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Former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett pleaded guilty in Raleigh Monday to a federal charge of obstructing justice. He now faces sentencing Sept. 8. The maximum sentence for the charge is 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000 and three years of supervised release. Hewett is accused of trying to impede a federal grand jury investigation of him and his department that began in December 2006. “The investigation and prosecution of public corruption is one of our office’s highest priorities," United States Attorney George Holding said. "Ronald Hewett unlawfully obstructed a grand jury investigation into corruption of his office, and he’s being held accountable for it in federal court. He’s being held accountable for those acts of corruption by the charges the state authorities have brought.” Hewett resigned April 15 from the post he had held for 14 years. He had been suspended March 27, based on affidavits from current and former deputies accusing him of misconduct in office. Four days later, he was indicted on state charges of embezzlement and obstructing justice. The actions in state court came amid the ongoing federal grand jury investigation. “Ron Hewett pleading guilty today proves no one is above the law," said Nathan Gray, Special Agent in Charge of the Charlotte Division of the FBI. "I would like to thank the courageous Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies who risked their jobs to come forward and provide vital information to investigators. I would also like to thank the State Bureau of Investigation for its pivotal role in this investigation. The FBI relies on strong partnerships with other agencies to make sure justice is served no matter who stands accused." John Ingram, a former department employee who was among those who signed affidavits, was hired in April as the department’s chief deputy, then was chosen last month by the county’s Democratic Party to serve as sheriff for the rest of Hewett’s term, which ends in 2010. Check back for more on this developing story.

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  • Raye

    Valecia Cumbee Inman,

    I agree with you 100%, and to the rest of you, grow up!!!! You all sound like a lynch-mob, but I guess you all are the type to watch pit-bull fighting. I hear so much venom coming off the pages I have to look and see if I’m about to get bit…..Valecia has said it all….

  • golfie

    lmao thats funny.i moved from wilmington about 3 yrs ago and just now heard about this This is tooo funny.

  • Tommyfortume

    I saw Ronald, he has gained so much wait. I think he is depressed cause of all the Judis’s that crusified him on the crooked cross.

    So what Ronald couldnt handle his drugs and alcohoil? People need to know famous people also get caught up taking a pill to help a bad back and one thing then another.

    I bet sooner or later the truth will come forward and we will hear about the devils that live in the courthouse.

    Satanik rituals tat only a 33rd degree mason knows made Ronald wise to what is going on.

  • Brunswick County Resident

    I’ll tell you who I am, a voter and a tax paying citizen.

    Now let me tell you who you are.. A PAID FOR ADVERTISEMENT FOR HEWETT. You have no idea what this man has done, you just get blindly led along by the same front that he has put up for his entire life.

    Who is Ronald Hewett He is a criminal…he is going to JAIL. He cannot vote, carry a gun or all the other freedoms that the rest of us who are not FELONS enjoy.

    Now Valecia Cumbee you know who the players are.

  • Guest1636

    Political opinions are designed to be anonymous. That’s why we don’t sign our names to ballots. So, the way I see it, if we want to express our political opinions here, we can do it anonymously too. As citizens, we can express our views on government officials all day long, we can sign our opinions simply as “citizen.” You have no right to say we must say who we are, and your opinion carries no greater weight than ours because you choose to state your name.

  • Guest 45646

    WHATEVER!!!!!!!! He is getting EXACTLY what he deserves!

  • Brunswick County Resident

    Dear Mrs Inman,

    The Hewett’s brought this on themselves, that is all there is to this. Please do not get on here an preach “forgiveness” after the hell his man has put our community through.

    Maybe next time he and his family will think about their behavior and see what is coming for those who believe they are above the law.

  • Guest of the best

    When will Justin be old enough to go to Bolivia and cause some slow walking and sad singing? Sounds like a plan to me. Hang in there Ron. Every old dog has his day and some can dish it out but they can’t take it.
    What goes around comes around. Think about this while you Ha Ha, GENE!

  • Steve231

    Thurston’s comments pretty much cut to the chase. We should all be wondering what, if anything, will be done about the Sheriff’s Department employees who suddenly decided that their own, seemingly intentional behavior, represented a component of broader criminal conduct. Some of these sworn law enforcement officers remained silent until for eight or more years….then suddenly decided that their own conduct represented a criminal offense. Now, they seem to be content with justifying their own crimes with a “the devil (Hewett)made me do it defense. I find it odd that anyone would support these folks. Imagine how this will play out, or perhaps already has, if these law enforcement officers apply these same ethics to their offical duties. Nobody in Brunswick County can possible consider themselves safe as long as these officers continue to serve. If they had any sense of justice, the next thing they would have signed after the sworn testimony against Hewett would have been their own resignations. Hopefully the new leadership will help them along the right path.

