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Congressman Mike McIntyre was one of the critics that said the final bill contained too many unnecessary ‘pork projects’. He released a statement after voting no on the rescue plan, stating the bill was unsatisfactory in four ways 1) The bill fails to protect American taxpayers against their money being used to help foreign companies and foreign banks. 2) Oversight of how this money is spent by the Secretary of the Treasury is severely limited. 3) Few, if any, homeowners will get mortgage relief. 4) He said this bill drives up our national debt to nearly $10 trillion. Congressman McIntyre said this bill is more expensive than the first bill that was defeated. McIntyre says now that the bill has passed, he will do all he can to make sure taxpayers’ money is used wisely. You can use the following link to read the complete text of the bill.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    “Too much of the pork was missing NC-7.”

    Mikey….Mistress Nancy is going to be MAAAAAAAAAD at you! She wanted you to vote yes, this time.

    I know, I know……it’s SOOO hard to keep up….

  • GuestDon’tWant It!

    And no doubt Mr. Common Sense, you will wallow in your taxpayer funded bail out of corrupt, greedy mega millionaires with mega pork barrel spending projects attached. It was so large in size and the need was soooooo immediate, it just had to be passed without a second look. For someone who posts accusations of socialism to anyone who dares feel the pinch of deregulated neo-con economics…shame on you. This is much, much worse (in the socialist aspect) in that we are now ONLY taking care of big business and we the people are left holding the bill for those who have fleeced us. And you dare attack individuals whom you call “Barney” who have fallen victim to Enron style BIG business tactics? Did you know that the bill exempts prosecution of anyone who is responsible? Did you know that it now cannot be referred to as a “bail out” by the media? Oh yea, I forgot, it was greedy little people who couldn’t pay for their home. Reminds me of the Federal Reserve Act passed on Dec. 23, 1913, when most Congressmen were already headed home for the holidays. It was debated for a whole 5 minutes. This vote was downright blackmail. “If we don’t pass this bill…”

  • nomoremike

    With luck Will Breazeale will soon be our new Congressman.


  • Brezeale is an Idiot

    It’ll take a lot of luck and a lot of stupid voters to elect someone who can’t even win city council in his own hometown. If you vote against this Will guy, though, watch out cause he’ll probably buzz your house with his airplane like he did his ex-wife. I’ve got $500 that says will doesn’t get over 35% (and that’s being generous)…

  • damifino

    I’m not very smart, as you will probably be able tell from my question. Per the bailout; if the taxpayers of these United States are buying $700 billion dollars of “securities” and these “securities” start making a profit, do we all receive the dividends?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    We made money on the Chrysler bailout, though people howled about us lending money to Chrysler. (The libs were especially incensed that Ford refused to lend money to New York City at the same time.)

    We made money on the Mexican bailout, and lots of people were opposed to that as well.

    So yes, the taxpayers could see a profit from the money we’re currently pumping into the financial sector. This will Congress to no end, as they will then have more money to blow.

    The one message that has been overshadowed throughout this whole debate about helping Wall Street is the far bigger problem this nation faces: A Congress that is addicted to deficit spending on items and entitlements that produce absolutely no return of value.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    However, if you’d tune in more regularly, you’d see where I posted that the bailout stunk, and that while we needed to do something to free up the credit markets, it wasn’t this package.

    No need to apologize – I prefer that you sappy sob-sisters hate me.

  • concerned taxpayer

    Bravo, Mike McIntyre! It takes courage, commitment, and brains to swim upstream, and in the opposite direction from the slop that most of today’s congress is swallowing. The bill does not in ANY way offer solutions to the core problem, which is reckless spending and poor judgment; it only offers an opportunity to fleece us, the over burdened tax payers, with more debt. Bush said last week that without the thing, we’d be in serious trouble; with it, and only with it, we could avert a disaster. Today, he’s already saying it “may, or may not” work. Most economists who are not connected to the free money lines already forming outside of Washington, are saying that any bail out attempt will not “cure” the problems we face; only make matters worse. Why can’t the high roller jocks on Wall Street accept that mistakes have been made, and sooner or later, the stupid ones will have to be paid for by someone other than a “nanny” government? Keep up the good work, Mike. You have our vote.


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