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The McCain supporters who did not make it inside the Schwartz Center watched on the lawn on a jumbotron. There were many disappointed people that did not make it inside Monday. Whether they got in or not, most everyone waited for hours. "At least an hour and a half or two hours. Every bit of two hours, actually," said Carolyn Bordeaux. Mary Leusink also waited awhile. "We got here around 11, and we waited in line until they let us in." For some, the waiting paid off and they got inside for the first come, first served seating. Not everybody had such luck. The Schwartz Center lawn was filled with people who did not make it inside or that did not get a ticket, and just wanted to check it out. Not everyone was a supporter, and at times, the outside crowd got heated. The event was supposed to be a town hall meeting, with the senator taking questions, which he did not do. Christine Swier attended the event. She said, "That would have been great. I just didn’t think he had the time. He answered a lot of our questions with a lot of the points that he brought up." All in all, most people out here were satisfied with the event. Some said they wished it was held at a larger venue, but with just three weeks until Election Day, most people were happy to just see a presidential candidate here in Wilmington.

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  • taxpayer

    McCain is not a slick television personality…Obama is. McCain can’t move around the televion set as well as Obama. McCain doesn’t have the low, booming voice of Obama. In short Obama wins the television talent show, and sadly that is what sways many voters.
    Obama’s message is a slew of wonderful sounding promises, that he can not keep. He’s going to give citizens everything for nothing. He would have been a very successful used car salesman. But his great TV image, and his fairytale promises, work with the easily impressed, and the easily fooled.
    McCain is the type leader that built this great country–that no one ever wants to leave–and the leader that will do a better job of keeping the privilege of living here alive. Sky high taxes, and hampering business to the breaking point, only breaks a country.
    I’m not falling for the slick TV image, or the sky high promises….I’m voting McCain/Palin!!!!

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