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If you are packing your things before heading to safety during a hurricane, it is easy to forget to turn off the appliances. Progress Energy manager John Elliott said power lines are ready to handle the wind and rain that may come with Hanna, but trees cause some major concern. Fallen limbs cause the most downed power lines, so customers should be aware. Elliot said, “If they seen any down power lines, make sure they’re staying away from any down power lines. Report those, stay away from them until Progress Energy is there to repair that damage.” In the past, customers say those repairs have come pretty quick. Rosa Batts, a current Progress Energy customer said, ”To me, so far they’ve been good. Because you know we like to sometimes go out and see what’s going on after the storm. And you see them trying to get your lines and everything you know hooked back up so that you can get power as quick as possible.” If you find that you do lose power and service does not come back, even after it is returned to the area, you might want to go outside and check above the meter to make sure the weather head is still attached to the home. If it is not it causes a great safety concern and power will not be turned on until it is fixed. Elliott said Progress Energy would work first to repair parts of the system that affect the greatest number of people. In the meantime, there are things customers can do to help protect their homes. According to Elliot, “All your major appliances should be turned off when the storm comes though. That way when we re-energize those lines and power comes back in you do not get a surge.” Elliott said Progress Energy crews will be out working and assessing damage as soon as the weather allows. They have brought in extra line and tree personnel to help deal with an increase in downed power lines.

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