene

    I did not know a thing about Wiley Snow but I do know plenty about Ronald Hewett. As “birds of a feather flock together” and you state you wish Hewett was still our sheriff, I have to assume Snow must be the same breed of bird. I need not to know anymore than that to scratch his name off my wish list.

    If you truly want another Ronald Hewett check out the threads at this other blog,

    You will find that just down the road from Boliva is one, Emmett Ballree, Chief of Police, Boiling Spring lakes. While his name is not one of the 12 I do believe he is a democrat so he could be considered. After you read the other blog I think you would agree he and Hewett are the exact same breed of bird and you may would be very happy with him (Ballree).

  • Sheriff who?

    Well the only name on the list that is fit enough to be Sheriff is Wiley Snow!! He is a good man and he would make a GREAT Sheriff. Although I wish our Sheriff was still Ronald Hewett. Some of the names that are listed on this list are law breakers themselves! Why would we want that as the Sheriff of Brunswick County? There is one on there that is a wife beater, one who commits adultry and God knows what else!! You know who you are! Why would anyone put these bad people in office? Ask around you will find out who beats their wife. If he is put in office he will not stay there long his true colors will come out!! GO WILEY SNOW!!!!!!!

  • Guest555


  • Guest 2008

    There’s one candidates name I didn’t see mentioned on this list of wannabee’s…so….
    Barney Fife is for hire…and he only needs 1 bullet in his pocket.
    “Any person who wishes to be considered for the position can show up at the meeting on May 10, as long as they meet the criterion, which include being at least 21, a US citizen, a North Carolina resident for at least a year, a resident of Brunswick County, of sound mind, and literate. Candidates cannot be a convicted felon unless his or her rights have been restored, and they cannot be a practicing attorney”.
    Hire an illegal alien for Sheriff and tell them if they perform their duties as they should…they’ll get their citizenship right away…then watch them “clean house” upholding the law :-(

  • gene

    I can understand why you do not want another “politician” as Sheriff but HELLO, local Sheriff’s are ELCETED so by the nature of that, all Sheriffs are politicians.

    If, you are indeed a LEO, then I hope with you out there carrying a gun you do know that the budget a Chief uses is the budget he is given by, the “Town Council”. What I see Dove doing in Southport is living within his means. That “means” within what the town allows him to spend. If it is true that the police department in SP is using antiquated equipment, that is the fault of the Town, not the Chief.

    As far as shooting goes, I would rather the “road dog” officers be able to shoot than the administrator. And by the way, was that great shooting by Hewett, drunk, or sober. Better than 75 drunk is pretty darn good. However, we don’t need a marksman that is too drunk to know the good guys from the bad.

    Lastly, it would be much better for us if our Sherif had too much fat in the mid section than too much ego between the ears.

    Check out history. It seems that those that hung paper and pictures of themselves all over the place are always the bad ones. Every time you turn a corner at the Brunswick County Sheriff Department there is another picture of Hewett.

    Would Dove bring Marksmanship to the job? I do not have a clue and I will take your word for it that he would not. Would he bring decency to the job. Absolutely, yes and right now we need decency in that position.

    You must be a cop and not a deputy if you were turning in your ticket book. Under Hewett, the only ticket books the deputies had were ticket books for golf tournaments. And for those that think that statement is untrue, pick any day of the week and go to traffic court. See how many deputies are there to testify for the tickets they wrote. You may on a rare occasion see a very few. All the rest, local cops and state patrolmen.

  • gene

    You are the one that made the comparison in your opening thread. Contingency 14 as well as I picked up on that. If you did not want them compared, you should not have mentioned them both as people you would like to have.

    Just like Toyota. “You asked for it, and you got it”!

  • Guest983

    Its pretty sad when Southport has a police cheif who only wants to job as Brunswick County sherrif because Norman Holden called him and told him to run. Another thing is its pretty sad when Norman’s son pulls out a knife in a public place and Dove wont arrest him because of his father. is this who you want as sherrif. I think not.

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