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Someone apparently does not like the attention Senator Obama is getting. During his rally, authorities say someone slashed tires on at least 30 parked vehicles outside the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said deputies are investigating the incident because it happened outside the county owned facility. Obama’s North Carolina campaign spokeswoman said it is disappointing that Obama’s supporters had to experience vandalism.

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  • Guest2234

    BUT my car was keyed and my McCain sticker was pulled off. On a separate incident my McCain sign was stolen from my house, and I have witnessed OBAMA ’08 being written AND spray painted on public buildings. I am ready to see this election end

  • Guest54321

    I hate to say it, but your car should have been keyed for the simple fact you put a McCain sticker on it despite the fact you get in it everyday wondering how far you can get that expensive tank of gas you hated to pay for, but you support the candidate who intends to keep giving all kinds of incentives to the oil companies to keep them drilling overseas and raping your wallet. Sorry for what happened, but take it as a wake up call, and WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest35

    You should hate to say it! Again, these ignorant comments from Barack Hussein Obama supporters truely does point out their utter lack of moral conciousness. It was not right for his car to be keyed just because he supports a particular political canidate nor for Obama supporters to have their tires slash. It is a very important election, but is it worth our loss of morality. By the way Congress, which is Democratically controlled has kept our oil companies drilling over seas, while the republicans have pushed to try and bring it home. Ignorant. GROW UP!

  • Gene

    You obviously have no regard for the law and feel that it appropriate for those that feel different than you to be victimized. You support the vandalism of property to those that have a different viewpoint than you. If that is what Obama and his supporters are all about, please let God spare us!

    Your disgusting kind shows up every now and then in history. But decency has seemed to prevail most of the time. As to the election, the voters will decide. As to you, you have already demonstrated that you are a low life that would support anarchy for your cause.

  • Tired Of It Citizen

    So you think that having a McCain sticker makes it okay for someone to damage this persons car?

    What an idiotic statement!!!!!!

    Another Obama zombie!!!

    The Oil Companies do a remarkable job of providing the fuel of life and they do that for around 8 percent profit margin, Everything in your life, everyday depends on oil and yet you would want to punish them.

    KOOL ADE addiction

  • GREEN Voter

    I am a proud Barack Obama supporter. I don’t condone, nor does the Barack Campaign support defamation of personal property or character. It is unacceptable, and each citizen has the right to support and vote their conscience! Keying of a car is unfair. I’ve lost Obama items myself, just makes my support stronger that’s all. This is not a black, white, zombie, or idiot issue… this is a GREEN issue.

  • Guest100

    I agree! Very well written and stated!

  • Guest 101

    How do you call out an ignorant comment and in the same sentence compare obama to hussein,, Im not going to agree with keying of cars or how its wrong to support the candidate you want to win by putting a sticker on your car, its wrong to damage someone elses property they work hard for because of their political beliefs, but Barrack surely does not support this and anybody who is going to not vote for Obama based on the fact that there are crazy Extremely one sided people out there is as ignorant as the people who did key these cars. Dont blame it on the democrats, blame it on how stupid people are in this country and take it as advice that we really do need a change, and whether Obamas plans dont work out how he explains them just remember that we tried, and if we vote mccain in office we will be living just like or worse than we have these past 8 years guaranteed, and at least Obama explains how he plans to do this, all Ive heard Mccain say is that we need to fight, fight, fight, instead of remembering that we are on this beautiful planet to live, live, live, and we cant give our lives up anymore because countries on the other side of the planet arent agreeing on what happens after we die, that is there problem, lets get back to building america, we are the youngest country and we still have some growing up to do before we can teach the oldest countries how to live!!!!

  • Guest35

    I never once compared him to Hussein, just simply stated his full name. Do you really know who you support??

  • Debatical

    Its just as ignorant as the people who damaged personal property of mccain supporters to blame Obama and compare him to Hussein, True that was wrong and I sympathize for the people who did have damage to there cars but Obama does not support this kind of behavior. We need to calm down and realize that we are all in this together. We are united as one Nation though thats hard to see at times of an election, its though our nation is split into two seperate groups of people. The Democrats and the Republicans, We will always have differences in opinion, religion, values, political views and so forth, and we should stop fighting because we believe something that someone else believes in differently, Our ability to have opinions and make decisions is what makes our species different from all the rest, and whatever your religion is, our creator probably doesnt want us fighting because we have that power, can we all please get along and realize that we are on this planet for a short time and we are missing out on our lives because we are too busy fighting over what we believe rather than just living our lives and figuring out what life is all about, thanks for reading and I hope we can seriously stop all of this nonsense and love eachother and share our lives positively while were here together. Peace

  • Zippy

    With the HATE and smear campaign McCain is running his followers are just acting the part. Low life people like this need to be shot.

  • Learn about the Candidates

    I am laughing right now….. In one comment the writer stated the name Barrack Hussein Obama, and someone said “how can you compare Obama to Hussein” HELLO PEOPLE….. His name is BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, that is definant proof that people are not even investigating who the candidates that they are voting for, you don’t even know his name??

  • Guest1636

    I think they were referring to the fact that Republicans like to emphasize Obama’s middle name so that (ignorant) people will assosciate him with Saddam Hussein. It’s just trying to play on people’s anti-Muslim fears, even though Obama isn’t a Muslim. The McCain campaign isn’t even trying to push this misleading association. It’s considered a cheap shot, even in this year’s campaign, which has become overwhelmingly negative for both parties.