  • guilty of what ? pleding guilty to protect the ones you love,your wife and children from anymore political self rightousness .The one behind this is the real criminal planing this day more than three years ago . You know who you are and what you want you have distroyed lives and cost the people of N.C. a great sum of money a loss of integrity for nothing more than personel gain that you will never see. Your manipulating days are coming to an end very soon. Distroying the life of Ron Hewett and his family will be your downfall and something you will have to live with the rest of your life. Ron will never go punished for all the wonderful things he has brought to the people of Brunswick Co. ……But you will!

  • gene

    Not sure where you are coming from but, whatever? I will tell you this, I have never carried a badge in Brunswick County so it sure ain’t from the Sheriff’s Dept.

  • Godblessstonewalljackson

    You make me proud!

  • Go HOME!

    If all of you people from up north hate the “good ol’ boy” system so bad, believe it or not I have a solution…….. GO HOME! This is not an end to the good ol’ boy system. The new man in charge is also a “good ol’ boy”. He is from here also, with tons of family and friends in the system. If you don’t like it, why didn’t you run for the position?


  • Guest226

    LMAO! Very well said!

  • Has anyone else noticed that “Gene” takes this all a little too personally? Wonder why? :-)
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha busted!

  • Guest 1948

    Shouldn’t we all in Brunswick County feel blessed to live in a place with so many people without sin and feel they can stand in judgement of everyone else? As for me, I am kind of scared to go to sleep with “friends” around like Ron Hewett had.I’m sure he pled guilty today to take some of the pressure off his family whom he loves dearly. Sometimes with our kinds of laws and people of position in our courts, we must make decisions we don’t neccessarily want to to prevent further crucifying by certain lynch mobs.So,all of you that are so happy about Ron’s misfortune, think about the family you have and how you would want to be treated. Remember,we all are God’s children.I pray God will forgive you for the hatred you feel in your heart. I do and will always support Ron Hewett.

  • Gene

    Lets see, how to best answer you?

  • Guest206


  • Southern Born

    Yes this has all been some southern conspiracy, early after the civil war we decided to have a secret society called the (GOBS) you refer to us as the “Good Ole Boys” the plan was perfect 1st we would build a bunch of white Pickett fences around our yards, that way we could identify our members, 2nd we would elect corrupt politicians, who’s laws would only apply to anyone who was not a (GOBS). 3rd we would turn on each other so that you would be distracted, 4th, we sold you all of our swampland for 4 times its actual worth, 5th, while you were complaining about the storm water runoff problems and bragging about taking down our Pickett fences one at a time, we would build gas stations, bomb Iraq, and horde all the rice,

    And no you are not so clever, because everyone know we were also behind the Roswell thing and most big foot sightings. And just so you will not be alarmed when you get this bit of info I will go ahead and confess that we invented the wheel, Doritos, illegal immigration and toll booths.

    Currently we are working on abolishment of the AA, The ADA, FM stations and of course the latest conquest analog TV, that’s right your old TV no longer works because we the GOOD OLE BOYS have been dead set against it since the civil war.

  • rebecca burriss

    Save our sheriff

    I cannot believe some of the comments I have read about Ronald Hewett! He is a great sheriff and still is a GREAT MAN! He has done so much for this community that people seem to forget! I will support Ronald and his family through this mess. I feel like if we took out every deputy and other people doing things in the county with county vehicles ETC. Who would be left???? Ronald, my prayers are with you through this difficult time!!

  • Valecia Cumbee Inman

    I have read the comments that have been posted. And I cannot for the life of me understand the outright viciousness that I am seeing here. If this was you or a member of your family, you would be shouting from the rooftops and asking for forgiveness. This man, (Ronald Hewett) and his family have been under siege for quite some time. He has admitted his wrong doing and will recieve his punishment. It takes a bigger man to admit he is wrong for what he HAS done than a group of people to decide to lynch him for what he May have done.

    Now in my personal opinion you should all be praying for this situation and praying that you don’t end up in a simular one someday. It appears all anyone has to do is suggest you have done wrong and if the right ones get ahold of that information you could be standing right where he was standing today.

