Perdue to skip another Wilmington debate

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Submitted: Tue, 08/26/2008 - 9:23am
Updated: Thu, 02/02/2012 - 4:37pm

It looks like a candidate for Governor will skip a second debate in the Port City this year.

Democrat Bev Perdue visited nursing students at UNC Wilmington yesterday and checked out a nursing lab. But the Lieutenant Governor apparently will not come to Wilmington October 24 for a candidate forum co-sponsored by WWAY and the Big Talker FM.

Perdue and her primary opponent Richard Moore both skipped a candidate forum here in April. Her opponent in the general election, Republican Pat McCrory, has criticized Perdue for not agreeing to a statewide televised debate either. Perdue said five scheduled debates in other parts of the state and video of them online are enough.

"As the debate happened last week in Durham, you could watch it (on-line) in time," Perdue said. "The issues that are being discussed in all of the debates, as far as I have any say-so over what the questions are, and the candidates don’t, are generic to the entire state."

Perdue and McCrory participated in a debate hosted by the North Carolina Bar Association June 21 in Atlantic Beach and at the studio of WTVD in Durham August 19. They have three more debates scheduled: September 9 at WRAL in Raleigh; the Public School Forum in Cary September 19; and a debate sponsored by the Charlotte League of Women Voters, WSOC and WTVI in Charlotte October 15.

McCrory and Libertarian candidate Michael Munger have agreed to attend our candidate forum. McCrory brings his campaign to our area Thursday with scheduled stops in Brunswick and Columbus Counties.


  • Du says:

    It’s a shame to see politicians who are afraid to discuss issues and plans. Chalk her up as one more chicken who will not get my vote.

  • PoliGuest says:

    The greater Wilmington area is not Raleigh or Charlotte, or the NC Bar Association, but still we are an important political area of the state.
    It seems that the leading Democrats such as Bev Purdue feel our vote in southeastern NC is a given for their party, and they need not attend our political events.
    I also believe that a televised debate between our two candidates for Governor would be the best way for voters to size up the two contenders. I know many would watch. Ms. Perdue must feel the debate would hurt her position.

  • standing next to you says:

    You are absolutely correct. As long as voters go blindly into the polls and vote strictly down party lines North Carolina will be the puppet of Democrats.

    During Easley’s term, he took action on very little.
    The Southport Marina, water conservation, and a veto over large sport fishing boats is all i recall.

    The latter is ridiculous, the sport fishermen go to tournaments all along the east coast. They bring in millions of dollars in revenue. If you examine accidents involving boats, they do not exceed the average for other motor vehicles.

    And Perdue is not truthful about drilling for oil. She is against it, however during the election cycle, when its convenient, she coyly will let oil companies drill on leases they currently hold.

    Some of her biggest contributors are in the DOT, which by coincidence have raided the highway trust fund.

    If you truly want change, change her address. Ship her out of Raleigh.

  • piperTom says:

    It’s Perdue’s loss, if not totally Wilmington’s gain. Her lame excuse for opting out fools nobody. Is she afraid of her own poor performance? Possibly, she’s afraid of Mike Munger, who has a sharp wit, sometimes.

  • shoe repairer says:

    Who cares if Bev Perdue won’t come to this area for a debate? She’s been to Columbus County so many times, it’s right sickening. I personally don’t intend on voting for her. She hangs out with the wrong “crowd”.

    Another reason she’s not coming could be that she might not want to be put on the hot seat. Tough issues posed to her without her having any solutions. Possibly she thinks she has already won this area. She can think again, though if she’s “betting” on my vote.

    I hope Pat McCrory is our next governor!

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