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Allegations of sexual harassment have been shaking up the Oak Island Police Department. Four officers, including a sergeant have resigned in the past week. Today, WWAY spoke with many residents who are concerned for their safety. Summer is the busiest time of year for Oak Island. The population goes from about 7,000 to more than 30,000. According to the department, they only had about 30 employees before the resignations. Oak Island resident Keni Lariviere said, "As a community we’re going to be concerned because we’re going to be down several officers to address emergency situations." Oak Island mayor Johnie Vereen said this sort of turnover is standard, and that Oak Island is as safe as it has ever been.

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  • fozbot98

    First of all, 4 “officers” did not resign in one week. 2 officers and 2 dispatchers. The communicatioins has lost a cover shift of each rotation so they are not short. Patrol is assigned 4 officers per shift. Each shift has 3 now and 2 people are in field training so they are only short 2 people on the road. The media only likes to report the negative aspects of what is going on. For the residents of Oak Island, rest assured the officers at the department are keeping their heads up and doing their job. The island is fine. Tourist season is almost over and the officers are handling it fine. Vereen is correct in one thing, the island is as safe now as it ever was. This is not the first time road partol has been 2 officers short and no one ever knew it. I am just waiting for the whole truth to finally come out. A lot of chief bashers are going to be shocked.

  • Guest885

    You seem to do a whole lot of replying to the public safety matters in Brunswick County. If you know so much about what is going on, step up to the plate and start fixing things. And if you know the truth, share it. It might resolve this whole mess. Im somewhat led to believe you seem to know what is going on if think the Chief bashers are going to be shocked. So, lets here it. Lets nip this thing.

  • almost there folks

    How do you know Lavonne you only worked at the pd for 2 years. So why did Major Jordan have to come and work tonight. Come on girl you know better. 5 officers are walking out by the end of next month. And as for the Officers keeping their heads up that’s a Joke. Most of us here hate it and want to be out. Hello wake up from your console and look around. And not that but your always flirting with us guys especially one of the sergeants. You need to be more professional. And for the times that the officers would massage your feet that is just nasty and uncalled for at work. Do your job.

  • Oak Island Resident

    Wow, now I am sure that the mayor is as stupid and incompetent as the police chief. How can Oak Island be as safe, when you now only have 4 911 operators to cover 365 days a year, 24 hours a day? 3 police offices have left and 4 more are on their way out…BUT OAK ISLAND IS AS SAFE AS EVERY? Well in that case let’s not waste tax payer money by hiring anyone to replace those that have left. THE MAYOR, THE POLICE CHIEF, THE MAJOR AND LT FRINK NEED TO HIT THE ROAD.

  • Slightly Smarter

    Wow, what an intelligent perspective as a solution to all the towns problems, genius! Why don’t you apply to be the police chief. HaHaHa!

  • TerrellDacti;

    Johnny Vereen lives in another world if he thinks four officers resigning in ONE WEEK is normal. That is almost 15% of the force, in the busiest time of the year. Time to send Johnny back to the auto parts store.

  • Turner Nyuogen

    First of all let me say that I am a full time resident of Oak Island. I have a family that I truly love and admire, I am afraid for their safety with all of the officers that are leaving. Who’s replacing them? What’s going to happen the town is going to have over worked and stressed out officers which will also lead to more resignantions, This is not a typical turnover rate for any police department especially for the size of the department. This isn’t Raleigh. I think the town council members know that this isn’t typical. When Johnny Vereen said that he is a liar and he knows it. Not only is the department is short for tourist season but also hurricane season. Let’s hope that the individuals who decided to cover up this conspirarcy isn’t in charge of emergency prepardness if so we might have a situation like in New Orleans. I think we as citizens need to look into this and demand answers.

  • Tired of Lies

    Well you know so much even though you do not work on that shift and it is not Lavonne, but if you did your homework you would know that.
    Before you go starting a bunch of lies at least get your story strait on who is writing the blogs. Oh yeah and by the way never has her feet been rubbed at work just another lie.

  • Christy Snapp

    Another three officers quit at the Oak Island Police Department today. One retired, one is leaving for Iraq and the other quit unexpectadely after Lieutenant Franks upset him. This is far from over, there will be more people as I expected to leave. And Lavonne I am sorry to say but you did have your feet rubbed by Dan when he was there, and also do you have the shirts that you made for the OIMG’s. Everything that I have said that would happen at the police department has. There will be more changes shortly. For the citizens of Oak Island I will be starting a website devoted to the corruption involving the police department I will be back when it is up and running to let everyone now the web address. At this point I am devoted to bringing everyone’s true colors out. And I will be sending this to my attorney so he knows who wrote this.