    But then again, maybe you are all perfect and YOU HAVE DONE NO WRONG!!! If that be the case then you get your big bag of rocks and you start throwing them. And if that’s not the case then May God Have Mercy On Your Soul if someone decides to do the same thing to you.

  • Neil Walton

    This is not the Ron Hewett I know. He has without doubt been the all-around best sheriff in the history of Brunswick County. If one needed him in the middle of the night he would go as soon as he could get there. When the smoke clears the county will find out that there were others in his midst who aren’t snow white, either.

  • We are all Americans

    Were you affected by the Civil War? Would you like some reparations?

  • Thurston Cumbee

    Well whats the option? The Odds are 30 to 1 and you have an outsider who has been paid by an unknown source to set you up for the kill. Your deputies accept pay for work they say now that they know was wrong. Where is the law that lets them keep pay and blame the sheriff for that. If it was wrong they are criminals too. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. The news media has already tried Hewett and called for his resignation before the whole story was told. Hewett has been betrayed by his trusty friends. Law enforcement that you can trust, I don’t hink so! They have taken Ron Hewett down, if you cross the good ole boys look out Ingram!! You may be next. Folks in Brunswick better be aware. You could be the next SET UP victim. Remember the set up pro’s are still wearing a badge that you paid for!

  • Guest99

    Let ye without sin cast the first stone. Please keep in context what he has actually done…ok, perhaps he did wrong. Have we turned into a lynch mob? Where is compassion…. I hope that I am never in the position of having to trust, only to be totally betrayed by all. Even a convicted felon has family and is loved by someone. Think about what you are saying and how it hurts the family. We have all grazed the law in one way or another. Does it seem this is blown way out of porportion?


    I have read the comments that have been made. I am appalled at the attitude of the citizens of Brunswick County. And I have also noticed that the people who are making the biggest deal out of this remain unnamed. If u are going to boast and run someone in the dirt that has already been trampled then at least be man or woman enough to put your name in print. You certainly don’t mind using someone else’s do you.

    And as for Ronald. I grew up with Ronald. He worked hard all his life. His mom and dad were fine people and they raised their kids to do the best they could. And from what I can tell Ronald and his wife have done the same with their children.

    I do believe if u do wrong u should pay for your crime. And I agree that no one is above the law. But I also believe that when a person does so that they have done all they can do, just like if any of you that are so happy about the outcome would do if it was you or someone in your family. And I am sure that you and your family would say well he/she is or has done their time, so leave them alone. And that is what I am telling all of you that are so brave and bold. Leave him alone and let him do what has to be done. Enough is enough.

    And as for the deputies that came forward, well I am sure that none of them have ever done ONE thing wrong and don’t have any SKELETONS in their closets. I am afraid if that same gentleman who started all this with Ronald would keep checking there would be a lot more than just Ronald in this situation.

  • Pursuit of Justice

    Finally a small break in that white pickett fence the good Ol’ Boys put up during the civil war. Great way to take down those Good Ol’ Boys one white pickett at a time! YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

  • robert

    your comments are correct but you need to learn that wait is spelled weight

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    The dire reality of it all is that regardless of who we have in the sheriff’s position, we still have problems in our county. Myself as a citizen, wish we would have had the option to vote for someone but we didn’t. Now, I want to see some progress. I personally have made the BCSO aware of drug activity on my street in the past month and guess what the crack house is still thriving. What is it going to take to get the drug problem in our community under control? It wasn’t a big surprise that Ronald pled gulity, I mean it was strung all over the media the telephone conversations he had with his “friends”. He basically had no choice. I have known Ronald all my life and I know he is a good man. That is what I know from personal experience. I certainly hope that he is able to savor some kind of life after all this, I mean after all he is human and makes mistakes, don’t ya’ll ?

  • Guest3293

    Enough is enough people. Don’t any of you have anything else better to do than keep arguing back and forth about this? I wish all of you knew just how childish you sound. We all have had our opinions about what has happened, but it’s time to give it a rest. Whatever will happen, will happen. Talking bad to and about other people on this website is not going to change a thing.

  • Guest555

    What’s wrong, you can’t get the bumper sticker off your car???? You can’t get you donations back???? YOU WERE FOOLED!!!!!! Boo Hoo

  • Gene

    I am not laughing as I find this sad and not funny. There is nothing funny at all about a cop going bad. There should be no pleasure in any of this for anyone. That does not change the fact that it is a good thing to see the justice system work.

