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There is a delay in the sentencing for former Brunswick County Sheriff Ronald Hewett. He pleaded guilty to felony obstruction of justice back in may. His sentencing was originally scheduled for September 8 at the federal courthouse in Raleigh. That has been pushed back to October 6. A spokesperson in Judge Earl Britt’s office said there was "no reason given" for the change. An investigation into the former sheriff began in 2006, amidst allegations of misuse of public funds.

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  • They call me “The Correc-Tor!”

    I agree with you about people checking their own spelling. (Even though you spelled “Hewett” wrong and forgot to upper-case “English.”

  • English Teacher

    I read all these comments and can only think of one thing….. Spell Check People. If you want to sound like an intelligent person making intelligent points, then at least use correct english. Now, its sad what is happening to Sheriff Hewitt, but with that being said you are responsible for your actions. Just because you are the High Sheriff doesnt make you invisible to the laws. Had he run a stop sign, yeah let him go. But we are talking about some serious allegations here.

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