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Many Brunswick County residents anticipated the outcome of today’s sentencing. Reaction to the fate of the former sheriff was mixed. Many Brunswick County residents said the former law man was not above the law. Brunswick County’s former top cop now faces more than a year in prison. “He’s been throwing people in jail and he’s been worse, the same things they were doing,” said Jerra Griffin of Southport. “I feel like he’s getting what he deserves,” spoke Beverly Maggard from Bolivia. Ronald Hewett’s sentencing was originally scheduled for September 8th at the federal courthouse in Raleigh. It was delayed to Monday. The sentencing is the culmination of a nearly two year investigation. Hewett was the subject of a state probe involving alleged sexual harassment of female officers, showing up drunk at crime scenes, and interfering with investigations involving his own relatives. Some residents say the punishment fits the crime. Brandi Carr, also of Bolivia, said, “Basically, if you do a crime you have to pay the price for it.” While being investigated, federal prosecutors say Hewett tried to influence the testimony of witnesses, mainly sheriff’s deputies, who were subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury. Hewett was a popular sheriff in Brunswick County for 14 years, and after his sentencing, more residents reflected on what they think went wrong. “To me, Ron Hewett was mixing feelings with business, and when you get to doing that it cause you to have a downfall, that any other person would have done. He’s just one of those that got caught,” said John Johnson, Bolivia. Current Brunswick County sheriff, John Ingram, declined comment. Brunswick County District Attorney Rex Gore also would not comment on the 16 month sentence, only to say that his office will continue to move forward with pending charges against the former sheriff. Hewett is still facing state charges of embezzlement and obstructing justice.

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  • Guest5150

    that parts over. Ron my prayers are with you. But you broke the law and you must pay the price. Use the time to think about what you have done and how you can become a better man before you decided to go down the wrong path. Make this a lesson learned and turn this into a positive in the end. It seems you have a lot of friends and family supporting and standing beside you. Most criminals don’t even have that before going to prison.

  • Hewett was charged with obstruction of justice because a distant relative was not charged with intimidating a witness. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I thought the DA (Rex Gore) decided the charges and against whom. Why didn’t Rex charge this Hewett person with intimidating a witness if she did indeed do it. Someone please respond.
    Thank You

  • justwondering

    Ain’t that the truth! It was Rex Gore that put a stop to the Bald Head Island murder or suicide (according to who you ask) Not the sheriff’s office. If my memory serves me correctly the sheriff’s office wanted to continue to investigate and Rex was who decided to call it a suicide.


    Gene, you are correct about Rex Gore. Maybe Ronald did give him up. Rex is just as crooked as Ronald if not more so. I think it’s time to clean house in BC. Let’s not just stop with Rex. Let’s check out what is going on in the R.O.D. office. You reckon ole slick Robert Robinson is squeaky clean??I bet he has some skeletons in his closet as well.

  • gene

    You already have your answer. As you stated, “Rex Gore is the DA”. This is the same DA that just let a pedophile go down with a measly 4 1/2 years. If he cut a deal like that for a pedophile what would Gore have done in the case you site? Oh, maybe driving left of center and cost of court.

    The Feds have done their job and with it the information is in Gore’s lap. Now sit back and watch “do nothing” Gore, do nothing.

    Now it also seems that prisoner (not sheriff) Hewett got off very easy too. Not nearly the cushy deal that Gore handed Stidham but pretty darn easy. At first I thought, WHAT? But then I got to thinking. On the outside of this “deal” we do not know what kind of information Hewett shared with the feds. In many cases giving them information that can further or begin another case can help one out when it comes to sentencing. So, prisoner Hewett may have given the feds something worth while. I would think that would scare a few people that are running around free right now. I wonder, does that scare Rex?

  • According to Marion Warren, it was Hewett who made the decision about the suicide and Gore said his office would not go against the sheriff. That’s what he told BHI Police Chief Grasty at the time when she was trying to find out why the ruling was suicide so quickly and before the tests had come back from Raleigh. The only test back by then was the celebrated batch test which only proved that the casing matched those from Davina’s gun. The problem with that is that every officer over there had bullets from the SAME batch, so it matched everybody’s. Warren is the source for the decision having been Hewett’s.

  • Now, having clarified who made the decision about Davina’s suicide – or who ‘said’ it was made – I can assure you that Gore IS the one who refuses to open my sister’s case and let it taken into open court. He keeps affirming that there is nothing more to find. I think the book “Out With Three” blows that song-and-dance out the window. I can’t even get BHI or his office to agree to give the family her shield, even now. If it was such a simple suicide, I don’t see what their problem is in doing what police departments normally do, even in situations where a police person’s suicide is proven beyond a doubt. We still cannot even leave flowers or anything out there where she died. Nobody knows how much this family still suffers from the way we and Davina were treated. Hewett cried in court? We know all about tears. And plenty of others in this district do, too. And they’ve come at the hands of ‘justice’ from Gore and Hewett both.

