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We are learning more about the 49-year-old Leland woman who’s charred remains were found in a burned out car in Brunswick County. Authorities are saying smoke inhalation is what killed Valerie Burns. Her burned body was found two days ago, in her car about 10 miles from her home. Burns left behind a mother, two sisters, two daughters in their twenties and a granddaughter. They all live in the area. WWAY caught up with her family today. Carri Burns, Valerie’s daughter, said, "We were watching a movie before she left my house that night and that was it. I just told her I loved her and that I’d see her tomorrow and gave her a kiss good-bye." Casey Burns, Valerie’s other daughter, said, "That was it for us. She was our mother and we don’t ever get to see her again." The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department needs your help with information about this case. Anyone who knows anything should call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office at 910-253-2777.

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