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Now that we have our two presumptive presidential candidates, we can turn our focus to the changes the voters – and the candidates – want to see.

Both Barack Obama and John McCain promise that things will be different under their administration.

WWAY spoke with a man who is a farmer, a business owner, and a family man. The number one issue concerning him is the economy.

“First and foremost I am a father, a husband and a family man,” said Lewis Farms owner Calvin Lewis. “Secondly I am a farmer producing goods and services to provide for my family.”

Lewis owns the two Lewis Nursery and Farms retail locations in Wilmington. He also owns 500 acres of farm land and a shipping operation.

“We want minimal taxes so we can continue to grow and provide for our labor and resources and investment into our business,” said Lewis

Financial expert Ross Marino said the candidates have different views on how to deal with the economy.

“With the Democrats you see an increase in the capital gains coming up,” said Marino. “Barack Obama has mentioned a 30 percent tax increase rate.”

“What we’ve heard from the Republicans for the most part is a continuation of the current tax cuts that have been enacted recently,” said Lewis.

Lewis is also concerned about immigration reform. It is an issue in which Obama and McCain have similar views.

“What we’re seeing the candidates talk about are ways to help the illegal immigrants become legal,” said Marino.

Another topic on many Americans minds is the price of gas.

“We’re shipping blueberries to New York City and it’s costing $2,500 a load and 5 years ago it cost $1,500 a load,” said Lewis.

“From John McCain we’ve seen a proposal to suspend the gas tax, while that will put a few dollars back into people’s pockets it really doesn’t fix anything long term,” said Marino.

Both candidates say they want higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles.

All these issues will determine who Lewis votes for, and how well he can provide for his family.

“They are dependent upon everyday decisions that I make and one of them is voting and that has a direct connection with me being able to provide for them,” said Lewis.

Lewis said he votes in every election, and he believes voting is the duty of every American citizen.

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18 Comments on "Election effects on local business"

2015 years 10 months ago

Take the time to check it out – Senate Continuing Resolution 70 on 14 March.

It calls for a 3% increase on the 25%, 28%, and 31% tax brackets once the Bush tax cuts expire. The 25% tax bracket starts at $31,850 agi for an individual. Your pal Obama voted for it, as did Clinton.

The only peoiple “fighting Obama” are those people with memories and brains, who understand that the forty year-old Democratic playbook of “tax, tax, tax” has failed before and it will fail again.

Oh, and those who want to preserve the Second Amendment, too. They better fight VERY hard against Obama. Take the time to check out his position on private ownership of firearms, even for self defense.

2015 years 10 months ago

Since Bush (a Republican) has taken office, my taxes have doubled, oil has done exactly what he has wanted it to do, states have no money for roads, schools, elderly health. The Patriot Act was signed by Bush and it is pretty much a Big Brother watching everyone law. The Republicans have absolutely failed their followers for the past 8 years. McCain is a pathetic candidate who stands no chance of changing anything. Everyone wants a massive shakeup in Washington, D.C. But half of the voters are too chicken to change things and throw someone in like Obama who will get at least some good things done for common Americans. I am a Republican and the American people have chosen a loser (McCan’t) to run for President. Of all the choices, they chose poorly. I would rather have Obama than a whack job like McCain who is the same old same old in D.C. He has done squat as a Senator for the past 25 years. If we want a change, then let’s try Obama. He can’t do any worse than Bush for the next 4 years. A rock could not do any worse than Bush for the next 4 years.

doyour homework
2015 years 10 months ago

“According to the Office of Tax Analysis, the U.S. individual income tax is “highly progressive,” with a small group of higher-income taxpayers paying most of the individual income taxes each year.”

” The top 5 percent of taxpayers paid more than one-half (53.8 percent) of all individual income taxes, but reported roughly one-third (30.6 percent) of income.”

“The top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 33.7 percent of all individual income taxes in 2002. This group of taxpayers has paid more than 30 percent of individual income taxes since 1995.”

“Taxpayers who rank in the top 50 percent of taxpayers by income pay virtually all individual income taxes.” “This group paid over 96 percent of the total.”

“Treasury Department analysts credit President Bush’s tax cuts with shifting a larger share of the individual income taxes paid to higher income taxpayers.”

Under his plan:

a) The share of taxes paid by the bottom 50 percent of taxpayers will fall from 4.1 percent to 3.6 percent.

b) The share of taxes paid by the top 1 percent of taxpayers will rise from 32.3 percent to 33.7 percent

“The White House has announced it will lobby Congress to pass legislation making most of President Bush’s tax cutting measures permanent.”

Source: U.S. Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis

2015 years 10 months ago

then how do you explain why congress, not bush, just voted against a tax on the gas companies profits? sounds like democrats at work to me. great job, how much did you guys get from the lobbyist for this one.

2015 years 10 months ago

The insane spending of the past eight years has been an outrage, and should make any true Conservative physically ill.

