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Former Brunswick County Sheriff, Ronald Hewett, will be sentenced Monday in federal court on a felony charge of obstructing justice His sentencing will take place at 9:00 a.m. at the federal courthouse in Raleigh. He faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. < ahref="http:wway.wcbi.com/breaking_news_hewett_out/03/2008">Hewett was charged with one felony count of obstruction of justice in May. The following month, Hewett pleaded guilty to the charge. The charge stems back to June of 2007 when 25 people, mainly sheriff’s deputies, were subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury.

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  • guesty

    You, t. wright and j. black can play some checkers.

  • Guest30897

    Don’t forget about Senators Boseman and Soles, they got their feet dangling over a fire.

  • ronaldsupporter

    I wish Ronald the BEST of luck we will be thinking about you! I have faith that you will get out of this mess. Hold your head up high and know that people are on your side!!!! Don’t worry about what other people say they have nothing better to talk about.

  • Loyal Friend

    I am a loyal friend and supporter of Sheriff Hewett. I have lived in Brunswick County for the past 13 years and have seen what a good sheriff he is. Just in the past 4 years have known him personally. What has happened to him I will never understand, but I know God allows things to happen for a reason and Sheriff Hewett will come out a stronger Christian and a better man than those who have betrayed him and his family. My prayers have been and will continue to be with him and his family.

  • Soap

    Ron make sure you get some soap on a rope. HAHAHA

  • Guest6144

    You sound delusional.

  • Officer

    What has happened to him is his own doing. Those that stood up and told the truth are not bad nor have they done anything wrong. The Sheriff is held to a high standard and one of those standards is to obey the law like the rest of us. I wish him well but whatever punishment he might get, he has brought on himself.

  • Guest555

    Then why did you allow him to drive DRUNK? Why did you allow him to misrepresent our sheriff’s department? Why did HE BETRAY the citizans of this county? Your a sad fella and so is your so called friend. Go visit him in jail where he belongs and a better christian? That statement is a joke because if he was anything of the sort the charges against him he ADMITTED to would have never been. What church do you attend if any?

  • GuestPro

    What about the people of Brunswick County that Ronald betrayed? The truth of the matter is that there were two sides of Ronald Hewett. There was the public side that was the good and then there was the private side that was the a bad or evil. If anyone listened to the audio tapes they would have heard the real Ronald. Unless you worked for the Sheriff’s Department, you can not even begin to imagine all the stuff that went on because of Ronald. In my opinion, Ronald is getting his “come around” of “what goes around.”

  • GuestisCONFUSED

    This man will probably go to jail, but RC Soles walks around a free man. Very, very confusing.

    Where, oh WHERE is the justice (and investigators) in NC.

  • GuestHAHA

    If it were his feet he was dangling, R.C. Soles wouldn’t be near as much fire. It’s the other parts he dangles that will end up burning him.

  • Guest55

    Ok, so Ronald is getting sentenced. Big deal! He will pay for his wrongdoing. However, those of you making these pathetic comments, remember that what goes around comes around. Another thing, one would assume these bad comments are comming from Ingram supporters. Most would agree, Ronald made some good changes in his early years as Sheriff. Now go and look, Ingram has brought back all the “old boys” that Brunswick County got shed of years back for bad sheriffing. I hope the citizens of this county CLEAN HOUSE come Sheriff Election time in a couple of years. We need new blood. Sheriff Ingram, I urge you not to take us back in time, but forward. Some of the same trouble makers remain in your administration and you even brought some back. COME ON NOW!!!!

  • Gene

    Oh, blind man. You have totally missed the object ball and scratched at the same time! That is because you took your eye off the cue ball, Hewett! In this case the cue ball in this game of life is the felon Hewett! He broke the law. Not Ingram, not as you say, “the good ole boys”. The investigation was around Hewett. The charges were against Hewett! THE PLEA OF GUILTY WAS AGAIN, HEWETT! Ronald Hewett is not going to jail because of “all the good he did”. He is going to jail for all the laws he broke! As he was a sworn officer of the law when he broke the MANY laws that he broke and, when he used his position to unduly effect the lives of many, he insulted every decent LEO past, present, and future! And, he may not have to serve a day. We won’t know until Monday.

