Sheriff Ingram hosts residents for breakfast

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Submitted: Wed, 08/13/2008 - 9:10pm
Updated: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 4:24pm

It has been about two months since John Ingram was sworn in as the new sheriff of Brunswick County. He was appointed after Ron Hewett‘s resignation. To start off on the right foot with the community, today he sat down with them for some breakfast, and to talk face to face. Over coffee Wednesday morning, Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram looked to members of the community for help. At a meet and greet breakfast hosted by the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce, Ingram described his vision for the sheriff’s department. That vision depends heavily on community support. "The community has to be involved. They see things when law enforcement may not ever see or hear about. We have to have them involved so we know what’s going on," said Ingram. Brunswick Co. resident Glenn Humbert said, "The community is a part of the team, and I like that concept, and it creates another set of eyes out there for the sheriff’s department." In his two months on the job, Ingram has been pushing new initiatives like the community policing program. It targets problem areas in the county, specifically those experiencing a spike in drug related crimes. Deputies will be walking the streets, and encouraging community watch programs. Ingram said, "We believe we can curb the drug trade and make it uncomfortable for people to easily get drugs, that it may curb some of the property crimes as well." Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke said, "It could be the economy, it could be drugs, it could be anything, I really don’t know. We are a fast growing county and that being said, I’m just glad that the sheriff is here and they work as hard as they do." Ingram said hard work and community involvement are the only ways to restore the community’s faith in his department and tackle the issues that matter. "I’m trying to talk to everybody I can. I want to get our message out," said Ingram. Sheriff Ingram hopes to hold more community meetings throughout the county to hear from residents and address their concerns.


  • contingency14 says:

    Dear Guest236,

    I understand what you are saying, but have you considered hosting a form for the Sheriff? I believe he is trying to get things together and I would be a days pay that if you put together the event and ask him, he will come and speak to whoever wants to interface with him.

  • read the paper says:

    It was in your local papers the Brunswick Beacon and the Wilmington Star this week.

  • Guest236 says:

    I have a couple of questions. 1- Was this event open to the general public? 2-Was the event advertised for everyone to attend? I don’t want to start problems for our Sheriff, but our last Sheriff catered to a certain group of people. I do not want to see the same thing happen again. I would ask Sheriff Ingram to make sure he is accessible to everyone, not just the higher class communities. Every community has crime, but remember you are elected by more than one community. I hope that I am not over reacting here and if this was an open and public forum that was properly advertised, I apologize.

  • Guest56 says:

    When did the paper come out? And for the second comment, I am sure he would. But clearly as you said you understand my point. I am not bashing our Sheriff. I hope he can learn from previous mistakes maby by others.

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