  • The corruption is gone

    Christy for once your right, you did expose the corruption at the police department, but thankfully you all quit! So the corruption is gone now. See Ya! Hopefully not!

  • Guest12457

    Let me see if Lt. Franks did upset this officer than maybe they do need to leave the force, and go play kindergarten somewhere else along with you all.

  • Gene

    Very cool that you would write and also use your real name. Also, I am looking forward to seeing your web site. There is a lot more going on than just at Oak Island. Check out the, BSL Citizens, Do You Really Want To Know? comments at, http://www.wwaytv3.com/boiling_spring_lakes_police_officer_is_going_to_prison/09/2008
    copy and paste that one for some insight on BSL.

  • Leah Welch

    Okay, lets just put it all out there, with three more officers leaving or should I say left today. Obviously it wasn’t the females just trying to start trouble. Obviously there is a problem in the department. Everything that we said happened to us has shown itself as true because of the departments own actions. Also everything that we said would happen is happening. I hope the big headed Chief of Police and the ignorant pervert for a Major and the tiny little man they call Lieutenant have plans on how they are gonna support their families when they are jobless. And I just wonder how they will explain that to their wives,maybe they can just tell them that it was all consensual, just like they said what happened to us females was. It is all coming to light now and the town citizens will hopefully be rid of the corruption that is in the Oak Island Police Department. It is my hope that the sheriffs department will step in and protect the citizens of Oak Island so that they will truelly feel safe. And as for you Lavonne and your “girl” friend Samantha, no one really cares that you two are throwing yourself at any male that will show you some attention, all that says is that you both have major self esteem issues. And to think since Tina who was running the 911 system is gone, they put Lavonne in charge of it and she only has a few years of dispatch experience! Can you say lawsuit!!! Wow, is all that is left to say on that one. Good luck to the husbands of those girls, because you are getting a lot of lies and leftovers from your women.

  • Greg Jordan

    You might want to learn the definition of Libel before you write anything else. Let me give you Websters definition: “a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b (1): a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt (2): defamation of a person by written or representational means (3): the publication of blasphemous, treasonable, seditious, or obscene writings or pictures (4): the act, tort, or crime of publishing such a libel.

    You can give your opinion and say what you want about the department, the town or me in my official capacity as that is your right. However, launching a personal attack on me or anyone else in the department with known fabrications is unwarranted. Be careful what you publish as you (or your attorney) may have to defend it.

  • fozbot98

    Since Greg was gracious enough to give you the Webster’s definition, let me refer to NC General Stature 14-47. It is a class 2 misdemeanor to dissiminate libel and slanderous material in the printed form. Hmmmmm.

    Oh, and just to clear another thing up, I am not Lavonne. My name is Rick Spencer. Please do not confuse me with someone else and blame them for my statements of fact.

    And Leah, thanks for wishing me luck with my wife. I am blessed to be married to woman with her character. She stands up for what is right and what she believes in. I could not be happier to have her as my friend, my partner, and my wife. I just wish the marriages of you and your cohorts could not have been as happy as mine is.

  • Bout Time

    I agree tired of it all, bout time they shut the hell up!!! No one is listening anymore! Go on the news, make your websites, send articles to the papers. Your attempt at being noticed looks so pathetic to everyone but you by now.

  • Tired of it all by now

    Ya’ll are ignorant. To start with they put Bob in charge, not Lavonne, LEAH! And your lil “friends” are the ones striving for every males attention. For that matter start your website, just make sure you put on there why one of the male officers left….Oh yeah cause he and Christy had an affair, oh yeah, so did he and Amanda…the same ones who are part of the little scheme you low lifes have cooked up! Hah, too bad you’re busy ruining your own lives to realize it isn’t working. The people that have left, hmmm. I think the town is better for the fact they are gone since they are liars and back stabbers to their own, how can they possibly be trusted by the public. They were worthless anyway. So finally we can put worthwhile people in their places. Oh yeah, pick on the Lt. and Major and Chief, cause that will definitely help your arguement your being harrassed….lol, you really can’t see how ignorant you sound? As for Lavonne and Samantha’s husbands, I would rather be them with decent looking wives than low life wanna b’s who are really sleeping around town like Christy and Amanda are, feel sorry for your men. P.S get a life, everyone is tired of hearing about it, and especially most everyone who knows the truth by now!

  • unconcerned party

    4 new officers are in the process of being hired right now. No worries, there are always new officers waiting for positions to open-up.

  • Oak Island PO

    Franks upsets everyone, you just learn to live with it if you want to keep working here….
    Or go to the county.

  • Guest23567

    So go to the county if you cant take authority, it not a personality contest it a JOB that others take here very serouisly.

  • Joe

    Another fine employee of Oak Island is in trouble! When will this all end!!!
    Maybe he can get a job washing trucks!


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