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The troubles continue for state Senator R.C. Soles. Mr. Soles has a law practice in the Columbus County town of Tabor City, and has recently had a number of run-ins with clients and ex-clients. Since our first report aired last Thursday, Mr. Soles has pepper sprayed a client who showed up at his house. The client, Stacey Scott, walked to the Tabor City Emergency Services Building for help. Police say another client of Mr. Soles, 16-year-old Allen Strickland, trespassed on the Senator’s property on two separate occasions over the last few weeks, and stole a light fixture. Police say Strickland learned Soles was considering pressing charges and threatened to call NewsChannel 3, the FBI, and Bettie Fennell, who is Soles’ political challenger, with damaging information regarding Soles. He threatened to ruin Soles’ political career and said he would see him in prison. In response to that call, police arrested Strickland on charges of extortion. They also arrested another client of R.C. Soles, Ervin Jordan, who they say worked as an accomplice with Allen Strickland to steal the Senator’s light fixture. In a press release issued today, Mr. Soles said some of his clients have fallen on hard times, and were venting their frustrations on him. Senator Soles said he did what was necessary to protect his property.

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  • John

    R.C. Soles Anti 2nd Amendment belief has just exposed him for the hypocrite he really is. He like many other Anti 2nd Amendment washington politicians are elitists believing they are better than the rest of us and as elected officials have the power / right to force dos and don’ts on the rest of Americans which they themselves are unwilling to abide by. Shame on any American who would continually vote in to office a politician that opposes any freedom provided all Americans in our Constitution & Bill of Rights.

    It is time for Americans to wake up & take a stand against the federal governments, republican or democrats, continued efforts to legislate away Americans God given rights. I for one don’t want or need an elitist group many having committed crimes to tell me which light bulb to use, take my tax dollars for distribution to those unwilling to work, forced health care, refuse exploration of oil from our own reserves, or tell me I have no right to possess firearms to name a few.

    It is time for politicians like Soles to be removed from office never to return.

  • GJim Schwalbe

    What an arrogant piece of trash. He thinks because he defends trash that he is justified in having a gun for protection, but we as ordinary citizens do not have the same right. Get rid of this dirtbag NC.

  • Michael logan

    Anybody taking bets that this Senator also believes that he is entitled to a far superior level of health care (along with his D.C. cronies)than that which he is pressing for you and me?

  • MaRia Rogers

    Any one who practices in criminal defense and family law will have dangerous and threatening run-ins with their clients and former clients. Not all but some clients are troubled, unstable, emotional and/or violent = about .05% of the time. That is why the majority are in the system to begin with.

    As a criminal defense and family law practitioner, I have had my fair share of threats and unstable clients walking into the office or learning my home information, creating a sense of fear b/c of their erratic behavior and threats. I have had former clients stalk me. Most recently, a woman. Not too long ago, coming from a depositions, a former client accosted me – thankfully there were 3 armed detective that I was deposing who handled the situation for me.

    Those accused of crimes are entitled to representation b/c it protects those precious and ever ebbing constitutional rights we all inherited. For the .05% who retaliate regardless of the outcome of their case, its a dangerous job – as is for all of us involved – law enforcement and prosecutors.

    Family law clients are emotional and angry to begin with – good people at their worst. These cause more safety problems to attorneys and judges than our criminal clients. In Jacksonville, FL (a few years ago), an attorney was held hostage by a disgruntled client and the judge was threatened.

    The general public has no insight into how the justice system actually works. The new media skews the system to the detriment of our own liberties.

    Support Sen Soles and all those who are in the system supporting and defending you and your constitutional rights

  • john


    In reading your comments about Soles I wondered if you were including him in your closing statement to support those in the system supporting and defending your constitutional rights. If so i also wondered which Constitution you were referring to. It couldn’t be the one written by our Founding Fathers?

    Washington politicians republican & democrat along with federal judges have and continue to trample the rights of Americans provided in the Constitution & Bill of Rights evidenced by Soles/democrats effort to restrict gun ownership in America & most recent being the attempt to force health care on Americans. to name a few.

  • Quapa

    Having served in law enforcement for some 20 years, I can say that the perpetrators wrapped up in the criminjal justice system do not need lawyers, they need to be placed in exile somewhere in the Congo. And take their lawyers with them. Look at that den of thieves in D.C. Dang near 100% lawyers. 100% crooks. Birds of a feather, so to speak.

  • Apparently, Sen. Soles is highly selective in his defense of the constitional rights of his constituents. I agree that we should support those who are in the system supporting and defending others and their constitional rights. At the same time we should abhor those who, like Sen. Soles, freely exercise their own while denying the “lesser” among us the implements to exercise our same rights.

  • josey

    Either the people of Columbus County have closed their eyes as to that Soles has been up to for many, many years or they are truly ignorant. There is a reason he is always helping “boys” and it is not out of the goodness of his heart.

  • Patriot42

    Typical liberal democrat. Here this sorry excuse for an elected official has been lobbying against gun ownership – avidly – for years. He then uses one to protect himself by shooting a person! The very rights he has fought to deny people were what he had to use to defend himself.

    His anti-American record has now come back to haunt him. I am glad he is physically safe, but I hope his past now makes it a rough ride for him to live down. His preference to deny citizens a basic, Constitutional right, while reserving it for himself, are typical practices of people with a liberal mindset. He just was caught by reality slapping him in the face.

  • notquitecrazy

    It looks bad when the unmarried old man who has a lot of teen boys hanging around his place has to shoot one of them on his front porch.

  • 88tincan

    WE reap what we sow. Why do the people of southeastern NC keep electing this creep!!

  • lin

    Another typical democrat – don’t do what I do – do what I say! Anti-gun activist but he has one for his own defense. I cannot stand a hypocrite and I’m beginning to believe more and more that politicians are the lowest of the low (with the exception of a few). They rate even lower than defense lawyers – oh wait, he is a lawyer- why am I not surprised? What is it about people in this country that makes them suddenly seem so accepting of politicians’ disgusting behavior? It used to be a bad thing to have no morals or values – but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Terrible, terrible shame.

  • amy

    What in the world is this all about? i think someone knows something and is hanging it over RC’s head!
    Further reason to never vote in the incumbent,one chance and then out.The longer a politician serves the more corrupt they become.Experience only means more money in their pockets and less work for the people!
    Remember this during elections!

  • Jud Ferguson

    When is ol’ RC gonna be available to tell us about the boy he has “bought a house for ” and “bought a Corvette for” ?????????? All we ever hear on the news is he is unavailable for comment………..??????

  • Howard Denny

    It is time to resign Senator!
    You can not expect the public to trust you any further.

    My right ot protect my family is as just as yours yet you disagree!
    Resignation is in order.

    Howard Denny

  • Guest

    Wasn’t Soles just shooting a gun out of his front door a few weeks ago “defending” himself.


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