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HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — A confidential informant tells police that two men suspected in the death of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student president kidnapped the woman from her home.

A judge unsealed six search warrants Friday in the case of Eve Carson. Defense attorneys for 17-year-old Laurence Lovette and 22-year-old Demario Atwater objected. Both are charged with first-degree murder.

One warrant says police have probable cause to believe a sexual assault occurred. Another warrant says an informant told police the suspects entered Carson's residence, took the 22-year-old and her vehicle to an ATM and withdrew $1,400 from her bank account. The informant said Carson was shot multiple times by Lovette and was subsequently shot by Atwater.

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  • Guest2

    It should also be added no contact with family or the outside world. Afterall that is what they did to this young woman, take her away from her family.

  • bn

    Love your viewpoint! Isn’t it true!! Prison is too good for people like this! They get 3 hot meals a day, cable, a full-time babysitter, get to be in the company of close friends, play cards, and never have to get up early for work. Why should they get retirement benefits, paid for by you and I, without doing anything but living the ‘thug life’??!!
    I used to work as a corrections officer and let me tell you, these prisoners have a cushie lifestyle. They do not have to work or pay for it in any way whatsoever. Nope, that’s our job as taxpayers.
    There is no ‘justice’ in our justice system for people convicted of violent crime. In fact, inmates have more rights than the officers that guard them.
    My offering of a solution would look something like forced labor, no cable, air conditioning, etc… These types of punishment would not only be justified, but would discourage crime.
    No system is perfect but taxpayers should not have to be responsible for supporting the lifestyle found in your local prisons and jails. Jail/prison should not be a happy place!!

  • Fryin’s Too Good

    increasing amount of current, and the other part is willing to pay the burden of keeping them alive for the rest of their lives………living on death row – and learning all about what kind of punks they are while getting a first-hand education in sexual assault……

    Call me mean, sick, or unforgiving….(and no, I don’t want to hear about the race/sociological status/upbringing/’he was depraved on accounta he was deprived’ of the victim/murderers….that’s not important)…..

    I just don’t believe that a few seconds/minutes of high voltage nearly equals the hours of terror this poor girl went through before she was killed – or the loss that her family, friends, and community suffered due to this horrible crime.

    Some really sadistic part of me wishes that the press would announce these boys’ release – due to a technicality – and give their location and description…..then we’d save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands a year keeping them alive – and I’m sure they’d meet an appropriate ending ;)

  • FWIW

    A fair number of Americans who spent time in Saudi Arabia in recent decades have witnessed a public execution (beheading) in a city square or other location. I happened to witness an execution in Riyadh of a convicted murderer. The Saudis take capital crimes (not just murder) extremely seriously, at the end of the day, and they don’t allow prisoners to become semi-celebrities getting fan mail.

  • Guestoff

    Lock them up for the rest of their lives in solitary confinement with no TV, radio, reading or writing material. Feed them twice a day with a diet consisting of a small bread loaf that contains just enough vitamins to keep them alive and give them just enough water to wash it down. I would then post a large picture of Eve Carson just outside their cell so they could easily see it. Weekly showers and cell cleaning would be done with a fire hose.

  • Wilm-native


  • KMT

    Unfortunately, the death penalty will not be available for Lovette since he was only 17 at the time of this horrific crime.


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