  • Okay. We’ll pretend it “ain’t”. :-)

  • TheHunter

    First of all he is a little man who is a crook who allowed power to go to his head. And this is not something he MAY have done, he did it and used his power to ruin good hard working people’s lives. He disgraced law enforcement and what they stand for.
    I have been praying for him though, and my prayers have been answered. He is out of office and the public now knows what a vicious corrupt person he really is. You need to take your blinders off and face reality or seek mental help. He is guilty woman!!!

  • TheHunter

    Now pleading guilty is one thing Little Ronnie E. has done right in awhile. He knew they had him. He was feeling the heat coming down. Now he won’t have to spend to long behind bars. He is a crook and always has been. All you knuckle heads who voted for him or supported must feel pretty stupid by now. He definitely had you all fooled. There is a god. I am so thankful Ronald is gone and hopefully some others will be going with him. They did his dirty work for him for years and don’t deserve to hold a badge either. I bet the deputies are finally glad they get too actually do their jobs again and work for a decent sheriff (Ingram).

  • Valecia Cumbee Inman

    All I will say in response to your comment is if you would like to have a discussion with me you need to be brave enough to put your name with your opinion. Because as far as I am concerned if you aren’t man or woman enough to do that then you need to keep your opinions to yourself. AND I THINK I HAVE THE RIGHT TO PREACH ANYWHERE I WANT TO. JUST LIKE YOU JUST DID.


  • guesty

    There is a difference in doing wrong and committing a criminal act. You should look in to that. I’ve done wrong. I could’ve picked up that peice of trash on the sidewalk. But that isn’t a crime because I didn’t put it there. I could have stopped and helped you with your flat tire. Still not a crime. I have done criminal (I love to speed) but my criminal acts(speeding) pales in comparison to Hewetts. So I will throw as many rocks as I wish. You may continue to preach and babble as long as you wish.

  • thankful for the truth

    Thank you, finally someone with some common sense. Hewett was corrupt, he is not a convicted felon…not some super hero.

    Soon more will fall with him…

  • Contingency14

    First, Hewett was not a good old boy, he was and is a criminal. Please do not run down the fine men of this county who do the right thing ever day of their lives and would never even dream of pulling the crap that Hewett pulled.

    There is nothing wrong with the “good old boy” system, it’s been around and working for a good long time. The problem is when you get the “bad old boys” thinking that the rest of us are stupid and do not see what they are doing.

    So please to not point fingers at the fine men of Brunswick County as being like Hewett, because they are not. They are good, decent, fine men and do not deserve to be linked to a criminal.

  • contingency14

    Save our Sheriff from what? Sheriff Ingram is doing fine from what I hear and he is cleaning up the mess that Hewett left. So, no need to save our Sheriff.

    About Hewett, he has no one to blame but himself. Hopefully he will turn in all the other criminals up there in Boliva and make him self a hero.

  • Contingency14

    rotflmao.. That is the funniest thing I have ever read. Wish I was that clever…Oh, Im going to put a white fence around my house…

  • Guest555

    You blind people still are standing behind a corrupt cop! How stupid.., never mind you proved it with your boo hooing…Do you stand behind the drug dealers that get caught? The murderers? The theives? This is why this county is so messed up. Do you really think all the time he spent doing what he was doin he was concerened about you and your family? I know times I have been drinking can’t say I thought about people of this community. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for backing a BAD COP! And I ask, if he killed someone in you r family while he was going to a scene drunk…would you responses be the same?????? He is a humane like everyone else not GOD!

  • guesty

    And by what proof do we have that you really are “Valecia Cumbee Inman?” Ok, my name is George Washington. No, wait… George Jefferson. No, that can’t be right. Give me a minute or two.

  • Guest1970

    What are you talking about the Masons? Did they have something to do with all of this?

  • Guestbeaconfriend

    Dear gfgfsgfds
    Thanks for your comment. It makes me feel
    better that there is one honest person in this
    county. I wish you would rub off on some of the
    Hewett supporters.

  • Guestbeaconfriend

    “Only God is Perfect” is an exact example
    of this cult like mentality. GET HELP!

