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Charges against the former Brunswick County sheriff continue to add up. Now, Ron Hewett has been indicted by a federal grand jury. The US Attorney’s Office launched its investigation last June. Records were subpoenaed and several deputies, and the former sheriff, were called to testify in front of a federal grand jury in Raleigh. After a nearly eleven month investigation, the federal grand jury has indicted Hewett on one felony count of obstruction of justice. Hewett already faces embezzlement and obstruction of justice charges in Brunswick County.

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  • supporter

    Well if he goes down then the officers who did the work and went along with him for 4 years needs to go down with him. If they knew it was wrong then they should have done something sooner. I am not saying what Hewett did was right, but I think the officers need to be punished as well. But looking at the photos of the officers working while on duty…..well the last time I checked the officers didn’t wear blue jeans and t-shirts to patrol or investigate. Something here is just not right. The whole TRUTH will come out.

  • TheHunter

    Bring em down and lock his butt up. He deserves everything he gets for what he has done to the people of Brunswick County and all the deputies who were forced to work underneath him. He took advantage of his power and disgraced law enforcement

  • Jerry

    Put him in the General Population when he gets to Prison..I am Sure he will have allot of friends waiting on him…As far as his retirement it should be taken away also…Why should he be privileged …I know one Woman who will be upset about all this..To bad Patricia your buddy is going to JAIL….!!!!!

  • Long Time Brunswick Resident

    Ron Hewett is in the news again. Let him have his retirement, he did a great job for many years. It is just his last few years that he fell from grace. I think he should pay for his actions but not with his retirement. When he does go to jail he will not be in general population. That would be a death sentence and this is not a capitol crime. Let’s be

  • Mary

    I agree.

  • I agree with you. The whole truth is not being told. I am sorry for Mr. Hewett and his family.

    John Ingram better watch out. All those two faced deputies will try to put the screws to him too if he doesn’t do like they want him to.

    All those top deputies were not friends of Ron Hewett. A friend would have gone to him if him going astray and would have sat him down and talked to him. With friends like them, Ron doesn’t need enemies.

    As the old saying goes; every dog has his day and Ron may be on the hot seat now, but there will be others taking his place. You can bet on that.

  • Don’t Know It All But

    You can be dressed most any way and still be on duty if the sheriff sets it up that way. Undercover work is done that way all the time. A sheriff is a very powerful person, and it appears this sheriff lead by intimidation for a very long time. It is sad that he felt he had to be that way, but a lot of sheriffs do this and their employees are fearful of losing their jobs all the time just for falling “out of favor” with the sheriff. Ron is about to suffer the same consequences as the Robeson County crowd and from the looks of things he maybe deserves it as he has showed a great lack of good judgement.

  • guest1212

    11 months and this is it, you mean the grand jury didn’t find all the embezzlement, the feds are a lot stupider than Rex, give me some insight I would really like to support our new sheriff but how is it that this is all we got and remember the same 22 testified in Raleigh,

    I believe the witch hunt has been exposed, grand jury indictment is not a conviction, if it is please explain how he is guilty of anything so far….

    Waiting to be convinced…

  • Guest28461

    He will be back as Sheriff! mark my words!

  • nitelite

    you must live in fantasy land

  • Guestjjjjjj

    I’m curious why you say this?

  • contingency14


  • locowrld

    When are people going to accept that Hewett did this to himself. No deputy “forced” him to resign, no group of deputies “forced” him to resign. Even considering the petition these folks went to the DA with, no one “forced” Hewett to do anything. He has done a lot of things behind the backs of the citizens of this county. Maybe deputies did speak up before “all this” but it’s not to hard to believe that no one cared to listen……they don’t even want to listen now. It was mentioned many times amongst many “agencies” before that things needed to change because Hewett was acting criminally and dangerously; why is it such an issue for the deputies – maybe folks should start asking the DA or NCSHP if they were ever told about Hewett’s actions, and what did they do about it……the deputies acted together for the benefit of the county that they also call home. Let us all try and remember that. If there are any that deserve to be in the same shoes as Hewett – then that’s where they should be, but not all of them are “dirty” or “corrupt”. They are people that protect us, in the same place they like to call home –


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