    The rule of law has prevailed here, not your blind loyalty to a criminal, thank God! If you can ever substantiate even one of the frivolous murmurings that you make, take it to the DA. Until then, stop embarrassing yourself.

    You know, if it were not for Adolf Hitler, there would never have been a Volkswagen. That good thing he did way back when, does not erase the scoundrel that Hitler was.

    It is a very sad thing for Hewett’s family. It is a very sad thing for his friends, including you. It is a very sad thing for those of this county that deserved and honest cop. But he is a self made blemish on one of the greatest professions there is. What ever he gets Monday, it is of his own making and he is fully deserving of it. NOT ANYONE ELSE!

  • Brunswick Native

    Guest 55 – You stated “Now go and look, Ingram has brought back all the “old boys” that Brunswick County got shed of years back for bad sheriffing.” – I am a lifelong native of Brunswick County and I know without a doubt that the ones who were bought back were indeed good people who left not because of bad sheriffing as you stated but because of the way things were being handled by Ronald. When Ronald was in office, the department was crooked, there was no regulation and if you did not go with the plan, then you were ousted. Ronald should have lived up to the law just as he expected the citizens of Brunswick County to do. He broke the law, lost his moral being and he should pay.

    Ingram is doing a wonderful job for Brunswick County and I as well as many others already see a difference. They are actually patrolling instead of riding the streets. They have a presence in high drug areas and they are actually pulling people over. We have a new sheriff in town and some good guys are back in the department that have morals. I for one will continue to support Ingram and the great job the department is doing!

  • Guest5559

    u r right, he brought back “bill the troubler maker miller” and patty hewett. OMG!!!!! ingram please…..

  • kool2handle

    You talk bull. the people just think that when Ronald was in office he didnt cut any one slack unless they were kin.
    so they feel that he should get his, the same as he gives every one else.
    Me on the other hand feel that two wrongs dont make a right.
    I went to school with Ronald. I conciderd him a friend. not a great friend but still a friend, a class mate. and i feel that he did a great job as sheriff, and aparently every one else did to. sence you voted him in twice. he just like so many let his power go to his head. as so many do. his only down fall is he got caught. you think ron is the only one doing this. he is just the only one who got caught. it stems from every county every state. even to the fed. gov. their are liers and cheats in every state..what ron did was a cake walk compared to what is going on all over the usa. ron has never been in trouble before. his fines are way to much he didnt take that much mabe a few houndred thats all you have proved any way. so wy should he pay back thousands. just have him pay back double what he took. and give him probation. and dont let him back on any police force in this great country. belive me that will pay him back enough. he has no other job skills other then law. he will have such a hard time makeing it as it is. yes just give him 4 years un suppervised probation. and pay back double what is belived he took. that will be enough.

  • Angie

    Big deal? I guess it’s not to you, but this seems pretty serious to me. Enough said about that.
    Ingram knows who he has “kept” in employment (practically everyone) and obviously you know as well as I do that there are certain ones that need to go! That is what the voters at election time is going to remember. I certainly don’t think Charlie and Patti will be the ones costing him votes!
    And yes my prayers are with Ronald and his family today.

  • Linda Lou Campbell CARLA’S MOM

    Ron take one day at a time and thank you for getting my daughter Carla Lea’s killer in 49 hours, Martha Farmer, 9-7-2006. You are in my prayers daily and GOD has you in his hands.

  • SurfCityTom

    It appears hitory sends forth another lesson.

    Think back to Watergate. Nixon administration officials for the most part were not convicted of an act associated with the Break-In. Their crime was obstruction of justice.

    History again states it is better to tell the truth and face some music then hide the facts or discourage others from testifying.

