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Oak Island’s town attorney has issued a statement regarding allegations of sexual harassment in the town’s police department. In the statement he said the town of Oak Island will not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination. Since female officers spoke out about the alleged misconduct two weeks ago, four officers have resigned. The statement also reaffirms that the town has out sourced the investigation to a human resources firm in Raleigh. The investigation will begin Friday.

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  • oak island resident

    It’s time to clean up the mess in Brunswick County Law Enforcement. It seems like every other week for the last 18 months there is some other problem with Law Enforcement.

    Time to get to the bottom of the mess, get rid of the problem children in LE and let put together a Law Enforcement community that does not drag down the good guys in LE.

    My suggestion is, START AT THE TOP. We have too many Police Chief’s in this county that are a mess. Shallotte, Oak Island, Navassa and the list goes on.

  • GuestBC1

    How much did this statement cost the taxpayers of Oak Island? I think the Chief or the Town Manager should have issued the statement. More money down the drain.

  • Gene

    Next week BSL Chief Emmett Ballree is to appear before the NC Department of Justice for a hearing on the allegations of Ballree stealing gas in Mount Olive, NC while he was Chief there.

    Now that he has been hired in BSL you can add BSL to your list corruption in law enforcement inside Brunswick County.

  • Fred

    It’s very sad, that persons whom are sworn to an oath, to uphold the law, can’t go unpoliced themselves.

    Perhaps the OI PD needs to be dissolved. Obviously, they’re dealing with an air of arrogance.

    I’m tired of seeing Law Enforcement officials acting ‘above the law’. Who do they think they are?

  • Guest 8/10/09

    I truly hope this matter is resolved quickly for all parties involved. This is a most unfortunate occurance for Oak Island. Many good decent honest people live here. All involved deserve the truth and fairness.

  • OKI Citizen

    This is a sad occurance for the employees at OKI PD. It is terrible for the employees who endured the harrassment and unfair treatment. I hope this matter will be justly resolved soon. I hope true justice will occur. Oak Island is a wonderful town, good honest people live here. I feel the SBI or another Law Enforcement Agency should be involved rather than a private company,

  • Guest6

    You are in fact correct in its terrible for the employees at the Oak Island PD however your sympathy lies with these woman who keep yapping lies to the media. They are no longer employees and my tax money and yours will be spent to investigate the claims of former employees while the rest of the hard working officers and telecommunicators face constant ridicule of the public and media. Shouldn’t one wonder why they didn’t file complaints with EEOC while still employed and stick around to see the results? For the record sexual harrassment is not a crime but a civil matter and law enforcement agencies such as the SBI do not investigate civil matters. These women have stated they are willing to a take a voice stress test yet they are now saying they don’t trust the firm because the town hired them. Did they think they could pick someone to investigate and have the town foot the bill? Rest assured that if there is any thruth to these complaints EEOC will investigate and handle it. If it turns out to be nothing as I suspect it will I hope each and every officer they have slandered in the process will sue these woman for all they may ever be worth.

  • Guest679

    Would people have listened to the Chief or the town manager?


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