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WILMINGTON (AP) — The former domestic partner of Sen. Julia Boseman says her signature was forged on campaign reports. Melissa Jarrell said in the complaint filed Monday with the State Board of Elections her signature was forged eight times on Boseman’s campaign finance reports from 2004 to 2006. Jarrell was Boseman’s campaign manager for six years but left the job soon after the couple split. Boseman told the Star-News of Wilmington the allegations are false. The New Hanover County Democrat said Jarrell had authorized someone else to sign the forms because of her busy schedule. Boseman and Jarrell have been in a custody dispute over their son. When the reports were filed, a person who certified a campaign report with untrue information could be prosecuted for perjury. (Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

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  • legal eagle

    Following the law is just as mandatory in your personal life as your professional life. A representatives who disregards the law of their district does not represent their district well.

  • Guest444

    Somesone’s ex can we say is being ……….VINDICTIVE and spiteful

  • sheri

    Can’t Julia do something to shut this woman down. I can see why they split. I split with my spouse and we have three boys and we are still very good friends. Enough already. Julia is very good at her job of representing the people of New Hanover County and this woman is interfering with her job, her ability to move on, and her re-election. Melissa just go away and leave her alone. GET A LIFE MELISSA!

  • Guest Key

    Yeah, Sheri, this is all very sordid and I really am sick of her personal life being splattered all over the place. But if what Ms. Jarrell is saying is true, then Ms. Boseman has to be held accountable.

    I do question the timing. Would this have ever come out if Ms. Jarrell was getting what she wanted in this “divorce”? Somehow, I doubt it. But Ms. Jarrell isn’t an elected official who’s integrity we demand; Julia is.

  • Truth Hurts!

    What people need to think about is that Ms. Jarrell had not released any statement about anything that she and Sen Boseman had been going through in their personal lives. Also if you look at the court documents, it was Sen Boseman that filed in “public court” to sue Ms. Jarrell for sole custody of Ms. Jarrell’s biological son. So… Sen Boseman, as she admits in her commercial, decided to bring her personal life into the public arena. Now, with that being said, all this questionable information that makes Sen Boseman come under fire is due to her own sworn testimony in a public court. That being the case, why blame anyone other than Sen Boseman? The truth will continue to come out now that it is of interest to people that are digging for the truth. And yes, when you have people that don’t care for you, they will work hard to see if they can find skeletons.
    Forged legal documents is something that is very serious and anyone involved should be held accountable, anyone. And yes, if someone signed your name unknowingly, they should be investigated. It is about the law here and Sen Boseman is an attorney of that law so she should no doubt understand it.
    One last thing about Ms. Jarrell. She should speak out about someone forging her name. Wouldn’t you? And see if you can find anything else that she is linked with in the media in response to the things that have gone on between she and Sen Boseman. Nothing. Ms. Jarrell has not commented on any thing the media has had to say about Sen Boseman or even when they have written about her. Looks like we get an idea of what kind of person Ms. Jarrell is, decent to say the least. Read the court transcripts if you think you want to make any assumptions about Ms. Jarrell. Do some digging on her and see what you find. I did. You won’t find any dirt there. Sen Boseman is the one not looking too clean these days so stay tuned to more truth hurting. I’m sure there will be more for us to read.

  • No one’s business

    Well why wait 8 years to “tell the truth”? I guess because she’s not benefiting.

  • whatabag

    Tell ya what, that is one vindictive, spiteful woman. She has aired all the couples (well Julia’s) dirty laundry in order to prevent Ms. Boseman from getting custody of the child.

    It is so blatantly obvious what Jarrell is trying to do. In my opinion it only makes Jarrell look worse. Having JB tailed by a private detective was bad enough. I feel sorry for that child. Jarrell cant see past her anger at JB and do what is necessary for the child, provide a loving environment no matter how much you are angry at being dumped. One day the child will read all about this battle, how horrible. I hope JB maintains a relationship with her son, it may be the only normal one he gets.

  • CK

    You couldn’t be more wrong! Mizz Jarrell as you call her is one of the most honest and sincere woman I know! You should hear both sides of the story and you will know the truth! Get your facts in order!

  • guesty

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Just go away.

  • PoliGuest

    During all this so far, I didn’t plan on taking a side, but, the responses of some loyal supporters are just amazing. In fact, I’m beginning to believe that the Senator could break any law, and many would find a reason, or just an attitude, to justify the action. Or, there is the always handy: Designate someone else the villian.
    When you break a law, you can be called on it, and those that do so, are doing the right thing, not as some supporters would say, the wrong thing.
    I would think that a state Senator, and a lawyer would, if anything, be held to a higher standard, not a lower one.
    Moving on. Melissa Jerrell is the biological mother, and Julia Boseman, obviously cannot also be.
    I understand Ms. Jerrell’s lawful objections, and concerns involving her child.
    And, I hope if I’m busy, someone will not be allowed to sign my name, and then question my right to challenge them!
    What’s the deal here?

  • It’s called being in the Democrat Party. They hold everyone else to a higher standard than they hold themselves.

  • Guest0116



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