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Republican congressional candidate Will Breazeale used a chicken to get his opponent’s goat Thursday. Breazeale wants incumbent Mike McIntyre to debate him, but he says McIntyre is chicken. So someone dressed up in a chicken suit outside McIntyre’s Wilmington office yesterday, where Breazeale held a press conference. Congressman McIntyre told NewsChannel 3’s Kevin Wuzzardo just last month that he is "open" to the idea of debating Breazeale, including the possibility of debating on WWAY. But a call to McIntyre’s Chief of Staff Dean Mitchell to clear up the issue yesterday was returned with an e-mail to Kevin from the Congressman’s reelection campaign chair David F. Branch, Jr., that said, "On behalf of the Committee to Reelect Congressman McIntyre, Congressman McIntyre has no plans to debate his opponent." Today the Congressman confirmed to NewsChannel 3 he will not debate Breazeale under any circumstances. "We are always willing to discuss the issues," McIntyre said. "We are already out in the community doing that. We’re not going to wait for a debate or forum to do it." The Congressman also said he will not take part in a candidate forum scheduled for September and cosponsored by WWAY, because Congress will be in session. Breazeale has said he will debate McIntyre "any time."

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  • Guest OK…

    So local politics isn’t enough of a joke, we’re now breaking out the chicken suits..come on!

  • Guest7969

    It IS FUNNY…and McIntyre SHOULD debate this guy…

  • Brunswick County Citizen

    If I was Mike M., I would not even consider discussing anything with this unprofessional idiot. This type behavior demonstrates such childish behavior. Mike would have probably debatted this character had he acted somewhat sane and was willing to discuss the issues. But, NO, he is gonna deploy chicken tactics. Come on people, lets get real.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    1. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and can’t stand up to the heat of questions about him sliding further and further to the left to garner favor from Nancy Pig-losi. Have you heard him ranting about oil companies? Mister Middle-of-the-Road is suddenly an anti-corporate Socialist slightly to the left of Obama and Che Guevera. (What IS this strange, compelling hold Nancy has over him? Hmmmm….a committee chairmanship?)

    2. He doesn’t even really have to campaign, because the dregs of society who make up the entire Western two-thirds of the 7th District will vote for anyone with a “D” following their name.

  • Lary Harvey

    He wants to play dumb then he does not get my vote until I hear him debate his opponent. In my opinion he is a true Democrat, afraid to debate his opponent on the issues cause he knows he is in the wrong and cannot defend his actions. A typical non-responsive politician that we need to vote out of office. If he is not willing to debate in a public forum then he does not deserve our attention much less our vote. Throw the bumb out!

  • Guestbigmikehides

    There’s more to that office than bringing checks to town each time you visit, get out there and tell us how much of that pork is Pelosi driven! Be a man, Mikey….debate separates the BS artist from the next office holder….let’s hear what you got!

  • Mike McIntyre dosen’t need to debate Breazeale on any subject except maybe child support. Mike has always answered any questions that have been send to his office, and when my son was being send to Iraq and the government wasn’t doing a pay item right, it took only one call to Mike’s office and the problem was fixed with the back pay paid, Mike will get every vote in my household as long as he runs for anything against anyone. With the problems that Breazeale has been having in the news, he doesn’t need any more “news” time.

  • I’ve found McIntyre’s canned responses to be rather tripe. To send his office a letter regarding IraN, and to receive a letter regarding IraQ is hardly answering the question.

    I’d like to know why Mike McIntyre, a supposed Liberal Democrat, committed to protecting the civil liberties of his constituents in our District, would repeatedly vote the Neo-Con agenda. Patriot Act 1&2, Military Commissions Act, the new FISA bill, etc etc. Why did he refuse to vote on going to war with Iraq? Why does he refuse to vote AGAINST funding the war?

    There is a (D) next to his name, but if you judge him by his voting record, he is a Bush Neo-Con. Hardly REPRESENTATIVE of this district…

    To say Mike McIntyre does not need to publicly debate his opponent is an insult to the people of this district. Since when does our ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE not need to explain himself to those who elected him? Since when is he too good to participate in the electoral process? I think it is time we voted out this incumbent. I doubt I can count on your help in this, because you are willfully blind and ignorant to what is REALLY going on. ANY Congressional office is supposed to help their constituents get what is coming to them from the Government. This mainly deals with Veteran’s Affairs. But ANY Rep’s staff would have done the same thing for you, that is their job. To not hold him responsible on the rest of his job, just cause he helped you personally, is irresponsible, and a betrayal of your neighbors. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • islanddoc(k)

    I usually do not appreciate corny tactics such as this, but you know…whatever works.
    I’d rather look at the chicken suit than many of our present representatives.


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