  • Old Smokey

    He told his side of the story….”Guilty your Honor.” Why did he do this many of you ask? To try to put a quick end to all of it….again he is a master at covering up….he wants it all to end and go away. By pleading guilty to this it would appear to the “I Still Support Hollywood Hitler” citizens he did a little something wrong and confessed..what a great man, however, in reality, it is a way to take the heat off and his way of trying to make sure the investigation stops and much of the truth never comes out. When and if the whole truth comes out, and I certainly hope the Feds continue to investigate for they have only scratched the surface, you will see just what kind of wicked, heartless, renegade, you people have been supporting all this time.

  • Guestbeaconfriend

    It is official Ron Hewett is a criminal and
    it is seconded by RON HEWETT. What I do not
    understand is his cult like supporters. They
    remind me of that cult in Texas with all
    the wives and children. Will they be like
    the Japanese soldiers on an island thinking
    the war is still on 50 years from now.
    BC Mental Help needs a program for these poor
    lost souls.

  • Betsy101

    If those deputies opposed doing all those jobs for Ronnie why didn’t they come forward when they got paid for doing them instead of waiting until now and spill their guts. They sure must have loved that pay check. They accepted the pay and now they oppose it, Come on, do we finallty have a guilty concience, you enjoyed the overtime when you got it. Do we need to check on all of you and put you before the Grand Jury????????

  • ME


  • Guest Kriss Mist

    Ronald could not fight all the people he gave
    good jobs in this county.
    So much for loyalty.
    All the smart answers you print will never change my feelings for Ronald. He is only human
    and only God is perfect.
    Ron thank you for all the great things you have done for this county.God knows the truth and we all love and stand with you and Julie.
    God bless you both.
    When the time is right your story will be told.
    A friend and still loyal supporter.

  • gene

    Please see post above, “He is a criminal, not a great man”

    “nuff said”

  • Guest111

    Ron was a friend to many many people in brunswick county, he has been my friend from the time I was born and to this day he has always put others first in his life his job always came before his life. I know Ron has always valued the friendships in the past and present. I know that the betrayal he has felt from the men he called his best friends has hurt him more than anything. Everyone in there life makes mistakes and it is easy to point fingers and put the blame on other people but im sure that every name that was signed to put Ron in prison has a past and a present that is not perfect. When the book is closed on this case it wont say Ron H. was a criminal like so many people want it to say it will say Ron H. a GREAT MAN who was betrayed by the ones he helped and trusted the most. I personally could not lay my head down at night if I was one of these people especially if my name was Gene of Kevin.

    If Ron goes to prison then every one in the Sheriffs dept. that has broken the law in anyway should be going too.

  • gfgfsgfds

    Ron Hewitt is a virtuous man who put criminals in jail. His supporters love him for doing so. So what does it matter that he’s a criminal himself.

    One of the reasons things are so screwed up around here is that the people keep putting scummy good ol’ boys in office. These guys steal, make backroom deals that hurt their communities while putting cash in their pockets and usually can’t even perform the basic functions of their job.

    But y’all love them because they go to the same churches as you, smile and shake your hand when they see you, remember the names of your family and do all the interpersonal tricks that con men usually do to fleece the ignorant. None of that’s got anything to do with how well they do their jobs, but people ’round here ain’t got no problem with that.

    I have no doubt that, when he gets out of prison, there will be many Brunswick County residents who’ll want to elect him as Sheriff again. And I say that as someone who grew up in Whiteville, not New York.

  • 1213

    I do not believe all the bull people can say. But if the shoe was on thier FOOT how would they feel.Theres alot more people thats done wrong. wait till all that comes up. Maybe GENE can get what he deserves and a few more.

  • 1213

    I will be praying for you snd your family. This will all come out good. your friend lps

  • gene

    I sleep very well thank you. It is great to see the justice system work with equality rather than picking who should and who should not pay for a crime by name and/or position.

    And you seem to have selective reading and/or understanding. At the same time I said he should be punished for his crime(s) I also said that or those punishments should be in line with what anyone else would get. No better, no worse!

  • Gene

    As a taxpayer and citizen I got what I deserved. A criminal was taken out of the office of sheriff. The justice system proved no one is beyond the law. All of us deserve that because we pay for our government. Too often we see name and/or money set the guilty free (OJ) and that is a very bad thing. Today, the justice system worked.

    Look, I have no doubt that Hewett had great accomplishments and did a good job in many ways. That does not excuse him from the law. And he, above all people should know that. Any good LEO will tell you that an officer of the law that goes beyond the law is a terrible pall on all law enforcement. That, must never, ever be tolerated! Hewett let all LEO’s down. Not just the citizens of Brunswick County.

