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BRUNSWICK COUNTY — In just a few days Brunswick County will have a new sheriff. The county Democratic Executive Committee will decide Ron Hewett‘s successor Saturday. Just after Ron Hewetts resignation last month, 13 people came forward — each hoping to become the next sheriff of Brunswick County. Now several weeks later some people have changed their mind. Former Leland Mayor Franky Thomas withdrew his name. Brunswick County Democratic Party Chair Vernon Ward said, "He called me and said he would like his name withdrawn because with so many people running he thought it would be better for the party." Wiley Snow also pulled out. James Contreas had to drop out as well. Ward said, "He heard about this opening when he was on vacation in Myrtle Beach and he lived in New York and worked in New York and when he got the information from me he said I don’t think I meet the residency requirements do I? I said I don’t think so." Sam Davis, Tim Daniels and Don Warren have also backed out. Some candidates — still in the running — have to answer questions about their past. Chief Deputy of Brunswick County John Ingram came under scrutiny about his residency; he lived for a short time in Columbus County. "We feel very confidant that nothing will happen if challenged, because we feel that he meets all the requirements," Ward said. There’s also talk about county Board of Elections Chair Willie Sloan having been indicted for embezzlement back in 1993. Again, the Democratic party chair says it’s not an issue. "That’s irrelevant because he was found not guilty," Ward said. Other candidates still being considered are:

  • Kyle Jones, a member of the sheriff’s drug enforcement unit
  • Jerry Dove, Southport’s police chief
  • Detective Jennifer Fisher of Holden Beach
  • Walt Willis, former police chief of Southport
  • Doug Todd, chief of the tri-beach Volunteer Fire Department in Supply
  • Elizabeth Lewis, a former magistrate in Brunswick County
  • Carlton Ebhardt, a retired US marshall.

Ward and the rest of the Democratic Party’s executive committee will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday to select their choice for sheriff. The name will be given to the commissioners on Monday where state law says "they shall pick who the party has selected."

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  • Contingency14

    I have heard that some stepped down to better the chances for Ingram. From what I am hearing he is really a good guy and can do the best job for not only the BCSO, but the people of Brunswick County.

    What is being said is that the BCSO is in good hands and running very well now. I hope it’s true and I wish the best for all of those who step out in uniform for our community.

    Sheriff Ingram, if you are reading this. Good luck and God bless you. Remember that you have a community that is here to back you and when you need help…ASK!!! your not out there alone.

  • TheHunter

    I hope they pick John Ingram. He is a honest hard working person and is dedicated to his job. Brunswick needs someone they can count on and clean up the mess Ronald left behind.

  • itsjustme

    I don’t know the democrats will select as sheriff, but it appears the Department is doing pretty well with Ingram leading and the officers getting to do their jobs. They sure caught those two who murdered the realtor. And they seem to be working well with the SBI and the town cops in SHallotte. I’d hate for someone to come in and fire those detectives just because they testified against Hewett

  • Contingency14

    To who ever takes that job..GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS.

    Who ever takes it, we need to back him/her and give them all the support we can. If we do that and give them an honest chance, hopefully we will all be pleasantly surprised.

  • Southern Born

    well said Contingency, I agree.

  • Guestwm

    Let’s face it…… We don’t truly know the candidates and As the old saying goes, all that glitters is not always gold.

    Lets just pray fot the best….

  • Guestruready

    I must agree that it seems as if John Ingram is doing a good job “leading” the Sheriff’s office…However, let us NOT FORGET who the people are that have actually solved this crime and arrested the guilty. If the word on the street is correct Lt. Sam Davis is the one who has worked to solve this crime. Maybe he should not have backed down from the “leaders” positiion race.I guess we found out who has been doing the real WORK all this time.Maybe Ronald just liked the lime light, but the real workers have come to light now.I guess the Lt. Davis is the one with the skills. I feel safe knowing he is out there looking out for the innocent people.

  • Guest100

    I certainly hope that all politics are set aside and that the new Sheriff will be someone who has a proven record of integrity, wide scope of experience in and out of Brunswick County and a solid educational background in law enforcement. It takes a well-rounded person with “all” of the characteristics needed of a leader to lead our county back into a respectful and law abiding organization. Keep the larger picture in mind…safety, security of our citizens and no backdoor politics. God Bless our new Sheriff and each of the voters who will be selecting him/her.

  • just curious

    I have been reading all of this and I am curious about a few things. First, if Mr. Ingram lived in another county and does not meet the earlier specified guide lines, then how can he be considered?? Mr. Ward said “We feel very confidant that nothing will happen if challenged, because we feel that he meets all the requirements,” Ward said. (Sounds like the decision has been made.) Now, about Mr. Sloan and his charges, Mr. Ward said That’s irrelevant because he was found not guilty,” Ward said. I thought I read that the charges were “dismissed”. There is a BIG difference from charges being “dismissed” and “found not guilty”. I am just curious as to how this process is “suppose” to work.

  • brunswick county res

    I am all for Carlton Ebhardt, a retired US marshall. I bet he knows how to run things.

  • Guest 3750

    Jerry Dove should have been sheriff years ago when he was running against Hewitt. Make it right and make him sheriff now.

  • dove follower

    there is no other candidate for sherriff of brunswick county better than jerry dove, he is outstanding on every aspect of his life

  • columbus county native

    I’m glad that someone is pulling for kyle, because no one else will be, better stick to working narcotics for now. Maybe he will do better at it in Brunswick county than he did in Columbus county.

  • Guest-40358

    This is rediculous, John Ingram lived three doors down from me forever. His “home” address is his dad’s address. The entire family is covering his butt on this.

    If Ingram gets it then there is absolutely no justice in BC.

    But then look at the rest of the pack… oh my my my the runts of the litter.

  • Guest1234

    The last time I checked Myrtlehead Rd is in Brunswick County. He has lived on Myrtlehead Rd. for many years. Quit trying to start trouble where there is none. Haven’t we had enough of the backstabbing in this county?

  • Joe Q. Citizen

    Hopefully, the Brunswick County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee will do the right thing and recommend a QUALIFIED candidate to complete the sheriff’s term of office. If they split their votes along racial lines, “good ole boy” lines or any other type of political silliness like we’ve seen in the past, the county’s citizens are the ones who will suffer. Everyone should call these committee members and remind them to unite, and stand behind one candidate, and to make their choice one who will faithfully discharge the duty of the office, and not pander to the old school political interests that are still trying to hold sway over the county and state’s offices.
    We desperately need someone who will take charge of this department, and one who will restore the public’s trust in the sheriff’s office.. Just remember Democrats… EVERYONE is watching on this one…


    Okay Great News! Enough about this; lets move on to something else; hopefully the right person will be choosen and elected this time!

  • OakIsland3resident

    Go Kyle… We are pushing for you on the island!!

  • Guest123


  • locowrld

    John Ingram is the logical choice. We need someone who is a strong leader, fair, level headed, has the ability to see through major politics, tv cameras, and “friend favors”…..I have seen John Ingram in action, and his leadership is remarkable. It’s not everyday that a political party has the opportunity to make a strong comeback after suffering such embarrassment as the DEM’s have. I pray that the right decision is made, but most of all I pray that whomever is chosen and approved does the right thing for the sheriff’s office and the citizens of our county. We should remember that while our trust has been abused by those in law enforcement so has the trust of law enforcement of their once great leader. Citizens are not the only ones who suffered.


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