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BOLIVIA — The search for Brunswick County’s next sheriff is nearly complete. On Saturday, members of the county’s Democratic Party sifted through the list of candidates vying to take the seat vacated by former Sheriff Ron Hewett. It was standing room only at the party’s headquarters. Ten candidates came forward one by one, each allowed three minutes to speak. Then it was in the hands of more than one-hundred members of the party’s executive committee. Round after round of voting eliminated candidates until there were two: John Ingram, who has been serving as the county’s chief deputy, and Willie Sloan, chair of the Brunswick County Board of Elections. Robert Epstein, Third Vice Chair of the Brunswick County Democratic Party, said, "The voting members of our executive committee spoke." They wanted John Ingram as sheriff. Ingram received 94.5 votes to Sloan’s 81.5. Ingram said, "I was just very humbled by all the support I received during this process. It’s something that really words can’t express." Ingram didn’t want to comment on specific issues facing the county. "I just look forward to working with everyone and moving the department forward and having the department and the community come together and make it the very best sheriff’s department in the country," he said. The Board of Commissioners must formally accept the recommendation before it’s official. Party leaders hope that happens within the next week. Ingram will serve as sheriff until Ron Hewett’s term expires in 2010, which is when Ingram said he plans to run for the position. He doesn’t know at this time who will replace him as chief deputy.

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  • Guest8021

    What planet are you on? John Ingram and Ron Hewett are nothing alike.

  • grandma

    Now that we have a new Sheriff for B.C.,will their be a governing board that will meet with him at least once a month to go over anything that may need to be address,and the deputys can go to after following a chain of command if problems aren’t solved by the sheriff

  • TheHunter

    Yes!! Finally we got someone in there that will actually do their job and clean up Brunswick County

  • Guest 123

    Okay, so now we have a new Sheriff in Brunswick County. I hope Mr. Ingram will look a little bit closer at the men and women that will be serving under him. If the Sheriff’s Dept. is going to change, then there must be change within the department. I’m sure some of those who forced Hewett to resign aren’t as squeaky clean as they would like for us to think. They didn’t get their promotions without aiding Hewett in his secret endeavors. I just don’t feel that Mr. Hewett deserves to take the full effect of the corruption in the Sheriff’s Dept. when there were other’s involved.

  • fozbot98

    I think the public is about to see a much needed change in the Brunswick County Sheriffs Office. John Ingram is a fine man who stands by what he believes in. To all the bashers who think he is the same as Hollywood, he’s not. He does have ethics and morals that he believes in and lives by. This is going to be a great decision by the democrats. Just give him time to do what he needs to do. It won’t change over night. I do support John Ingram and so do a lot of people in uniform. Congratulations John!!

  • Guest1234

    There is no way that this county would have better off keeping Ronald Hewett. John Ingram is a fine person. For those of you who do not know him, give him the opportunity to prove himself before you start bashing him. Ronald Hewett is in the past, he has already proven what kind of Sheriff he was. And the key word is WAS! and never to be again. He wasn’t a Sheriff, he was a little napolean dictator and Thank God he is gone.

  • What a joke!!!! We would have been better off to keep Hewett. Something is seriously wrong here.

  • itsjustme

    oops..i’m new at this an posted twce.

  • itsjustme

    As I understand it, Ingram is a career law enforcement officer. He worked for a number of years under Sheriff John Carr Davis, a fine gentleman and law enforcement administrator. He led the narcotics division of the Sheriff’s Department for a number of years before resigning from Hewett’s department. He was hired by Columbus County’s then-new sheriff Chris Batten to head his drug squad. He quickly became Chief Deputy there for two years. He resigned there rather than move his family to Columbus County. He was working in his family nursery business until called upon by acting Sheriff Greg White to become Chief Deputy.

    He is well respected by the officers in the department and is a natural leader. He is very team oriented and I was be surprised if you hear him use the pronoun “I” more than “we” in describing what gets accomplished by the officers. From what I hear he is highly though of by town officials and police chiefs in the area.

    I expect he will be a breath of fresh air and very committed to protecting the people who live and play in Brunswick.

  • ladybird

    Could we have a little back ground on this guy?

  • Guestwm

    Again, “All that Glitters isn’t always gold.”

  • Kimberly

    I want to wish you good luck . I will keep you , and your family in my prayers.


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