  • Justice

    Loyalty works both ways. He is only human doesn’t cut it, he was the Sheriff and thus held to a higher standard. I keep hearing about all the great things he has done, please inform us what it is that he has done other than discrace the office? The time is right…The story has been told. All those great deads you say he did will be forgotton. He will be remembered just like Herman Strong, dirty. Bye bye Ronnie. Your a coward and a thief.

  • WmGuest

    I’m shocked! I can’t believe he did the right thing! That’s one in a row. Keep it up Ron, you’re on a roll! This is the beginning of your own ‘Make it Right’ campaign to correct any wrongs committed against the good people of BC.

  • vlewis

    With 30+ lying deputies with more lies, how do you plead otherwise?
    I hope the judge will have mercy on Ron Hewett and someday he can tell his side of the story.

  • HA HA

    So he pleads GUILTY……what does that tell all you so called “Supporters” he deserves to be dumped into the general population, hope he enjoys his retirement in his jail cell!! Looks like his son may join him! I think it’s GREAT!!!! Hope he likes the food and his new jumpsuit! I think this is just great!!!

  • WmGuest

    I don’t hate the man, just his principles and the corruption he has weilded against those who did support him. I feel he should do jail time and hope his plea doesn’t convince the judge to sentence him only to rehab or something. He needs to realize how the other side lives and how to stand up and be a man and take ownership for his actions. I just pray that he isn’t a totally ‘lost and tormented soul’ and will feel REMORSE and come clean about EVERYTHING! (dating back years ago) THE RESIDENTS OF BC HAVE LIVED IN FEAR FOR FAR TOO LONG, AND THAT’S A TORMENTED EXISTENCE.

  • guest 21

    You wouldn’t feel that way if it were you instead of him

  • sickened

    You need to leave the son out of this. He only knows what he was brought up in. Lets see how well you have raised your children.

  • Guest1961


  • Guest1111

    your comment “even though his conduct may not have harmed anybody” well, I’d like you to know he “harmed” my pocketbook when he spent my tax money that I pay every year!

  • Gene

    Trust you? You have to be kidding? What a spin you put on the system with your, “…standing beside more than a few folks who have plead guilty of crimes, gives me a credible understanding of a very simple fact: Guilty pleas do not fit neatly into the “one size fits all…”

    If you were standing beside them you must have been a co-defendant because no credible attorney would advise anyone that a guilty plea is anything less than guilty as charged. I have no idea how many Federal Trials you have been involved in but I have been present for a few myself and not as a defendant. Every single time a plea was made the judge spoke directly to the defendant(s) and made a few things clear. The defendant(s) were asked if the understood that the plea in fact was an admission of guilt and do they now admit they are guilty? They were also asked did they understand that with that plea the judge could enact a punishment of, ___years and or fine?
    And at that point and/or at the actual sentencing the judge warned the defendant(s) NOT to leave the courthouse saying things like, I am not guilty I just took the plea because of this or that. I can not say that happens in all cases, just all that I have seen. I can not say that happened the day Hewett gave a plea. I have not yet seen a transcript. But I believe, it most likely did. I have no doubt Hewett’s attorney advised him of what a plea meant and therefore the man knew and knows what it meant when he entered the plea.

    Now I would not challenge that those that plea have all kinds of excuses, but in the end, they plea in order to lesson the punishment. I have no problem with that as one not causing the system to go through the time and expense of a trial when they themselves expect to be found guilty should be given some consideration. The plea itself would be a mitigating factor for the defendant.

    I support law enforcement officers and the system. I have no axe to grind against them. Culling a bad apple from the barrel is strong support as then the barrel may stay fresh. As far as Ron Hewett goes, I do not, as you do, know the man. Your blinders of personal friendship are very apparent to all, and with that I think you need to recount this blog, as if the few in this blog represent the feeling of the majority of the people county wide anyway?

