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The house overwhelmingly passed the bill earlier this month, but it’s been stuck in the senate rules committee ever since because of a technicality. Dozens of Senators signed a petition to get the bill out of committee and heard before the full senate. But, the petition fell 9 signatures short of the 34 needed to get the bill out of committee. Locally, Senator Julia Boseman signed the petition and supports the moratorium. Senator R.C. Soles told NewsChannel 3 he would not sign a petition. He said while forced annexation is highly controversial, he is not ready to formally oppose it at this point in time. All of the Senators who opted not to sign the petition are Democrats. The following Senators either will not agree to allow HB 2367 or will not state their opinion: The following list was compiled by the Fair Annexation Coalition of North Carolina. Bob Atwater, Marc Basnight, Doug Berger, Daniel G. Clodfelter, Janet Cowell, Charlie Smith Dannelly, Linda Garrou, Malcolm Graham, Clark Jenkins, John H. Kerr III, Eleanor Kinnaird, Floyd B. McKissick Jr, Martin L. Nesbitt, Jr., William R. Purcell, Tony Rand, R. C. Soles, Jr. Another group of Senators agreed to ask Senator Rand to consider the bill on the Senate floor, or agree that the bill is a legitamate bill, but for various reasons, have refused to sign a request form petitioning Senator Rand for the bill to be heard: Charles W. Albertson, Tony Foriest, Steve Goss, Vernon Malone, Joe Sam Queen, John Snow, A.B. Swindell, David F. Weinstein The Following Senators have requested, in writing, that the bill be heard on the full Senate floor before this short session ends: Ausin M. Allran, Tom Apodaca, Phil Berger, Stan Bingham, Harris Blake, Julia Boseman, Andrew Brock, Harry Brown, Pete Brunstetter, Walter Dalton, Don East, James Forrester, W. Edward Goodall, Kay Hagan, Fletcher Hartsell, David Hoyle, Neal Hunt, Jim Jacumin, Ed Jones, Bob Rucho, Jean Preston, Larry Shaw, Fred Smith, Richard Stevens, Jerry Tillman.

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  • GuestBob Pleasants

    R.C. Soles’ comment regarding not taking a position on forced annexation is irrelevant and disingenuous with respect to consideration of the annexation moratorium bill by the Senate. All he was asked to do was support a fair hearing of the bill, which was perfectly within the rules. What Mr. Soles’ actions demonstate is that he is opposed to the democratic process when it comes to the operation of the N.C. Senate. He prefers securing his own position and the stranglehold of one senator, Tony Rand, above the concerns of the taxpayers of this state, whom he supposedly represents. His is poor representation, and he should be voted out.

  • Tony Tetterton

    HB 2367 (Involuntary Annexation Moratorium) is a legitimate bill with NO technicalities except in the mind of Senator Rand; the Rules committee never reviewed the bill. And rather than give concrete reasoning for not allowing the bill to be heard, Senator Soles decided to hide behind the dictatorial methods of Senator Rand. I personally interviewed Senator Soles and it was obvious his concern is staying in the favor of the powerful Senate Majority Leader, and not with the concern of citizens that are abused by the annexation statutes. The time for RC Soles to go is long past due!

  • Lydia Boesch

    R.C. Soles is missing the point completely. He was not asked to state his view on forced annexation. He was asked very simply to only allow citizens a voice. Hundreds of citizens wanted the moratorium bill to find its way to the Senate floor so it could be debated and a vote taken. Senator Soles stood in the way of democracy. This had nothing to do with his views on forced annexation.

  • I agree completely with previous comments. Mr. Soles is allowing thousands of citizens to continue to be abused by municipalities which are on an annexation frenzy. Time for a BIG change in Raleigh.

  • Marie Howell

    As I write this, the Senate is discussing a bill to recompense people who have been wrongfully harmed….yet Senator Rand, who can do so at will, refuses to allow a vote on a bill that would stop people, if only temporarily, from being harmed!

  • Marie Howell

    Today democracy lost two more battles to lobbying by the League of Municipalities. [Shades of Jim Black!] Speaker of the House, “Representative?” Joe Hackney, decided to hinder the citizens’ rights to access public records. His counterpart, Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, further trampled on our citizens’ rights by refusing to allow HB2367, the Annexation Moratorium, to reach the Senate floor.

    Despite HB2367 having been passed by an overwhelming majority in the House, despite the pleas of hundreds of thousands of abused citizens, despite 33 of his fellow Senators requesting that the bill be heard, and despite the long and arduous study by the House Select Committee on Annexation into the abuse of the current law, leading them to introduce the bill, Senator Rand killed it singlehandedly.

    Acknowledging that abuse is going on, Senator Rand chose to allow it to continue. He first excused this decision by saying that the bill doesn’t meet the “rules” to be considered in the Short Session because it is from a House Select Committee [which twice asked the Senate to be a part of the study and were refused].

    The rules do allow it. Senate Joint Resolution 1573 from 2007 specifically states that bills implementing the resolutions of study commissions and select committees may be heard. In this Short Session, HB2188, also a bill from a House Select Committee, was ratified by the Senate.

    Instead of working with the House, Senator Rand has totally disregarded all the conscientious work they have done to address the wrongs being done under the current law. The refusal to allow a vote on HB2367 was just a stall to allow the League to continue to use their weapons of mass destruction [the law and the cities] to steal more land and do more damage to the people of this state! Have you ever noticed that most of the bills The League supports have to do with the taking away of rights from the people and giving them to some form of government?

    As long as our House and Senate are controlled by two men who listen to lobbyists rather than the people, the citizens of our state will not receive justice. It is time for a change of leadership and an in depth investigation of the League’s publicly funded budget and its obvious and continuing damage to the interests of the citizens of this state.


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