  • gene

    Both Hewett and Gore were hand in hand on this terrible travesty. Hewett crew allowed the crime scene to be totally washed down and destroyed and Gore turned his back on that poor family.

    But, the wedding did go on as planned where the crime scene once was! Thanks to Hewett and Gore! And the Jones family? Well, they were just in the way. If for just that reason alone, Hewett and Gore should be gone. Well, Hewett is gone and now, if we can just get rid of Gore.

  • Just Tired

    Why don’t We just reopen the Salem witch trials while we are at it! Give it a rest the man was punished for his crime. When or if there is proof of some other crime then we should go from there.Until then just let it go!

    Just tired

  • Give me just a little more time and that is EXACTLY what I intend to do. Apparently you think owning up to one crime erases all the wrong this man has done. It does not.

  • Look into other people

    I don’t know much about Ron Hewett, but what little I did know he seemed like a good man, but if he did what he was accused of then God will see that he is punished in his on way. now I think that the state needs to look into our so called DA Rex Gore, don’t think that he is a clean as he wants you to believe. The things that I have heard about him he is no better than what Mr. Hewett has been accused of, he is just better at hiding his skeletons. Why not take the time out of your busy schedules and do some investigating on Mr. Gore, he is as crooked as they come.

  • OI gal

    I feel he is an egotistical and self absorbed individual. His face was in every paper and on tv for years and now the same but for a different reason. I hope he straightens himself out and after doing his time he becomes a joe 6pack or hockey dad.!!! Life does not have to be center stage.

  • the hammer bs

    was phil norris at hewetts sentencing as a pastor or a commisioner?? heres the answer…I was at the federal courthouse and heard norris say “it’s a injustice”, so does that mean he agrees with the laws hewett broke?
    sounds to me that norris is for hewett…so does that mean he doesn’t practice what he preaches….norris, bill sue and marty lawing need to go….


    Well Hollywood Hewett was all over the news and the Brunswick Beacon it seemed like every week wanting to be highly praised for a job he never did but wanting his credit for it and to be noticed! Well he finally got in the spot light this time….

    All I can say is this is just a little small piece of sweet justice for me and the hell that Ronald Hewett put me through when I thought he cared about me too and watched me grow up to a young lady and then have him turn his back on me like he did about 8 years ago! Thanks I really appreciate that ole’ Ronnie! I am just sorry that you didn’t get more time; you need it and sure have earned your time in your cell! Plus I would LOVE to know how your fine got so graciously reduced from $250K to $10K??? That is just a puzzle to me; I guess it’s all about who you are around here and what last name you bear…

    To the Davina Buff-Jones family I am so sorry for your loss and believe that she was also murdered and have read your book and webpage many times; my heart aches for you all every day and hope that one day you will finally get the proof and closure that you so truly deserve!

  • Tanya Hart

    It is very nice to hear your comments about my sister Davina’s murder,book and webpage. Yes, Ronald was putting our family through “HELL” almost exactly 9 yrs ago now! On Oct.22 will be the anniversary of her “Angel Day” and our being born to the reality of how BCSD,Bald Head Island,SBI and REX GORE handled things in this county.YES, I am glad Ronald is having to face HIS consequences…BUT I feel he has gotten off pretty good considering how we were treated. NOW,IF REX goes down for anything…I will be the first TO DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!!!In Dee’s case there will never,ever be closure.


    I have met and talked to your mother many times and think so much of her! I met her when she was campaigning for Jon David. She is an awesome woman with so much strength and courage; so I can only imagine how wonderful and special you are and how your sister was.

    I know there will never be closure for your sister’s murder but hopefully one day you will all learn the TRUTH of what actually happened that awful and tragic night! I pray every day that you all will get that one day very soon and that the ones responsible for it will pay the ultimate price for her murder! Well at least one is so far or will be soon…..Inmate Hewett! He made my life hell also and was even a family friend to me so I can only imagine how ya’ll were treated; I truly hate it for you all especially knowing how wonderful of a person your mother is!

    I hope we all are lucky enough to see Rex Gore’s falling too that will be an Oh Happy Day in Brunswick County too! Maybe that’s how Ronald got off so easy on his sentence was that he turned in a lot of people along the way to help himself out; If I was Rex Gore and some of the other crooks out there at Brunswick County Government Complex I would be pretty scared right now! All I can say is please come back and run again Jon David; you have an even better chance now and should have won last time you ran; I voted and campaigned for you and will do it again until you get in and replace the crooked D.A. we have now….. JON DAVID for D.A. for Brunswick County!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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