    I have read some pretty outrageous things in this blog as well as the others having to do with this case. There are those that would have him drawn and quartered. There are others that would build a thrown for him and make him king. Those extremes are way off base. I expect in the sentencing phase aggravating and mitigating factors will have already been handed to the judge as an agreement by the prosecution and the defence along with what the prosecution and defence has agreed to in the way of punishment. The judge will have already decided if he will accept those parameters and the sentencing will go down very quickly. The most damning aggravating factor would be as a sworn law enforcement officer he had full knowledge he was breaking the law and from that high office the trust he was breaking. I would not be surprised if there are many mitigating factors in his favor. I am assuming this only from what seems to be a ground swell of people stating, “all the good he has done”. With that said, I would not want to see Hewett receive one ounce of punishment more than what is justified according to the facts and not according to blind loyalty or blind hatred of the man. I also would not want to see one ounce less. However, if there should be an error in sentencing I would hope in this case as I would hope in any case that error lean toward leniency simply because no defendant should be punished beyond what is reasonable.

    Off this topic just a bit. In fairness to Hewett’s family, I do believe it is very wrong to drag his son into this as some (obviously not you) have. His son, whom I also do not know, had nothing to do with this and should not be judged by the crime(s) of his father. Who knows? One day Justin Hewett may be sheriff if the people so choose. If that day ever comes, I am sure that will give some satisfaction and pride to Ronald Hewett.

    To those that think that could not happen I would submit that James Hoffa has been leading the Teamsters union for years now without one charge or allegation against him for any kind of wrong doing. It certainly would not be fair to make any comparison to his father, Jimmy Hoffa at all. So, I wish the family the best through this very trying time but that does not change the fact that Ronald Hewett has admitted guilt and is guilty. Justice is being served. No spin by you or any other loyal frind can change that simple fact.


  • Guest 99


  • SPC

    An interesting tutorial on the criminal justice system. Sure, Hewett entered a guilty plea. While neither you nor I know with certainty why he chose to do so, its a reasonable guess that (1) he did not want to put his family and friends through a trial and (2) even though his conduct probably harmed nobody, he wasn’t going to be able to deny the charge. So sure, Hewett is a convicted criminal, and some, like Gene, see that fact as defining Hewett’s life and accomplishments. Fortunately for all of us, Gene’s views are those of a very small minority. I know the citizen’s Sheriff served, and I know the overwhelming majority of them are deeply saddened by Hewett’s departure from office and conviction. I also know that they will remain eternally thankful to Hewett for all that he has done over the years to protect them and he will always have their unwavering loyalty. As legacies go, Sheriff Hewett will have one worthy of envy.

  • vlewis

    Says who? He did more good things for Brunswick County than all his accusations
    His good deeds will be rememberd forever, because good people never forget the good that was rendered to and for them.

  • It is sad to see how many folks think they are perfect. So, if Ronald made a mistake, so what, he was the best Sheriff Brunswick County ever had, and is likely to ever have. Ron if you read this, the naysayers are in the minority, you have MANY friends in the community. We all know all the good you did. God save us from “friends” such as the good ole boys who were your so called friends in the Department. They are nothing but snitches. I would be ashamed to have done what they did to a friend. Oh well, they will get theirs one day. Hold your head high Ron. We love you.

  • Gene

    My “tutorial” is in fact, factual. I am sorry you do not have a clear understanding of our judicial system. You can find it in any high school civics class. As far as the reason he did a guilty plea, as stated, it must have been because in his own words, he is, GUILTY. Let him step out of that courtroom and make a public statement that he is not and see how fast he is back before the same judge!

    Further, as to why he entered that plea, it is much more reasonable to assume as he is guilty. The plea would be considered by the judge and therefore his punishment will be lessened. This by the way is, WHY ONE PLEAS GUILTY! Unless of course they are not. Then, they go to trial. (again, civics 101)

    If my views were those of the minority, Hewett would still be in office and not wearing the title of felon. That you see him as someone of envy makes me beg the question. Are you one of the niave, or one of the stupid?

    Benjamin Franklin put it this way, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”. I think Ben hits the nail right on the head!

  • gene


  • Stonewall

    Poor Gene. Are you not feeling justified today? It is a little suspicious (and I’m no detective) that you go to great lengths to explain the procedure of the arraignment. The history book isn’t written yet, Gene. When it is the good will be recorded with the bad and from where most of us stand, it has far greater volume. And Gene, you might be a footnote. That’s all. Just a footnote.