That said, there’s another reason why the Democrats haven’t made any changes, and that’s because they immediately stepped up to the plate with their typical loony-toon legislation that no intelligent person could get on board with.

SCHIP expansion, paying healthcare for children in families making $80k a year?

Simply seizing one-quarter of the profits from a small, specified list of companies in one specific industry? (Is this Russia?)

Yes, the Republicans blew it over the past eight years, and have no one but themselves to blame. They deserved November of ’06, and if they get their tails paddled this coming November, they have no one but themselves to blame.

But the Democrats have the identical, insane spending habits. They simply spend your tax dollars on free-lunch give-aways for the bums from whom they are trying to buy votes, while trying to invent new ways to take money from the productive, working entities in our country.

Both parties need to be thrown out of power…

…but if I have to accept irresponsible fiscal policy, I’ll take the Republicans….at least they’re not trying to create some Marxist Utopia, using my wallet.

2015 years 10 months ago

Your federal taxes have NOT increased under George Bush. They have been reduced, substantially.

As far as states then having to increase their taxes, bull! States can cut free-lunch give-aways and non-essential expenditures, just like anyone can in a time of tightening belts. Why is it that only government can’t do that? Grants for soccer fields? Grant’s to the Children’s Museum? Grants to any friggin’ group with their hand out?

Take a look at the give-aways and non-essential spending in both the state and local budgets, then tell me that George Bush is to blame.

Regarding Obama, exactly how stupid do you have to be to vote for a guy who has promised you that he will raise your taxes? Do you think he’s going to give that money to the states, to lower your state and local taxes? No – he’s going to use that money to fuel his wealth redistribution schemes.

Obama doesn’t give a hoot about “common Americans.” His only concern is buying votes from the collection of Socialists, saps, and lazy bums that comprise the base of the Democratic Party.

2015 years 10 months ago

They voted against it because they knew a tax on oil companies didn’t stand a snowball’s chance of getting by Bush.

I’m not sure what you mean by “sounds like democrats at work.” The liberals are the ones who want to tax oil companies. The republicans would never vote for something like this.

2015 years 10 months ago

Congress may pass the bills, but Bush has the final say so, since the Democrats don’t have enough votes to override his veto. All the new spending bills were approved by Bush. So essentially, he still get what he wants.

Economically speaking, America has been gutted by 8 years of the Bush White House and his puppet congress. There is no way the Democrats caused this mess since taking control of Congress 2 years ago. They inherited a financial trainwreck, and they can’t make any significant changes because Bush would just veto these measures.

2015 years 10 months ago

Response, not Respense. Spell-check has ruined my spelling abilities!

2015 years 10 months ago

Which is exactly what you plan to vote for.

2015 years 10 months ago

The bills are compromises between the democrats and republicans that are watered down enough to pass the president. The President never once vetoed a bill in his first six years in office. He begen vetoing and threatening to veto bills once the dems gained control. They have to send him bills that have enough of his agenda in them or he sends them right back. It all comes down to the president in the end. He says yes or no.

Unless the senate is 2/3 democrat and able to override a veto, the president is still the ONE in charge.

2015 years 10 months ago

You are sadly mistaken if you think Obama could not do any worse than Bush. What seems to get over looked is that since the Democratic party took over the majority in Congress, the economy has taken a turn for the worse. Bush gets blamed, but remember it is Congress that passes the bills. With a majority of Democrats in Congress, it would be sucide for this country if you also elect a Democratic President. There goes the check and balances. You are giving the Democratic Party an open account to spend, spend , spend, with no one to oppose them or veto them. Since Carter we have not had this happen and we all know how horrible the economy was during his administration. Listen to Obama’s speeches, they are of no substance. He has already stated that he will increase taxes.

A capital gains tax (abbreviated: CGT) is a tax charged on capital gains, the profit realized on the sale of a non-inventory asset that was purchased at a lower price. The most common capital gains are realized from the sale of stocks, bonds, precious metals and property. How many people belong to a 401k, or own a home. This will effect you. A capital gains tax is not a tax on wages. Which Obama has already stated he will increase that tax too by doing away with tax cuts. Can we really afford this with gas, food, etc. has high as they are??? Think about it. Obama also wants to impose a global tax on the American citizens. TAX, TAX, TAX is all he stands for. The programs he wants to implement will have to be funded some how. If the capital gains tax is increase, business will not be able to expand and people will not be hired. It is very basic. Business depend on profits to expand. It is not Bush that increased the gas prices. It goes to simple supply and demand. The environmentalist and the extreme left wing Democratic party has blocked the drilling of oil in our country, which would lower gas prices. So, don’t blame Bush for that. There are things that I am not happy about with Bush, but please lay the blame for the economy where it belongs on Congress. Obama is the most left wing Democratic candidate that has ever run in the history of this country. Obama’s change only means more government control over your lives. He already stated how you can not have your thermostats set to 72′, keep driving your SUV’s and eat what ever we want without the rest of the world not getting upset. Well since when am I working for the rest of the world? I should have the right to spend my money on what ever I choose, I mean this is America, we are suppose to have the freedom of choice. I am quite capable of making my own choices without having it dictated to me by the governement. That is Marxism. Look it up on the internet or encyclopedia, don’t take my world for it. Do we want to end up like Europe, the very countries our ancestors left to come here for freedom? The citizens of this country need to think really hard about the consequences of this election. The President elected will pick Justices for the Supreme Court that interpret the Constitution and laws. So if you believe it is your right to own a gun, pray to God, raise your children how you see fit too, think long and hard about your choice for President. This country was not founded on left wing principles. There is nothing free in this world, you will pay for it some how or other. Freedoms once lost are hardly ever given back.