    If he receives an active jail term, let’s hope he is sent to a facility where his physical well being will not be in jeapordy. The public disgrace and stress to his family have probably been punishment enough. Perhaps a sentence calling for public service will be sufficient.

  • Guest55

    Like I said, we need new blood. I see first hand daily what the Sheriffs Office is doing. No doubt there is some good, but no where near where is should be, and it likely will not be as long as the old crowd is in. And by the way, I am too a life long resident of Brunswick County. If you think the Sheriffs office was crooked before Ronald, you are so sadly confused. Have a nice day.

  • Guest55

    First off, as you refer to the “game”, this is no game. As I said, Hewett will pay for his crime. He is going through the justice system. There is no need to continue slamming this man. Your comments or opinion no longer matters here, it is up to Judge Britt. You are mad, a very mad person. It will do you no good.

    No one cites Ingram as doing anything wrong as you allude to in your statement. Ingram is simply filling a Sheriffs position until election time, and then our citizens will speak loud and clear for change. If Ingram can prove himself in 2 years, maby he will win, I don’t see it happening with the path he is currently taking though. Winning is not bringing back the old crowd or leaving the same folks that is partially responsible for the corruption, that more or less is revenge. I want to make sure I emphasize, Hewett IS NOT at total blame for all this mess and that has been proven but not through criminal charges. Some day it will come out. As far a blind loyalty, I have no stake in this what so ever other than being a county taxpayer. I have never work for nor donated to Ronald Hewett. Clearly you are a “bidder person” for some encounter you may experienced through Mr. Hewett. I am sorry for your bidderness and hate, cause your murmurings lack any substantiality. What is clear is that you are, is an Ingram supporter, and you should be if you work for him. I don’t. I do not have to agree with or support anything he does whether right, wrong, good or bad.

    And finally, you mention Hitler and a Volkswagon. I will pray for you. You are either borderline disturbed or so out of touch with reality, that you have no choice but to cite irrelevant historic rhetoric. If you believe Hitler did good, you are again confused or disturbed. There is no contrast with Hewett and Hitler. Hitler’s bid for territorial conquest and racial subjugation caused the deaths of 43 million people, including the systematic genocide of an estimated six million Jews and millions of others in what is known as the Holocaust. So, go study that, and again you will find it has no relevance to the Hewett case.
    My prayers are with you, the officers and us taxpayers of Brunswick County.


    You really sound smart, Ferdinand Porsche invented the Volkswagen and sold the design to Hitler who marketed it under a different name, Ferdinand porch was upset that Hitler used his design for propaganda, also Ferdinand Porsches was not a member of the Nazi Party…check it out Tatar also sued saying it looked similar to their design…the design was first introduced in 1930…

  • Genepool

    Our sheriff deputies have prevailed, they have exposed our bad sheriff and left no hole, it was quickly filled with a un-elected sheriff based on a popular decision, I can assure you that this has left the Brunswick county residence sick to their soul, see we really do want justice. first Ronald is quilty and sentenced soon, then we can focus on his conspirators turned victim turned hero, here is the plan first we elect a real sheriff the we elect a real DA then we charge those honorable deputies for not upholding the law… fry the sheriff he’s the steak, then lets get the deputies they are the grease left in the pan..not all of them!! we all are aware of the bad one and the good ones, our new sheriff may be a good one, but the longer he does nothing about those who assisted Ronald then the less likely he looks better than his predecessor

  • Gene

    And, I think you would have to agree that under the regime of the time “Hitler” it was going to be his way or no way at all. Therefore stolen design or not, it was in fact Hitler through his means that caused the car to hit the road. Treachery yes, but still the fact. You stated in your own words, “Ferdinand Porsche invented the Volkswagen and sold the design to Hitler”. So, regardless of the designers feelings on how Hitler used it for propaganda, my account still stands. And you just furthered the argument. That argument still stands that a scum bag like Hitler put an affordable car into the hands of his people and that did not make him a good man!


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