  • Guest11111

    Very well said…

  • SPC

    Getting a little sensitive Gene? While not necessarily a scientific approach, the votes and comments on this website put you squarely in the minority; so much so that more than a few found your baseless speculation worthy of a few moments for a response. You seem to have an axe to grind with Hewett or the system, and seem especially sensitive about what it means to have plead guilty. My own relevant legal education and experience standing beside more than a few folks who have plead guilty of crimes, gives me a credible understanding of a very simple fact: Guilty pleas do not fit neatly into the “one size fits all” rationale that you seem to support so blindly. My professional experience and the fact that I have known Ron Hewett and his family pretty much since he was born probably lends a bit more credibility to my own speculation about the decision he has made, than the unsupported ramblings you put forth. As for being naive or stupid, trust me Gene, an explanation for the complexities in play in this case will not be found in your high school civics text, or even in those used by third year law students.

  • Kara

    SPC, you have said a mouth full with that word, “compexities”. I have felt from the beginning that there is more here than meets the eye. Why would the investigation have continued for so long if it was only about $1200.00 +/- ??? Surely the investigators saw a lot more happening. I know that Ronald has done good in our county, but so have a lot of other people. He chose to live in the public’s eye and under scrutiny of the people. Guess he just forgot that he is a man like the rest of us & not the king of the heap. In the midst of all the “complexities” there has to be something else far greater than what I have read about. I just pray that it is not as bad as some things I have been told.

  • gene

    I am quite sure when this is all said and done I will not even be a footnote. Do not deserve to be one and do not want to be one.

  • Guest66

    People never remember the good that someone
    does, it is always the wrong.I have known Ron
    and his family for a very long time and yes they are GOOD people!!! I also know several of
    the other officers. Gene Caison is a GOOD guy to and his wife and children are also!
    We all need to stop judging others.I feel that
    Ron needs to have a SHORT probation if anything at all!! I am a Brunswick County native and proud of it and of Ron and the job
    that he has done!!!



  • Gene

    When Ron Hewett pleads guilty he accepts and admits the fact that he is a criminal. After all, he is pleading to a crime and not a good deed. It is as plain and simple as that. Have you ever been in a courtroom when someone pleas guilty? They are asked by the judge do the fully understand they are accepting the fact they broke the law and are admitting and agreeing they in fact committed a criminal act? If they say they do not, the judge will not accept the plea. So again, when he pleas, he is saying, “I knowingly committed a criminal act and accept that I am a criminal.”

    What should he get? That is up to the courts and not you or I. However, what ever punishment he receives, it should be in line with what you or I would get if we committed the same crime. No more, and no less.

    But don’t forget, by his own lips with his plea he is in fact a convicted criminal. That means you are supporting a criminal as a great man. Frankly, that is very naive or very stupid! When the book is closed on this one it will read, “in the end Sheriff Hewett left office in disgrace as a convicted criminal.”
    That will be his legacy and it is his doing, at his hands, and no one else’s. Hewett accepts that fact by making the plea. Why can’t you?

  • ash girl

    Poor Boy
    IT sounds to me like you’ve been in jail before….KNow all about it huh…Oh AND YOU AREN’T Ronald’s judge.You try to fill the shoes as sheriff…You are typical…no one remembers any of the good that Ronald did.

  • guesty

    I hope the company that filmed him will come back and do a follow up on ron picking up trash on the side of the road. Maybe he’ll get to make a small change to his famous line of “I’m the law in Brunswick County.” to “I broke the law in Brunswick County.”

  • Guest 10

    Mr. Hewett should be put on probation and do community service for 5 years. He just took his authority too far and assumed more responsibility than he should have. Wonder how many other have or are doing the same thing. Look at the number of people he hurt other than himself.

  • guesthb

    I can’t believe it has come to this. People seem to forget the good so easily and only hold onto the bad. He does not deserve this and I also believe this is some sort of witch hunt. I wish only the best for his family and believe he DOES NOT deserve prison time for something so small.

  • Guest 1

    I have to say I agree with the writer above in that I too feel it was a bunch of jealous people/employees…..No, I do not know Sheriff Hewett, but I know his son and he is one of the most well mannered, caring, thoughtful and giving people…and we all know that “children are a product of their environment,” i.e. he didn’t just raise himself that way, he was raised right..If you think about it, anything and everything can be taken out of context and twisted every which way someone wants it to be..Remember when you were a child and you would play the game that one person would say a sentence in the next person’s ear and go around the class room…recall what you ended up with at the end of the line. IT CERTAINLY WAS NOT what the first person said! People who are wishing or saying that he or his son should go to jail really should sit to sit back and think if it was you or your child..You all should just mind your own business and leave Sheriff Hewett and his family alone. Those of you who support them as I do please keep him and his family in your prayers.


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