2015 years 10 months ago

hello, if the democrats didn’t want the bills passed, how did it even make it to the presidents desk? they have control of congress so they obviously voted for the bills to pass. Congress, not the president, run this country and the sooner americans realize this, the sooner we can begin taking steps to get what we want.Obama is not going to do anything except what congress wants him to do. Same thing with mccain.

2015 years 10 months ago

I guess you would be one the citizens of this country that thinks the government has done such a great job with the IRS and Department of Education? I do not agree with everything Bush has done, but please give the President a break, he has enough that he can truly be responsible for, without placing the total blame on him for the economy.

For another train of thought, give Senator McCain the respect he deserves. He is not Bush, and he does not follow in President Bush’s footsteps. He has butted heads with his own party on several occasions. I have read his propasals for what he would like to do and he has some very sound ideas.

As for Obama, he just promises Utopia and the cost for that is more higher taxes. Even John F. Kennedy was smart enough to realize that you keep the econmoy going when you reduce taxes. If Obama is suppose to be like Kennedy, why is he not following what Kennedy believed?

For those too young to know what Utopia is here is the meaning from a dictionary:

“The imaginary island of Sir Thomas More’s Utopia (1516) with a perfect political and social system. (Utopia is the title of a book, that you read and use to have to read in school).

Any visionary scheme for a perfect social order”.

Don’t react emotionally to this election, research and compare the two candidates for the Presidency. This job has a lot of responsibilty and you need to have someone that is mature enough to handle all aspects of the job, not just be a good orator. Obama has only served a total of 143 days in the Senate since he was put into the senate by default. That does not give him the qualifications to deal with todays problems. He may be more seasoned in 2012.

2015 years 10 months ago

I am not super rich and I will fight Obama tooth and nail, why???? Because his raise on capital gain tax will effect my retirement when I draw on my 401k, which is over $250,000.00 that I accomplished by working my tail off and putting away has much as I could afford into a company 401k plan. I am not super rich, just an average working class citizen that saved that money by investing it in the stock market. I will fight him tooth and nail because if I sell my property well worth over $250,000.00 I will have to pay a higher tax. My property did not cost that much when I bought it, but the property values have increased 5 times since I bought the property even with the real estate market being soft right now. yes, I will fight regardless of what political party they belong to to keep fom losing any kind of profit.

2015 years 10 months ago

As Americans, we are privileged to be able to have the right to vote and let our voices be heard. It is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, however, and comes with it a duty to be well informed. It is too easy to fall victim to hearsay, manipulation of facts, and at worst, outright lies. In this article, Mr. Marino points out “With the Democrats you see an increase in the capital gains coming up,” said Marino. “Barack Obama has mentioned a 30 percent tax increase rate.” The fact is that Obama’s proposal EXEMPTS all making under $250,000 a year from paying any increase in the capital gains rate. While Mr. Marino may be affected if there was a tax increase, the vast majority of North Carolinians and Americans would not.

So, during this campaign season where I’m sure we will see lots of accusations flying, don’t let others make up your minds for you…check the facts!!

Uncle Reality
2015 years 10 months ago

There are many of us, however, who don’t think that seizing nearly one-third of a person’s profit is acceptable, even if they are one of those horrible rich people. Oddly enough, we have a government that is founded upon the premise that “all men are created equal,” and promising equal protection under law. So your implication, that it’s okay to steal from the rich, is ethically and morally bankrupt.

Let’s also not forget that when Obama was asked why he would raise capital gains, when raising them has ALWAYS reduced revenue for the government, he grew flustered and confused and muttered something about how he”…didn’t care. I just want things to be fair.” Fair? When have the wealthy EVER been treated fairly by the tax system?

And, let’s not forget about his vote for CR 90 in the Senate on 13 March. A 3% tax increase for anyone making over $31,840 AGI?

So much for looking out for the middle class…

….so yes, people really do need to check out the facts.

2015 years 10 months ago

The ONLY ones fighting tooth and nail against Obama are the Super-Rich. He will increase their taxes and keep middle class and working poor taxes the same or lower. If I were making over $1,000,000 a year, I would not be crying about paying more taxes instead of laying the burden on people who barely squeak by and lay awake wondering how to pay for and survive their future.


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