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They serve our country, but some service members say some downtown Wilmington bars won't serve them. About a month ago, a group of Marines lodged a complaint against the city, and a number of bars, complaining they were not being allowed in. Today Marines, city officials, and downtown bar owners met to discuss the issue. Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo said the confusion is over an old state law that requires club patrons to carry a membership in order to get in. Marines say that law only seems to apply to them. U.S. Marine Kevin Nicholson said, "It's a simple matter where you can be in line. Three civilians in front of you, three civilians in back of you and you're the only person that's asked for a membership card." Local bar owners would not go on camera but said that Marines are often violent and more difficult to control when they are intoxicated. John Hinnant of Wilmington Downtown Incorporated says today's meeting established a relationship between downtown bar owners and Camp Lejeune. He said the city and Camp Lejeune will work together to get rid of the membership law, and come up with a way to hold Marines accountable when they misbehave.

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  • GuestMarine

    I think Wilmington has forgotten about there own problems Marines are the same as any other young man or woman out there we are just able to fight better. We bust our butts in the sand for six months to a year or more so you can go to your precious bar any night you want then we come down there with our wives, girlfriends, or buddies just looking to relax and get away from our every day life. Me and my wife usually stay at the Hilton and go pub hopping with friends some bars I have not been allowed in and others that I have gotten in the bouncers follow me arround like I have a bomb straped to me. I know young Marines sometimes have chips on there shoulders I work with them every day but what young adult doesn’t these are College age men and women deffending your country that might not of had the chances to attend college like your precious UNCW kids but are working hard to earn there way through College. Just like another person said on here most Fast Food Restraunt robberies in Wilmington are comitted by Black Males so whats next McDonalds and Burger King not letting African Americans in to there establishments. People keep asking “they dont have any bars or places to hang out in Jacksonville” that answer is no not any decent ones and like me and my wife most of the Marines and there families cant wait to get back home or just get out of this Hell Hole of Jacksonville so we go to the nearest get aways possible and why would you complain anyways of someone with guaranteed revenue coming into your establishment and spending money 95% of these Marines will drop $60-$100 in a bar in a night then get a room at a local hotel because we are big on not drinking and driving plus you can not take a date back to your barracks. There is so much money for Wilmington to make from Marines. All a Marine is. Is a Person like yourself who has been taught to kill the enemy and protect his country from terrorist, foreign and domestic so dont be a threat to him or her and you have no problem they are there just to have a good time like yourself. Its like taking you little Chiuaua to the dog park you let them play but you still keep him on the opposite side of the park from the Pitt Bull until you find out the Pitt Bull is actualy friendly and will get along with other dogs,

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