  • Codex

    At your actions.

    1) It’s spelled “definite”
    2) People don’t choose their own middle names.
    3) Even if people did change their middle name, what is there exactly wrong with having “Hussein” as a middle name? Hundreds and thousands of good, decent Americans have that as their first, middle and last name.
    4) This is yet another attempt by a person who lacks the intellectual depth to make a viable argument on the issues at hand that we all face, so you resort to fear-mongering. Sadly you cannot even make a good or convincing argument on that point.

    Your actions are really pathetic.

  • McPain

    To Codex,
    Excellent response!! Good for you!

  • Guest35

    I am the one who stated his full name, just that stated a name. You can create or read into it what you want. If you would like to know why I will not vote for him check the following link:

    near the bottom of page 2, look for the discussion with the subject
    Back to play as well from Guest35

    I must really be someone who lacks intellect or is it you for not knowing your candidate.
    It’s bad enough he’s a lawyer. Just check it out and see who is truely pathetic. Do you guys ever work or sit around an make unwarranted statement

    PS. please whip out your dictionary and check my spelling

  • Guestoff

    …half white either, right? I won’t associate Obama with Saddam Hussein but will associate him with names like William Ayers (Admitted Terrorist), Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi, Rev. Wright, the Acorn crowd…

  • Guest35

    Please refer to my comment directed to Codex. If it is simply a name, why do you get so offended when I use it. That’s all it is…a name. It’s his connections that are troublesome. He’s only slipped up mentioning his muslim faith, oh, wait no his Christian faith twice in the last 2 months. I don’t care if he is Muslim or not and I know he is not, it is his connections. Well enough of the banter, I am sure I will get some great response from you tomorrow while I am working and you are sitting in front of your computer looking for something to do.

  • Guest1636

    Your reply doesn’t have anything to do with the topic of my post. I was referring to why some people try to emphasize Obama’s middle name, trying to play on America’s anti-Muslim fears, as if the name Hussein itself conveys a message as to who this man is.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    If mentioning his middle name causes someone to decide to vote for McCain because they fear Muslims, good. That’s politics in the real world, pal.

    He may not BE a Muslim, but his middle name IS Hussein.

    Obama cannot run away from his middle name, his voting record on guns and taxes, or his past associations with people that make most Americans’ blood boil with anger.

    The TRUTH can never be considered a negative unless you don’t want the truth to come out.

  • Guest1636

    Don’t deny that there are fear-mongerers out there who like to point out the Hussein name just to try to imply a negative image.

    Personal insults are not necessary. I am just tired of the negativity by both campaigns and their supporters. Everyone seems more interested in insulting each other than talking about the issues.

    And I am not unemployed by the way. I am a CPA with a Masters degree from UNCW who works 40-50 (billable) hours a week. You assume that because I’m a democrat that I don’t have a job or am uneducated? Wrong on both counts.

  • Guest1963

    Everyone here should stop blaming the “other side”. Both sides have spewed enough hate and mistruths to go around. Senator McCain and Senator Obama are BOTH guilty of smearing. Stop and look folks. It’s like kids in the sandbox. Everyone needs to grow up and look at the facts instead of listening to the one-sided media blitz. Both have not so savory facts in their past. Hell, all of us do. If you say they don’t, you are fooling no one but yourself….

    The name calling should stop! ON BOTH SIDES. State the facts, your platform, how your plan differs from the other candidates. BUT DO NOT SMEAR!!! Don’t use words like stupid, idiot, hayseed….Ignorance is no excuse for studpidity!

    Senator Obama, please explain why you promised to take public financing for your campaign and then changed your mind so you could raise enough money to feed and clothe the less fortunate of THIS country? The very folks you claim to champion. WIN AT ALL COSTS PREHAPS?

    The only problem I have with Senator Obama is his lack of experience. He has none. On the other hand, Govenor Palin has taken so much heat from the media and the Obama camp because of her “inexperience”. She has been elected Mayor of a Town and Govenor. Senator Obama has been a senator for such a short amount of time and has been campaigning for President for most of the time. The position requires EXPERIENCE. His own VP nominee said it as did Hilary. Has everyone forgotten that?

    Why is it that Senator Obama’s personal life is off limits and Sarah Palin’s has been completely dissected by the Media and the Obama Camp? I do believe we should question the Senator’s relationship with Bill Ayers & Acorn much more than I am concerned with Govenor Palin’s teenage daughter is pregnant. Like there aren’t 1000s of teens pregnant all over this country. A parent cannot be everywhere at all times. Does that mean that every parent with a pregnant teenager is an “upfit” parent?

    Lay off Govenor Palin. She is far from stupid and does not deserve the personal attacks. No one in this campaign deserves personal attacks. If you must attack…attack policy, attack records, attack the CEOs of companies that have bankrupted this country. Stop the MEAN Spirited attacks. BE a damn American and fight for your beliefs not to destroy a fellow American!!!!

  • Doc

    The reporter whom wrote this article is sitting in their chair laughing their be-hind off at these comments over a name.
    Here’s one to laugh at.
    I knew a guy once who’s name was Chocksworth Cleep McGerkin. Turned out to be a nice guy! (LOL)
    It reminds me of the guy who went to a judge to have his birth name of Grunt Lips changed. The judge agreed and ask what he wanted his name change to. The man responded…Crip Lips (LOL)

  • infidel

    Please tax everyone more. I’m a patriot.


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